The Herdwick is a breed of domestic sheep native to the Lake District in North West England. HERDWICK SHEEP QUICK PROFILE OVERVIEW; The Herdwick Sheep breed is a very old breed of sheep that was bred in the Lake District of England: Country of Origin: United Kingdom: Other Names: None: Breed Size: Small: Main Purpose: Meat and wool: Can be used for: Breed, Meat, Wool ** LSC (Landscape Management) Temperament: Docile and easy to handle Ideal Climate: Out of stock. This hardy breed lives on the highest elevations of the Lake District in England. Ninety-five percent of all 50,000 or so Herdwicks live within 14 miles of Coniston, Cumbria,[10] and this makes them particularly vulnerable to outbreaks of disease. It is commonly, but not exclusively believed, that the Herdwick’s earliest ancestors came to England during the Viking invasions between the 10th and 11th centuries. Read lots of other stories on  the herdy blog and  for more about the making of My Herdy Tup here, Robinson Place Farm, Great Langdale, Ambleside, Cumbria, LA22 9JS. It is considered that up to 99% of all Her… Lake District farmers in particular receive subsidies for operating in a designated Less Favoured Area from the England Rural Development Programme. Herdwick Wool Carpet Specifications. Knitted chunky hat kit in pure wool. Broadloom carpet and tiles, from our ‘Graphite, ‘Designer Graphite Stripe’ and ‘Colourwash’ ranges can be sold and delivered direct to the consumer anywhere in the UK. Sarah Holmes from Merrythought said: ‘It’s definitely the first time we’ve ever been asked to make a soft toy which is so anatomically correct! Awards won by American Herdwick-bred sheep. (function() { Crookabeck, Patterdale, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 0NP. The Herdwick bags are crafted exclusively from Herdwick tweed. Their latest creations have been the ‘My Herdy’ limited edition family – bringing the breed to life in a loveable series – first the My Herdy Ewe (sold out), then earlier this year the My Herdy lamb; and now, the magnificent My Herdy Tup. [2], Herdwick lambs are born black and, after a year, they lighten to a dark brown colour (the sheep are called hoggs or hoggets at this stage). The fleece from our goats and sheep is used to produce a range of mohair and wool products. Cushion. [1] Without direct monetary guarantees for wool prices from the National Trust, it actually costs farmers a considerably larger amount of money to shear their Herdwicks than they would receive in compensation; the majority of farmers once burned their fleeces as waste products. My Herdy Tup, a numbered limited edition of 250 pieces, presented in a hand made box. "[1], In the late 20th century, the keeping of Herdwicks became economically unviable without outside support; open market prices for Herdwick fleeces sometimes drop as low as a penny a kilogram (which is about the weight of wool from a single sheep). These include mohair socks, Scarves, and floor rugs, Natural and hand dyed yarns. Longtime resident and writer for The Guardian A. Harry Griffin expressed this feeling: There are other mountain sheep on the Lakeland fells, notably Swaledales and Rough-Fells, but the hardy Herdwick is the sheep most likely to be seen in and around the Duddon valley, the Coniston fells, the Buttermere fells and, through Borrowdale or Wasdale, up to the highest land in England, the Scafells. Wool … This is a coarse, hard wearing wool that is well suited for hand spinning. Crookabeck, Patterdale, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 0NP. Herdwick wool is hard wearing, non fading and completely natural. The ancient Yan Tan Tethera counting system for sheep is a survival of Brittonic counting systems. Herdwick makes a range of beautifully designed Herdwick Tweed bags and accessories designed and made in The Lake District. var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s); The name "Herdwick" is derived from the Old Norse herdvyck, meaning sheep pasture. Harry a hand made pocket size teddy bear knitted in pure Herdwick wool. A yearling ram, two ram lambs, two ewe lambs and two yearling ewes where shown in the Natural Colored Long Wool show.� 2017, first U.S. Their wool can be quite dark with a coarse texture and until recently, the textile industry shunned it in favour of softer and paler fleeces to meet the ‘neutral’ demands from interior designers. