The first call was about 4 months ago, the second call and email a month ago. So sorry if this is a stupid question! The original Just Mayo. I too have noticed the lack of vegan mayo! On its Instagram account, the popular Manhattan all-vegan deli Orchard Grocer stipulates that Just Inc. Officers located 68-year-old David Mayo suffering from an apparent gunshot wound. Shame on the-powers-that-shouldn’t-be for trying to put a damper on the vegan train. Josh Tetrick is the last man standing. I guess Hellman’s was trying to do the right thing by changing the formula. Was the info I saw just wrong or maybe for flavored ones? Non-GMO project verified. Though over here the whole time the Hellman’s had their vegan version which I do not like at all. She said it on order but they are out at the company’s warehouse. Subscribe to Observer’s Lifestyle Newsletter. But they acknowledged that people like the old version so they were going to reformulate it and put it back out on the market. thanks for sharing! Yep, the same company that went after the little guy in an attempt to create laws stating that the only way a mayonnaise could be labeled as mayonnaise could be if it has eggs in the recipe, has now developed their own line of vegan mayo. My word, I’m never going back to store bought. Try using it in recipes like mashed potatoes and garlic bread. Former contractors said that the practice continued into 2015. i can still get the pricey Vegenaise online from Veganessentials, but finally found the much cheaper and really good Just Mayo. I LOVED the mayo and ranch (and the cookie dough). I can’t believe it. SO, I went back to their site just to see if they had stated the same thing there. None at any store, and i’ve checked at least 25 stores over the months and at this point i’ve quit looking. Non-GMO project verified. I love it! Thanks for making this article as I felt confused for the same reasons! I personally liked this eggless mayonnaise. So you can say JUST Inc. is making some major moves in the vegan food world! Sure how will I do that? 2017 was a particularly rough year for the mayo manufacturer. My sister reacts by smell to Fish, which is why I went Vegan. ?? Below are steps you can take in order to whitelist on your browser: Click the AdBlock button on your browser and select Don't run on pages on this domain. So again, I’ll say there is definitely something fishy going on in the underground world of mayonnaise politics and it will be interesting to see how this all unfolds. It is upsetting they animal tested as one of the owners works for the humane society usa. Ryan Shapiro had been inspired to file the Freedom of Information Act request after seeing reports of Unilever suing Hampton Creek over the Just Mayo name (that lawsuit was later dropped.) Apparently, Hellman’s former version was made with soybean oil and that was well-reviewed. Read More…, Copyright © 2020 Gretchen's Vegan Bakery on the Foodie Pro Theme. My husband and I have bee searching for Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo, or Just Inc.’s Just Mayo for more than 18 months at local groceries, co-ops and on-line. What?! Hey thanks for this added information! these will last us all of today and tomorrow so there’s no need to call ahead today or tomorrow. In early February 2016, Hampton Creek announced it was working on Just Mayo Light, but it was later discontinued. When I researched Hellman’s about a week ago, there were a bunch of responses to the one-star comments, which were written by Hellman’s customer service reps. Thanks for the info and recipes! I’d love to see your take on chocolate soufflé! We get it: you like to have control of your own internet experience. Well, they don’t realize, just because they take it off the shelves, doesn’t mean we’re going back to eating eggs. She lives with me. C.E.O. My daughter was just told by a manager at a Whole Foods store that it has been discontinued. Add pea protein, a little garlic puree for flavor, salt, spices, and maltodextrin derived from tapioca for added thickness and spreadability. Shortage in … Your words reflect my feelings and thoughts exactly on this whole fishy situation – definitely something else going on! Hi Helen, thanks! It happened just after 6:30 a.m. in the 200 block of South Central Avenue. We have egg allergies and Just Mayo was a godsend. After months of searching Chicago stores where I’ve purchased Just Mayo in the past, I finally googled “where’s just mayo” and “where’s vegan mayo” and see that it’s not my imagination! SKIP TO 3:18 in the video Just Mayo simply disappeared from ALL my stores!! Whether they make a vegan mayo or not. I just watched THIS VIDEO about that topic!! Maybe I’m their only customer with an egg and dairy allergy… Kraft has some egg-free dressings such as their creamy Italian, but nothing beats Just Mayo. To cap things off, shortly before the Target fiasco, the company’s entire corporate board resigned, leaving behind only Tetrick. What happened to Hampton Creek (Just Mayo company) and