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. This exceptional and beautiful range, in the very best of British tradition, is made from yarn comprising the wool of Herdwick sheep, native to the Cumbrian Fells in the Lake District. Herdwicks have been known to survive under a blanket of snow for three days while eating their own wool.[3]. The root word of the breed’s name, herdvyck, “sheep pasture”, is recorded in documents dating back to the 12th century. Special Notes. If they and their shepherds go, that is the end of the Lakeland where I have climbed, walked, skied and skated for nearly 80 years; of the Lakeland I have written about nearly all my life. High quality Herdwick Sheep gifts and merchandise. The farm offers en suite accommodation and also runs the “Flock In” tearoom where you can sample their unique range of Borrowdale Herdwick products. Our Luxury Herdwick carpet range consists of 4 unique colours, Silverdale Lakeside, Ambleside, Coniston and Swaledale. Sold. The subsequent influx of tourists to the District has at times conflicted with traditional life, including the raising of Herdwicks. Bringing us into the world of shepherd’s baking competitions, sheep shows and moments out on the fell watching the sheep run away home, James Rebanks interweaves thoughts and reflections on the art of shepherding with his photographs of the valley, people and animals that make up the daily life of the fells. See more ideas about sheep, sheep and lamb, animals. About Ruth. [19] This ability to thrive unassisted is part of the reason fell farmers so highly value Herdwicks over much higher-producing lowland breeds. The book is unique in its contemporary presentation of this heritage-rich subject and will have local, national and international appeal. I have never been so excited to see a box full of grey wool before. Tel: 017684 82742. Utilising the natural shades of their fleece we weave pure Herdwick wool worsted tweed. There are also a range of dangles that can be hung from the handle to decorate your fireplace and make it look more cheerful when the fire is out. Carrock Fell Ewes. The Herdwick sheep were a dual-purpose animals, valued for both meat and wool. Herdwick: Tweed with Provenance. Still far fewer in number than most commercial breeds, Herdwicks survive largely due to farming subsidies. Yew Tree Farm, Rosthwaite, Borrowdale,near Keswick, Cumbria CA12 5XB. The Herdwick sheep are hardy animals, but they grow very slowly. Our bags & accessories are hand cut and sewn in Carlisle. [1] Although a piece of local folklore once suggested that it came from a wrecked Spanish Armada ship,[5] it appears that the Herdwick was an important breed in the Lake District by the end of the 12th century. Severely threatened by the 2001 outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in England and Wales, the breed has survived due to the intent to preserve this unique animal as a crucial part of traditional Lakeland agriculture. If just one in a thousand forgets to shut a gate or can't be bothered, that's a hundred times we have to go out and round up our sheep. The fleece from our goats and sheep is used to produce a range of mohair and wool products. Tel: 017684 82742. Those who agree to maintain their land in accordance with sustainable farming practices also receive additional subsidies.[1]. LittleBeauSheep. Herdwick wool has almost become a waste product in the region, with clipping taking place in the summer months primarily for the welfare of the sheep. After 8 years of breeding, with lambs out of our 84.5% Herdwick tup "Hahnsom", we have stock available for you to add the hardy Herdwick … Shopify.theme = {"name":"Brooklyn","id":42634499,"theme_store_id":730,"role":"main"}; Second Nature UK Ltd is the maker of “Thermafleece” sheep wool thermal insulation, an innovative recyclable product improving the energy efficiency of buildings made from fell wool including Herdwick. [CDATA[ var ga = document.createElement('script'); ga.type = 'text/javascript'; ga.async = true; Herdwick sheep are probably the most hardy of all the UK breeds of hill sheep, grazing in the mountainous dales of the English Lake District, which has fells rising to more than 915m (3,000ft) above sea level. The call for vaccination rather than culling to preserve what is considered a part of