Target? Any updates on the Just Mayo products? This made me struggle to get protein in my diet. The real conspiracy is more evil than you can imagine. Thank you SEW MUCH for sharing this! Here in Denver there is still zero vegan Hellmans or Just Mayo. JUST has several other products that I would love to see being offered more regularly by stores, especially Walmart - for instance, their ranch dressing, egg mix (amazing), and their folded egg. We are plant based eaters 2 years strong now….geez can’t even short cut mayo…. It seems super cool, just impossible to get. Now I do love a good conspiracy and I would wage a bet to say there is something to this whole theory I have that Hellman’s could not let a sleeping dog lie, and has come back with a vengeance against JUST Inc. for this whole scandal in the first place, but maybe that’s just my skeptical nature. Meanwhile, Hampton Creek contractors were instructed to call store managers and make inquiries about Just Mayo while pretending to be interested customers. February 19, 2019, 2:05 PM EST 1:32. What interesting synchronicity that I posted that comment when you were already thinking about soybean oil. Hampton Creek seems staggered, seemingly, as a result. SOYBEAN OIL! Fresher tasting and smoother spreading, it’s mayo the way it’s supposed to be. Target has severed ties with the maker of the popular Just Mayo egg-free condiment two months after pulling the product and others over alleged food safety violations. It utilizes plant substances, with the original formula using the company's egg replacement powder, which is primarily made out of a varietal of Canadian Yellow Pea. Go to the store and where is all the flippin vegan mayo?!!!! Just Mayo. I found one lone jar of Hellman’s Vegan Mayo on my local grocery store’s shelf and snapped it up. LOL How to Make a Grinch Cake Simple Two Recipe Cake. I stumbled across this while looking for a vegan mayo reciope. Sorry old boys, you can’t stop the fire! As the old saying goes: If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! Considering what Hellman’s and the egg board have done to try and put Just out of business it’s probably a rumor they started. That would be it. is to be used. Unilever is the company that makes Hellmans Mayo and they sued claiming that the companies “Just Mayo” product isn’t really mayo because it doesn’t contain eggs. Vegetables are not fresh enough for my condition. And like you’ve found, pallets and pallets of regular egg mayo fill the aisles. I don’t have tons of food allergies and I loved it. Kaitlyn Flannagan for Observer, When you think about it, there’s an intriguing duality to naming your company Just Inc. Sure, the moniker implies simplicity and virtue—a belief that only fundamental ingredients are needed in products and in commerce—but there’s also an evasiveness to it. In June, none other than actor Jaden Smith filed suit against Just and Joshua Tetrick. JUST's flagship product is a spread called Just Mayo. Then over time, the posts changed to asking what happened to them. Hellman’s also vanished just after Just did but is now back on store shelves, I am in Martinsburg, WV. There were many posts in my allergy Facebook groups asking where the closest store to find it was. Thank you for this post!! (Yes I also saw it online Target! I watched the video. Best-value, family-friendly 30 ounce size. I love their Sriracha one!! It just so happens that Just Mayo posed a big threat to Hellman’s mayo because Just Mayo tastes so good and is so superior. Fresher tasting and smoother spreading, it’s mayo the way it’s supposed to be. After that we recommend that you call to inquire about stock before making a special trip.”, Get the latest in Arts, Entertainment and Innovation delivered to your inbox daily. Great post! Before my vegan days, I had been a Hellman’s brand loyal customer for my entire life until I went vegan in late 2016. Maybe even angel food cake? So for me, this part of the “story” is relatively new news. My daughter can’t eat many things and that brand was pea protein based. So homemade it is! For me it started about three months ago when I noticed the grocery store shelves that had always been lined with jars and jars of vegan mayonnaise start to dwindle. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Following supply issues, customers were left struggling to find JUST’s vegan mayonnaise at Walmart stores across the U.S. Now, the brand has confirmed that its latest production of the condiment is “complete and delivered.” Click the AdBlock Plus button on your browser and select Enabled on this site. Gretchen? Anyone hear anything on what has happened or gotten a straight answer from the company? Please tell me they are coming back! Just Garlic Mayo is a rich, creamy mayo infused with savory garlic and a hint of lemon. I probably missed something! Egg-Free Mayo Startup Just Seeks $200 Million Funding By . We are in NW suburbs of Chicago and every major grocery store has been out of any vegan mayo for months!! We