the traditional identity of the fells and moors was led by parties such as the Duke of Westminster, Earl Peel, Lord Barnard and Lord Lonsdale, who wished to save the hill sheep on their lands. Thick bristle type fibres will often protrude from garments made from the wool, forming a protective layer in blizzards - most likely the same qualities that protect the sheep in similar conditions. After the first shearing, their fleece lightens further to grey. Fiber diameter: The three (under-coat) is 19 to 22 microns … We’re committed to supporting the lifestyle and traditional skills of Cumbria. The slowly maturing breed is one of the most hardy of all the British hill sheep breeds, withstanding the cold and relentless rain of the Lake District at heights upwards of 3,000 feet (about 1,000 metres). })(); They are raised mostly in the central and western dales of the Lake District and are noted for their foraging ability in rough terrain. Crookabeck Farm is in Patterdale by Ullswater in the English Lake District. Quick View. We stock light and dark grey Herdwick top at £1.50 per 100g, which is perfect for hand spinning! Crookabeck Farm is in Patterdale by Ullswater in the English Lake District. Handmade in England for herdy by Merrythought. We are all thrilled with the result – My Herdy Tup, with his lovely curled horns and magnificent mane, is a beautiful and truly unique soft toy, and a worthy tribute to this very special animal.”. Topographically, grazing by sheep continues to keep the hillsides of fells largely treeless, and the ubiquitous dry stone walls of the valleys were built to protect grazing land and to confine livestock. Also available are beautiful prints and cards. Only available from Ian’s website this book is an heirloom you should own. The farm is home to our flocks of Angora goats and Herdwick sheep. Before chemical dyes became available, this dye was made from either iron ore or graphite mixed with grease. Price £119. Icelandic SheepFleece Weight: 4 to 5 lbs. The Herdwick is a domesticated sheep native to the Lake District of Cumbria in North West England. [1] According to this, it was brought to the region somewhere between the 10th and 11th centuries during the Viking invasions of western England. Solidwool Coasters. Hand knitted cushion in my own wool from Shetland, and Blue Faced Leicester sheep. [12] Many Lake District residents saw the breed as an indispensable icon of the region. All rights reserved. Due to the rough conditions on fells, lambing losses can be as high as 25%. Based in Kendal, The Cumbria Woolshed is a celebration of independent companies who make, sell and champion British Wool, particularly wool from Cumbrian sheep breeds. £395. Crookabeck Farm is in Patterdale by Ullswater in the English Lake District. = ""; [7], A Herdwick's grey fleece is not easily dyed and is coarse, so it is best suited to use as carpet wool. [CDATA[ Thick bristle type fibers will often protrude from garments made of Herdwick. The wool from Herdwick sheep is usually fairly course – not the best choice for a teddy intended for babies or children, but ideal if you need a bear for the man in your life! Wool is a fantastic carbon store, the processes used to grow and produce wool mean that wool is loaded with carbon dioxide that would otherwise be in the atmosphere – in fact carbon makes up to 50% of the weight of wool! Thermafleece Insulation Soulands GateDacrePenrithCumbria CA11 0JF, Thermafleece Insulation made from Herdwick wool. The produce a coarse, grey wool, a carpet wool. The Cumbria Woolshed is also home to the award-winning Wools of Cumbria Carpets, who make 100% wool carpets from the rare and distinctive sheep found on the Cumbrian fells. Hembury Chair - Herdwick. The farm is home to our flocks of Angora goats and Herdwick sheep. [6], For centuries, the husbandry of Herdwick sheep has been a large factor in shaping the culture and terrain of the Lake District. According to this, it was brought to the region somewhere between the 10th and 11th centuries during the Viking invasions of western England. That’s because we source all the Herdwick wool used in our mattresses direct, at fairly traded rates, from a co-operative of farms in the heart of England’s beautiful Lake District. Crookabeck, Patterdale, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 0NP. The farm was build around the 17th Century and runs a stock of 1300 Herdwick fell sheep. Silk Corsarges. Yew Tree Farm is in the centre of Rosthwaite, a small village in the beautiful Borrowdale Valley. Kits. These are all available to buy online, by mail order, or from our own Farm Shop. For your daily rituals and everyday moments. [11] Of the estimated 100,000 Herdwick sheep present before the outbreak, a full 25% were lost. var s = document.createElement('script'); s.type = 'text/javascript'; s.async = true; Copyright © Herdwick Sheep Breeders Association 2020. Designed, hand cut & sewn our products are a reflection of the farming heritage of Cumbria. The finishing touch to each My Herdy Tup is his hand-embroidered nose and smile, so no two will be exactly the same.’. (function() { This hard wearing coat also protects them from the wild unpredictable weather we experience here in Cumbria. The word ‘herdwyck’, meaning sheep pasture, … In designing the ‘daddy’ of the family, the folk at herdy HQ had to decide whether to make him a true Tup in every sense of the word. Why not take a look at some of our hardwearing Herdwick wool for sale. Herdwick sheep are a rare breed found particularly on the Cumbrian fells in the Lake District. Nov 23, 2020 - Explore Kathy Imrie's board "herdwick sheep" on Pinterest. [13], The destruction of entire flocks meant that the shepherds were forced to undergo the process of again heafing (the local term for hefting) their new sheep to the hills. Each one has been lovingly handmade at our workshop from pure alpaca, a wool we always use because of its softness and suitability for soft toy making. click to buy. Normally, ewes teach this behaviour to their lambs, but with no more ewes left acquainted with a particular heaf the behaviour had to be taught all over again to new ewes, inevitably involving much rounding up of flocks that had strayed over the often inaccessible fells. Swaledale Ewe & Lambs. [9] Most farmers survive through the sale of lambs, as well as both National Trust and European Union farm subsidies. The fleece from our goats and sheep is used to produce a range of mohair and wool products. Photo and info from Wikipedia. This Herdwick has a 3-4 inch staple length and is 29 Micron, combed top. Wool & Silk Shawl KIt. Responsibly sourced Herdwick wool When you buy a Herdysleep mattress you’re helping to support upland fell farming. Pricing as shown.Multi-animals rates can be discussed. The root word of the breed's name, herdvyck, "sheep pasture", is recorded in documents dating back to the 12th century. [20] Herdwick lamb and mutton has a very distinct taste, and was eaten at Queen Elizabeth II's 1953 coronation banquet. £10. The Herdwick sheep inspired the creation of Herdy back in 2007, and through the company’s responsibility agenda, they find ways of of supporting all kinds of rural community initiatives; upland fell farming and the Herdwick sheep, through the herdy fund. [18], Herdwicks are a dual-purpose breed, producing strongly flavoured lamb and mutton and a coarse, grey wool. From shop LittleBeauSheep. Herdwick sheep are born with black wool and then as adults have a grey or brown body with white face and legs. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. We have a range of other Herdwick products including Herdwick Wool Throws and Rugs, knitting yarns, Rugs and Herdwick Wool Dog Leads. It is considered that up to 99% of all Herdwick sheep are commercially farmed in the central and western Lake District. 5 out of 5 stars (1,121) 1,121 reviews $ 30.50. _gaq.push(['_trackPageview']); The Herdwick is a breed of domestic sheep native to the Lake District in North West England. var __st={"a":9097490,"offset":3600,"reqid":"f573aabc-5522-4fad-b6b9-3398ebdd0dc6","pageurl":"\/collections\/book\/products\/herdwick-common","s":"products-1865249091","t":"lead","u":"97fac485b959","p":"product","rtyp":"product","rid":1865249091}; Borrowdale Herdwick products are available by mail order, in hampers or may be bought direct at the “Flock In” tearoom. The farm is home to our flocks of Angora goats and Herdwick sheep. Herdwick farms have typically less than 100 acres of lower, more productive land and rely on the common grazings of the high Lake District fells. A life lived by the three hundred surviving fell farming families, this is a book of photos and words filled with reverence