haven’t tried Just, Inc.’s other products – I want my Mayo! Can’t seem to get Just Mayo in Oregon anymore, this is very frustrating. Sure, I have to modify the recipe and leave off the mustard and vinegar. Bloomberg reports that the company is currently seeking more than $200 million in fresh funding while simultaneously working to squash speculation about its past indiscretions, but given Just’s wild track record, their goal could prove to be difficult to achieve. I hear people can still get their new Just Egg, which has never been around me (small town). I felt more symptom free as a Vegan. Egg (“an egg substitute that contains the same amount of protein as a chicken egg, with zero cholesterol”) cannot be bought in bulk. Target is voluntarily removing all Hampton Creek products, which includes the company’s popular ‘Just Mayo’ brand, from all of its stores amid allegations of food safety concerns. The testing on animals sounds fishy. I have not tried that one! So thank you again my lady! Click the AdBlock Plus button on your browser and select Disable on I commented that I told the person at Just that whoever is running the company should be fired and now that comment is no longer here, I’m not sure, but I’m seeing this one here came through even without me having to moderate it, hmmm…. But advertising revenue helps support our journalism. we can’t trust on the big companies, let’s do it together, we can make a big change!! I can whip it back up with my immersion blender with no problems, but a few days later the oil separates again. You can add some soy lecithin or xanthan gum, they are both emulsifiers and will help with that (about 1/2tsp). When it comes to ingredients, you may be surprised, but specially pressed canola oil and modified food starch make the general bit of consistency. Hey great info! Just Mayo has proven to be a popular product, and it has received some serious love from chef-turned-television star Andrew Zimmern. I will try the recipes above..thanks for that! Smith, who is the co-founder of a sustainable water bottle company called Just Water, alleged that Tetrick had copied him and violated a 2014 trademark agreement between his company and the mayo brand that laid out the conditions wherein the word “Just” could be used. I was lucky enough to grab two large jars of JUST Mayo earlier in the year. Plus it tasted amazing! They basically pasted the same thing in response to most of the one-star comments (paraphrased): In an effort to make the mayo healthier, they changed the formula. It used to be everywhere. Those allergic to nightshades are not able to eat any potato protein. Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones who have not (yet) been affected by the definite shortage of vegan mayonnaise that has perplexed the vegan community as of late. I was a die hard Just Mayo fan!, I have to make my own Mayo (which I’m happy to do) and am thankful for these recipes! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!! I contacted both Just Inc. & Hellman’s customer service departments asking if there was a reason I could not get the mayonnaise (or ranch dressing) anymore in all of the stores in my area (5 stores total that I typically shop all are out of stock!) Just’s saga is disproportionately fascinating, given its rather humdrum core product. The first customer service response to that effect went back about two months so they had made the reformulation decision at that point. Yuk! Crystal Tse, Vinicy Chan, and . No explanation — just one of those slice-of-life things you find on social media. JUST Mayo caused a bit of a stir these last couple of months in the food allergy world. I would have to say it's even better than Dukes! Has the formula for the original Just Mayo changed drastically? Someone else commented recently about the way Hellmans consistency also changed recently and it was due to the SOYBEAN OIL!! I find that we with food allergies are treated like “disposables” just because we aren’t part of the privileged majority. The politics behind it all is so complicated when all I want is just mayo! With its high employee turnover, alleged manufacturing containment and brand association with celebrities, Just Inc. shares certain superficial traits with Theranos, the ambitious health care startup that crashed and burned in part due to misapprehensions perpetuated as truth by its hotshot founder, Elizabeth Holmes. Billion-Dollar Mayo Start-Up Hampton Creek Just Lost Its Entire Board. Allergy-friendly: Egg-free, gluten-free, no artificial flavors, kosher. Oh yeah, with hypothyroidism, I have to limit cruciferous vegetables or risk goiters. I cannot stand the taste of anything with soybean oil in it. Love this mayo have always used Dukes. Pie Caken The Ultimate Triple Decker Dessert Cake Pie, White Potato peeled, boiled, cooled 1 large potato approx 1 cup or 165g, White or Apple Cider Vinegar Vinegar 1 teaspoon, Salt *Kala namak for the egg taste ¼ teaspoon, Water or Plant Milk as needed for creamy consistency, Place all ingredients in a small blender or food processor and process smooth, Adjust consistency with water or plant milk as desired, Pink Sea Salt or *kala namak for that eggy taste ¼ teaspoon, Vegan Egg by Follow Your Heart *optional see note above 1½ teaspoon, White Vinegar or Apple Cider Vinegar 1 teaspoon, Combine all ingredients except the oil in a small blender or food processor then slowly drizzle in the oil while blending to smooth, White Vinegar or Apple Cider Vinegar 1½ teaspoons, Pink Sea Salt *or kala namak for the eggy taste ⅛ teaspoon, Neutral Vegetable Oil * see note above 1 cup, Vegan Egg by Follow our Heart * see note above 2 teaspoon, Place the aquafaba in a small blender or food processor (or use a hand held stick blender) and blend until thick and frothy, Add the spices and seasonings and then slowly drizzle in the oil until thick and fully emulsified, White Vinegar or Apple Cider Vinegar 2 teaspoons, Pink Sea Salt *or kala namak for the eggy taste ¼ teaspoon, First prepare the potato protein by combing it with the water and pinch of baking soda (test pH for best results), Place the potato protein solution in a small blender or food processor (or use a hand held stick blender) and blend until thick and frothy. Apparently the “Just” brand of plant-based mayo and other processed foods will not be returning to the shelves of a Target store near you any time soon, according to … Hi Alecia! Hey thanks, yes I know it is not readily available, HOWEVER the company I am working with on the development of Vegan Egg Replacer (the plant based egg) by Freely Vegan may be able to distribute the potato protein! I’m wondering if any are better suited for potato salad/slaw or if they are likely to get watery or have separation issues? 2017 was a particularly rough year for the mayo manufacturer. “These will last us all of today and tomorrow so there’s no need to call ahead today or tomorrow. Not vegan here, but I have an egg white allergy(lot of food allergies, actually) and yeah. Very interesting about the soybean oil and something that I have been giving consideration to -like – YESTERDAY!! I made the aquafaba mayo and it was super tasty! I’d assume the tofu recipe is most like Veganaise. They did have 12oz Just Mayo salad dressings available on sale in discount carts last year, but those came from other stores in the chain and were not regular. Hampton Creek employees were instructed to pose as agnostic consumers and to buy their own mayonnaise, en masse. The lady stocking the shelves scanned the code. Do you have a favorite of these versions? Me!!! I mean… I’m not going to die about it, but it’s so annoying and I want to know the scoop! If a company culls, they don’t get my business, straight up. I wanted to be Vegan since I was 3 years old. Just is my fav vegan mayo hands down and it was gone here as well. I too am wondering where all the Just products have gone, and I still have a bad taste in my mouth from the legal action that was beginning to take shape against Hampton Creek by the egg industry. Amazon is also out. after that we recommend that you call to inquire about stock before making a special trip. I’d say something is definitely up there fishy wise on that. It was sued by Unilever, the food giant that makes Hellmann's mayonnaise, over its use of the word "mayo" — a food product that technically has to contain eggs. Also, the Sriracha Just Mayo was amazing, but seems to have been discontinued as soon as we discovered it and started to buy it on a regular basis. As of December 2019, I still can’t find it online except at impossible prices. Swing and a miss, Hellmans. There has not been a Vegan Hellman’s jar for miles around and not only in my area (New Jersey) but several other people are claiming it has all disappeared  from their grocery shelves in states all across the country! Thought I was losing my mind trying to find vegan mayo on the shelves. Who’s with me? Joyce Koh. In August, Target elected to stop selling 20 different Hampton Creek products after the retail giant caught wind of “specific and serious food safety allegations” which, according to Bloomberg, included accusations that pathogens had been detected in one of Hampton Creek’s manufacturing facilities and that products were being mislabeled as non-GMO. Here is my two cents. This month, vegan condiment JUST Mayo will be back on the shelves at Walmart stores nationwide and available on the retailer’s website. What a drag that soybean oil makes mayo that tastes so good. Thanks for this info! They have gone missing in mid Michigan too just in time for Easter? Just picked some up at my local Wal-Mart here in Central Florida. Egg-Free Mayo Startup Just Seeks $200 Million Funding By . Tetrick passed this practice off to Bloomberg as simply an unorthodox method of testing the quality of the product, and the CEO later told employees that a subsequent investigation by the Justice Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission had found that the start-up was not