and love. The range is 100% wool and is manufactured at 65oz for durability and a luxurious feel under foot. On Sunday, October 22, 2017 our Herdwick bred sheep were shown at the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival, Dutchess County Fairgrounds, Rhinebeck, NY. In the past, we’ve heard stories of Herdwick farmers burning the wool as the cost to transport it to be sold would outweigh the return they would get. When I was a child we didn’t really go anywhere, except a week in the Isle of Man when I was about ten years old, and I never left Britain until I was twenty. Bring an injection of texture to any surface. Herdwick sheep, locally known as Herdy, spend their lives in the fells foraging for food without much supplement from additional feed. Upholsterers in Coniston design and sew our home furnishings. [1][14] The Cumbria Hill Sheep Initiative was set up to "reassess the position and circumstances" in the aftermath of the disease; tough government restrictions in order to prevent another outbreak are still in place. Chimney Sheep Ltd 25A Solway Trading Estate Maryport Cumbria CA15 8NF - See more at:, The Chimney Sheep is made from 100% Herdwick wool. A few months later a cardboard box appeared on my doorstep. From shop LittleBeauSheep. The Wool The Herdwick sheep has a heavy, dense coat of wool with an insulating undercoat of fine wool, perfect for surviving Lake District winters, Herdwick wool is a coarse quality hard wearing wool, approx 40 microns and a length of 85-90mm. 'https://ssl' : 'http://www') + ''; Every square metre sold provides funds for the HSBA. David Ellison is an emerging contemporary photographer whose style combines portraiture, documentary and contextual landscape photography. ga.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? Using wool from her husband’s sheep, Vicky Edmondson knits a wide range of clothing of different designs and different sizes, including hats, lined cardigans, children’s jumpers … Her knitwear can be made to order. FOR SALE - Registered and Unregistered Herdwick bred sheep: (50% deposit required). [4] The origin of the breed itself is unknown, but the most common theory is that the ancestors of Herdwick sheep were introduced by early Norse settlers. Herdwick wool is undeniably durable, extremely hardy, and warm. [CDATA[ _gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-5086832-1']); The outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in 2001 led to the destruction of many flocks, and to fears for the survival both of the breed and of the typical Lakeland sheep farming industry. Ian Lawson worked with members of the HSBA over 5 years to capture his fabulous images which truly capture the work of Fell Farmers and the progression of their life working with the sheep through the seasons. Herdwick sheep are the most hardy of all Britain’s breeds of hill sheep, grazing the central and western dales of the Lake District with fells running to over 3000 feet. })(); We have always had such fun making the My Herdy collection pieces, and this one really made us all smile. The cost of shearing the sheep being more than the money they could sell the fleece for. The Herdwick rams are horned, while the ewes are naturally polled. [9] The Trust now acts as a wool merchant itself, thus being able to bargain for better prices directly with the British Wool Marketing Board and operate a Herdwick wool trademark. The most fabulous images of Herdwick sheep in their home in the Lake District. [1], In the modern era, the main industry of the Lake District has shifted from agriculture to tourism. Rams are horned and ewes polled. Origins of the Herdwick. There are obviously two particular features that make the male Herdwick valuable and they were keen to replicate this! Our friends at the herdy company are great supporters and celebrators of our amazing breed, through their business and on-going work behind the scenes with the herdy fund. For many years the legal method of identifying a particular shepherd's sheep were notches cut out of a sheep's ear, called lug marks - now replaced by ear tags. LittleBeauSheep. Herdwick Jumper. click to buy. Adam Atkinson is the founder of Cherchbi. [2], The wool of a Herdwick has unique qualities relating to durability. Perfe [17] In 2013, Lakeland Herdwick meat received a Protected Designation of