guilty of any wrongdoing. Condiments company Just Inc. has rustled up some interesting corporate sagas. VEGANS ARE HERE TO STAY! It turns out JUST Inc performed animal testing that was not mandatory, but optional and they chose to do it anyway. It remains to be seen whether Just Inc. will secure a new round of funding, but as of early 2019, demand for Just products appears to be active. That’s a 50% increase in calories, which is very odd. I dont tolerate soy well so I’ll find a simple ingredient recipe for making my own. It’s all about the #1 ingredient being used by UNILEVER…. THANKS!). can it be a coincidence that the lab testing news came at the same time that virtually all JUST products (the mayo & the dressings) slowly started disappearing off the shelves and instead there was Hellman’s VEGAN in it’s place? and I was told by both companies almost the exact same statement: It is toxic, and blocks the bodies ability to uptake nutrients and it is ridden with Glyphosate, aka Agent Orange the chemicals the poured all over Vietnam. I used to get Just Mayo 30oz original for a little more than $3 from Walmart online with no trouble, then it bounced up to $4.50 last January, and then it vanished by Spring when I was looking for more as my supply dwindled. I know some people have had luck using it for soufflés. I’ve always liked mayonnaise, so I like Hellman’s just fine — but JUST Mayo is … I just watched THIS VIDEO about that topic!! I still cannot find it, however Hellmans (vegan) started showing up again in my local ShopRite. My local grocery store briefly had Hellman’s/Best Foods and Vegenaise on the shelf in smaller containers, but both of those vanished a long time ago before it was bought by a new regional chain. During that same month, it posted an official notice on its website addressing the firing of a trio of higher-ups, explaining that “three senior managers have been terminated for attempting to change our company’s corporate governance, which in the process would have stripped our employees of the autonomy to direct our long-term mission.”. The egg replacer or xanthan is completely optional but will help with stabilizing somewhat *BUT it is not needed, I’ve done it both ways and the NON stabilized one was just as perfect! They are out again. Glad to see I’m not crazy but, frankly, this mayo crisis blows. Filed Under: All Recipes, How to Cook Vegan for Beginners, Gretchen this is hilarious! What is JUST Mayo Made Of? Here’s where it gets weird and adds another wrinkle to the tale in your post above. I have been reading much about this, and while it is appalling, it is sadly not surprising given the state of our world and the food system being hijacked for decades…, This looks so easy! What is really going on with these companies! So YES I am definitely working on recipes using it, but have not baked with it yet! That may very well have been the impetus behind the rebranding of Just Inc., which used to be called Hampton Creek. Fast forward to 2019 and Hampton Creek is now known as JUST Inc. and their products have expanded from the infamous Vegan Mayonnaise to a line of salad dressings including the most popular Ranch, Ceasar and Chipotle. Early products included plant-based Just Mayo and Just … My local Wal-mart grocery received some in May. Oh, I found this article comparing the “Just” company to Theranos, yikes:, Seems like the Just company has some major issues. They are greedy and making millions off of some of us by preventing us from getting the variety and balanced meal we need. You are a GIFT FROM GOD!!! , Your email address will not be published. Just Inc., the Silicon Valley food startup formerly called Hampton Creek and known for its Just Mayo, will finally be selling its vegan scrambled egg product in grocery stores. “The Just Mayo false name is part of a larger campaign and pattern of unfair competition by Hampton Creek to falsely promote Just Mayo spread as tasting better than, and being superior to, … If I were to honor my histamine-intolerance and have more variety, I’d have to eat fish and eggs, carrots, potatotes, ginger, zucchini, pistachios and lettuces. I can only find Veganaise at local health stores, which taste-wise I prefer but it is more expensive. “We are indeed still making and distributing the products, if you are no longer seeing it stocked in your grocery store this would be a store decision and you should contact the store manager for an answer.”. Right before 7 oz. Not a fan of the Nayonaisse or Follow Your Heart versions and the Ojai and Sir Kensignton’s are too pricey for the size and that’s all that’s out there. Just Mayo is a mayonnaise substitute made from ingredients like canola oil and pea protein. By Maya Kosof f. July 17, 2017. In the end, all it really did was make Hellman’s look bad and turned many people off from Hellman’s brands and Unilever Foods, as it was a clear bullying move on their part to try to stamp out what they knew would be a very lethal competitor to their #1 selling condiment. Bizarre. There is surely something fishy going on with this whole story. Allergy-friendly: Egg-free, gluten-free, no artificial flavors, kosher. This is just the original flavor. Hellman’s vegan version separates right after you use it. Required fields are marked *. Thanks for posting about this, it’s nice to know we are not alone at least. I react to Vinegar, most legumes, most nightshades, meats, poultry, quinoa, hemp, cinnamon, mustard, histamine intolerance and alcohol. (feel free to add spices as you wish, I kept mine very basic with just the salt, pepper, vinegar and sugar. of silken tofu is needed for the tofu-based recipe. I thought my Mayo days were over until I discovered Hampton Creek and their JUST Mayo, vegan mayonnaise. Ugh :/. I have defaulted to my old tried and true Follow Your Heart Vegenaise, but of course the price tag on this mayo is insanely high so it looks like its time to start making it myself. Is this normal? Back in 2016, when the company, helmed by entrepreneur Josh Tetrick, was still called Hampton Creek, it got into hot water for artificially inflating the consumer demand for its product. I smell a conspiracy as well, it would not surprise me whatsoever. Let’s create our own shelf stable vegan mayo to put back on market shelves!! The socially minded entrepreneur launched Hampton Creek in 2011 with the purpose of creating healthier, affordable food. package of which I would use half, I assume you mean that 7 oz. Just Garlic Mayo, Non-GMO, 12 oz. But why then is the Hellman’s vegan line completely eliminated too? They only care about the majority. That’s fantastic! Please share more recipes of mayonnaise. I did finally get some just mayo from walmart finally. Thank you for the recipes. no holds, two per person. Even Hellman’s vegan in my area had SOYBEAN OIL! Online or in store? I thought that I’d never get Mayo again, but now that I know how easy it is to make this, I’ll make my own soon. It’s back! I prefer Vegan Japanese, Italian and Indian cuisines. I need Watercrest. While vegan mayonnaise is not as inherently sinister as blood technology, the classical Silicon Valley obsession with industry disruption seems to be a contributing factor to missteps on a corporate level. I’m supposed to limit the nuts I eat. Northern California plant-based company JUST—the brand behind JUST Mayo and mung bean-based JUST Egg—has completed its latest production round of its plant-based mayonnaise, which has been absent from store shelves for several months. But for those people who banned Hellman’s for their ridiculous lawsuit, have now banned Just for their unethical practices under a vegan label. Thanks again! You know, like, “Nothing to see here, folks, we’re just that humble upstart business down the road.”. Thanks for the clarification about the 7 oz. A neutral oil works best for mayonnaise, like sunflower or safflower, refined coconut oil may also be used. THANK YOU FOR THIS POST! But the plot thickens: The supermarkets are now overflowing with pallets, and I mean literal pallets of non vegan Hellman’s. Your email address will not be published. It has been doing that to me lately too! I have tried the “Just Mayo” and it is my new favorite vegan mayonnaise. Thanks for posting these! restocked with @justforall egg. Totally done with Target; the store near me no longer carries Earth Balance butter either, grrr. Hellman’s Vegan Mayo is okay, but doesn’t compare to Just Mayo! So I recently went looking for a replacement. I experienced the same thing with the Just brand!!! Vegan JUST Mayo is back on the shelves at Walmart. I’m now down to 1/3 of the contents of the second jar. It doesn’t exist where I live. Thought I would share , LOL thanks Rose! I used to be able to get their mayo, chipotle mayo, etc around me. As of December 2019, I still can’t find it online except at impossible prices. I still haven’t forgiven Target for dropping all their products. Whenever I open a can of garbanzos I pour the liquid into an ice cube tray. Bought three bottles of it. I really can’t say whether any of these legal and ethical bombshells  have anything to do with the recent scarcity of the mayonnaise. Ingredients: Expeller-Pressed Canola Oil, Water, White Distilled Vinegar, Contains less than 2% of Lemon Juice Concentrate, Modified Food Starch, Pea Protein, Salt, Spice, Sugar, Fruit and Vegetable Juice (color).. Non-GMO Project Verified, Egg-free, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Kosher, No Artificial Flavors, No Artificial Preservatives. On the homemade front, for those making aquafaba mayo, the aquafaba freezes beautifully. In June, none other than actor Jaden Smith filed suit against Just and Joshua Tetrick. Since the disappearance of Just Mayo, I've been on a quest to find a suitable replacement. 