Origin from the European Union. Crookabeck Herdwicks Herdwick Wool & Knits. Britain’s oldest sheep breed is inextricably linked with the Lake District and both subjects are emotive and internationally renowned. The wool is also an excellent natural insulator; it is possible to buy sheets of fireproofed wool to fit as loft insulation. They produce a good crossbred lamb, but their wool is considered to be of low quality and low value. The origin of the breed itself is unknown, but the most common theory is that the ancestors of Herdwick sheep were introduced by early Norse settlers. Inside were cones of finely spun Herdwick fleece, washed but still with a very strong aroma of sheep! The Herdwick sheep who roam the Lake District fells are the inspiration for our exclusive range of bags, accessories, cushions & caps. var x = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; x.parentNode.insertBefore(s, x); The name "Herdwick" stems from the Old Norse word "herdvyck" which means 'sheep pasture'. Show More. Linguistically, many words of Lakeland speech relate to sheep husbandry. The Chimney Sheep draught excluder for chimneys comes with its own dangle, and it is very important that this is visible at the top of the fireplace so no-one forgets it is there and lights a fire. Herdwick sheep are considered the most hardy of British hill sheep. Website by, Herdwick Sheep Breeder Association Main Herdwick Sales 2020, Visit Crookabeck Herdwicks  Herdwick Wool & Knits, Email Crookabeck Herdwicks  Herdwick Wool & Knits, Visit Herdwick – A Portrait of Lakeland Ian Lawson, Email Herdwick – A Portrait of Lakeland Ian Lawson. Wool dryer balls, pack of 3 Herdwick sheep felted laundry balls, reusable, chemical free laundry, natural fabric softener. The National Trust has now protected this and act as a wool merchant to ensure the fair trade of all wool. They are normally left to graze freely on the hillsides (without any additional feed), but each ewe tends to stay in her heaf (the local term for heft), the same small area of fell. How much Herdwick Sheep Wool do you get in the pack? [7], In the later years of her life (over 50), the children's author Beatrix Potter was involved with keeping and breeding Herdwicks, even acting as president of the breed association for a time. The name "Herdwick" is derived from the Old Norse herdvyck, meaning sheep pasture. Even now, years later, the best bit of any travelling is coming home. Please call  for further information. [2] Most Herdwicks spend winter on the fells, from approximately December to April. But today, the breed is raised mainly for meat production purpose. 5 out of … Wool dryer balls, pack of 3 Herdwick sheep felted laundry balls, reusable, chemical free laundry, natural fabric softener. [1] Though low in lambing capacity and perceived wool quality when compared to more common commercial breeds, Herdwicks are prized for their robust health, their ability to live solely on forage, and their tendency to be territorial and not to stray over the difficult upland terrain of the Lake District. Unheafed sheep might also cause overgrazing by wandering if they replaced the original Herdwicks. [21] For shows and auctions, Herdwicks traditionally have their wool ruddied up (the local term for raddled) with dye. Wools of Cumbria Carpets is proud to be able to offer wool grown, sheared, scoured, spun and made into carpet within 100 miles of the centre of Cumbria. They were not easily replaceable because long-standing herds are hefted so the introduction of new stock to the fells would have required extensive fencing. Part of preserving this fascinating breed is by utilising the wool to the best advantages. From wool clip to wool chair, it takes the wool from one sheep to make a chair. s.src = '//'; I am the luckiest man alive, because I get to live and work in the most beautiful place on earth: Matterdale in the English Lake District. Please click here to find out more about our Crookabeck Herdwick Sheep. Lakeland Herdwick Lakeland Herdwick is a stunning, high–performance carpet that shows the same soft, warm resilience as the yarn from which we make it. Between 1930 and 1938 she won a number of prizes for Herdwick ewes at shows across Cumbria. Crookabeck Herdwicks Herdwick Wool & Knits. // ]]>//

wool from herdwick sheep

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