12 Vegan Cheesecakes You Need in Your Life this Holiday Season! So, JUST Mayo tastes good. But Hampton Creek’s problems were far from over. It didn’t taste as though it needed more fat, so what is going on there? The Just website is terrible to try to navigate and doesn’t provide a lot of info or insights into what is going on with their products. In advance of this mayo comparison, I posted a photo on Facebook showing six different mayonnaise jars. I heard something about them focusing more on the just egg product that was coming out and then they would resume the mayo lines again.. idk how true that is but it had been gone months here as well and then a month ago I picked one up at Walmart and now again every that normally carried it has none? To read our full stories, please turn off your ad blocker.We'd really appreciate it. Bloomberg found that workers had bought the product they worked for at locations including Walmart, Target, Whole Foods and Costco. Try using it instead of butter on grilled cheese sandwiches. I’d be honored if you shared this recipe (and any others) at our What’s for Dinner link party! Then came the lawsuit from Hellman’s to Hampton Creek as they were claiming this new vegan mayo could not be labeled as “mayo” since there are no eggs in the recipe. If you want the video I show all the recipes being made AND my tastings and thoughts on each! The original flavor of Just Mayo. You can imagine my disappointment when I found out recently about their ethics violation in regards to vegan labeling. Quick question: I assume that 7 oz. This gained mass media attention and eventually the lawsuit was dropped. They never used to use soybean oil in Mayo until the past 15 years, it was always canola oil like just Mayo used. Now the recent reviews, including one from four hours ago as I write this, say some variation of the fact that the new version with sunflower oil is downright disgusting. Amazon has Best Foods (which is Hellman’s) 30oz eggless vegan dressing on prime delivery, so I had to switch to that. I love to read, and I have also called Just Mayo! yes I agree! Only vegan/egg-free mayo I can find here that doesn’t have my allergens in them right now is the ‘Follow Your Heart’ ones and they don’t taste nearly as good as the JUST ones. . This mystery has haunted me for a year now. It must be business politics and The Egg Board interference. No, seriously, where has all the mayo gone? I went from seeing aisles at every grocery store to absolutely NO options at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, ShopRite, Stop & Shop…Not even Hellman’s vegan mayo (which I refuse to buy for the reason you mentioned above)!! The JUST brand is my favorite vegan brand. I know getting potato protein isolate is practically impossible locally in the states but can we expect any recipes based on it from you? Chocolate Peanut Butter Speckle Cakes for Easter ». So sad!!! Been missing/AWOL for months here in Las Vegas and when my dad asked the store/manager for that section of the store they said they haven’t been able to get it in, so yeah. Then when I want to whip up some homemade vegan mayo viola! Too bad it didn’t work. I’m really happy there is finally a local source for this. A post shared by Orchard Grocer (@orchardgrocer) on Jan 9, 2019 at 12:55pm PST, “No holds, two per person,” the Orchard Grocer caption reads. I think I’ll try the boiled potato one – reminds me of I do love the Potato Protein one the best, but otherwise I would say Aquafaba all the way!! The price on Amazon for the Best Foods is like the old Just Mayo: $3.59 last October, but it’s close to $3 on subscribe and save now. But the color looked funny to me so I went online to see reviews for it. Makes me feel like I've finally found a healthier mayo. It is disturbing to find eating healthy has these ridiculous food giants making once more decisions we never asked to be made on our behalf…sad…and no thanks I will make mayo for my family. Happening here in Illinois, thought I was going crazy! In the meantime I ain’t got time for this foolishness! I also love the fact that it's non-gmo, gluten, soy free and more. I used to get Just Mayo 30oz original for a little more than $3 from Walmart online with no trouble, then it bounced up to $4.50 last January, and then it vanished by Spring when I was looking for more as my supply dwindled. I’m not a diehard and about to make my own haha, buuuuut I order off target online and get it shipped to my house! Did you try the cashew one? Is there anything I can add to prevent this? It is getting very difficult to find, in fact impossible in my area. yes to 7oz which is about 1/2 package (I sometimes make things more confusing by giving people multiple measuring options (for those that have no scale… 7oz is “about 1/2 package). An egg substitute that scrambles, tastes and looks just like real eggs! In 2020?? Their mayo is delicious and just the right thickness like I expect mayo to be. Just is an egg-free mayonnaise substitute start-up based in San Francisco, and despite the endorsement of promising early investments from venture capitalist Vinod Khosla and Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang, the company seems to have a history of indulging in questionable corporate strategies. LOL I’m looking forward to trying your tofu-based recipe. I have called “Just” twice and emailed them and was given the same story, “We are ramping up production and it should be back on the shelves in the coming weeks”. Our Just Mayo flavors include Original, Garlic, Chipotle, Sriracha, Awesome Sauce and Truffle. We loved Just, Inc.’s Just Mayo. Greek skordalia! , Why was my comment deleted? I will be reporting back with blogs/videos as soon as I have some success to share! Discussion. I don’t know if it was in response to my reaching out to them about it but every customer service comment saying they were going to rerelease the product had been removed. No fuss! Just Mayo was a game changer and tasted so good. Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed my post, it is very lengthy and I know many people don’t like to read more than a few sentences, but this one is worth the read! So many people with allergies were depending on and loving those products! Maybe we’ll try some of the homemade vegan mayo recipes. Well, I no longer own a real bakery since I sold mine in late 2014, and since mid 2016 I make nothing but the best vegan recipes! Hellman’s (Best) has been readily available in Las Vegas but I’d really like to make it in house going forward. Why hasn’t the red giant brought the products back? I, too, thought I was going crazy when all the vegan mayo jars began “disappearing”. “Due diligence” doesn’t sound as sexy as “revolutionizing the way we eat,” after all. and yes me toooooo! It took four days but they finally answered me and said that they don’t know when they will have it back in stores. I made the aquafaba recipe but only used it for sandwiches. Apparently the “Just” brand of plant-based mayo and other processed foods will not be returning to the shelves of a Target store near you any time soon, according to the CEO of Hampton Creek Inc., Excited that there might finally be an end to all this mayo drama, I wrote to Hellman’s asking when they would have the new version in stores. So much so, that they are storing these giant towers of original style mayo at the ends of the aisles in my local Shop Rite because they just can’t fit it all on the shelves! Lo and behold, the Hellman’s site had a slew of recent one-star reviews ( None available, unless you want to pay over $25 for a small jar! If you missed the details of that story you can read them here. Someone anonymously claimed a salmonella outbreak in their eggless products and the products got pulled. Sure, we are gearing up for outdoor cookouts and party food that typically consists of bowls and bowls of potato salads and macaroni salads all made with gobs and gobs of mayonnaise. Thanks for this!!! However, I’ve had a problem with it separating after a few days in the fridge. I cannot seem to find either any place. I’m laughing as I’m reading this, because I feel your pain! I actually just purchased this brand today and had it on a sandwich and I'm a big mayonnaise person so I like a lot, it was so good! You can read the entire article about the lawsuit here. Goodbye Hellman’s & Just Inc.; it was nice knowing ya… I hope you figure out your little scuffle soon, but by then we will all be making own own mayonnaise and at a fraction of the cost too! It would actually make some sense (given the tactics several folks at Unilver & the American Egg Board were willing to take to stop Just in the first place) except that now Hellman’s Vegan Mayo is non existent as well! I saw one nutritional label for the rare beast that indicates 90 calories per tablespoon (which is what the Best Foods one has), but I’m sure my old Just Mayo was 60 calories per tablespoon. I just made the silken tofu one. When Hellman’s unjust and churlish lawsuit against Just Mayo hit the fan, I determined to never buy Hellman’s again as long as I live. Trump has banned it in agriculture but it’s going to be a while before soybean oil will be good again. Thanks for the research you did on this topic. It’s ok, reasonably close to Just Mayo, but I prefer the old Just Mayo and keep sporadically searching for an online source (no car and can’t sit at the moment, so can’t just go off searching to see if Walmart has it in-store). … Try it instead of butter or oil on grilled cheese sandwiches. I haven’t seen ANY Just, Inc. products (other than their cursed Just Egg) for well over a year. It’s insane!! But beyond just the creamy, fatty aspect, JUST Mayo has a really nice tang with light notes of garlic and lemon (it’s also available in several flavors like Sriracha). I’ve read many articles about this debacle, but there have been no satisfactory answers to ‘Where’s the mayo?’. So happy that you have become vegan! it says “1/2 package.” Since I looked online and couldn’t find a 7 oz. Yep, it's me Gretchen~ Owner of Gretchen's Bakery. And now their newest and most proud creation (or so it seems) is JUST Egg. Thank you for this article.

what happened to just mayo

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