Curious to know how much your flooring project will cost exactly? A huge selection of wood and tile design vinyl flooring. Calculate your project price. Black Friday Event! Vinyl Flooring Types My Project isn’t just a laminate flooring calculator, it is a flooring calculator which works across all of our ranges of flooring. The room measures 20 feet in width and 8 feet in length. cost of Vinyl Sheet flooring. Make the calculations and see the changes. Save an extra 20% off everything with code BF20. You’ll notice that our online flooring calculator has an option for “add area”. Sheet Vinyl Flooring Calculator To figure out how much sheet vinyl you need for your flooring project, all you need is our vinyl flooring calculator above. In a living room of average size 20.35m 2, the vinyl flooring will cost between £510 and £710. For most homeowners, understanding the cost to install vinyl flooring, whether it’s vinyl plank or vinyl sheet, is essential. ORDER DIRECT - 0330 333 … Use this guide to learn more about how to build your budget and get the new flooring you desire for your home. Total: £192. Some of our designs mimic tiled floor … Browse our range. Vinyl sheet flooring comes in larger 6- or 12-foot widths that are either cut to fit or come in prepared rolls. Enter the room dimensions, select the type of flooring then click the "Calculate" button to estimate how much flooring to buy. Obviously, if the expected cost is too high for the selected material, then you should consider using cheaper flooring material. But don’t worry! All you need to do is split the total area into rectangles, calculate the area of each and then finally add these up to work out the total area: $$Total\,Flooring\,Area = Length\,1 × Width\,1 + Length\,2 × Width\,2+⋯$$. Planks and tiles run a little more $1.85–$3. Black Friday Event! Flooring Calculator – Estimate Hardwood, Laminate, & Vinyl Flooring Calculate laminate, vinyl, or hardwood flooring quantity and cost by entering your room dimensions and cost of the material you would like to use. Whatever your project, you will likely need to measure the space and estimate the total cost! Your Email Address. Send. To estimate costs for your project: 1. We know how difficult home improvements can be, especially estimating how much material you will need given the size of the room. I want to figure out the total area of flooring and the expected total cost of the home improvement project. This calculator is to be used as an estimating tool ONLY. cost of carpets. But, what if you don’t know the unit price? For a basic project in zip code 47474 with 250 square feet, the cost to Install Vinyl Tile Flooring starts at $6.02 - $8.27 per square foot*. … Save an extra 20% off everything with code BF20. Cost factors are explained in detail below, but the most important one is who installs the flooring. Vinyl Flooring Online! Aside from the cost factor, there are many other benefits to choosing vinyl flooring: it's quick to install, hardwearing, water-resistant, and easy to clean. On average, installation cost ranges from $2-$6/sq.ft. Now that you know how much each sheet or piece costs, it’s easier for you to estimate how much you’d spend for the whole room. Let’s now take a look at the cost of wood flooring materials. Step 1 > Square Footage* 0 100 150 200 250 300 400 500 600 700 800 1000 1500 2000 3000 Vinyl sheet flooring comes in larger 6- or 12-foot widths that are either cut to fit or come in prepared rolls. It’s also waterproof, meaning it can be placed in any room in the house, including bathrooms. This is as if you were to purchase from a retailer directly. Like vinyl tile, wood vinyl flooring is also waterproof. Plus, we offer Special Financing options to fit any budget. Loft insulation calculator. Link to Lowe's Home Improvement Home Page. A vinyl or linoleum sheet floor can be installed for as little as $0.84 per square foot and run up to $1.36 a square foot. The average price for materials and installation of standard vinyl flooring in a medium sized room is between £200-£400. The laminate flooring costs in this article are correct as of 2020. and the expected total cost of the laminated flooring: $$Cost = Room\,Area × Price\,per\,Unit\,of\,Area = 160\,ft^2 × 4\,$/ft^2 = $640$$. Radiator BTU calculator Vinyl is 100% synthetic material, and as such offers superior resistance to moisture. Full Service is Great Floors making it easy: We’ll remove your old carpet, put back your baseboards, trim your doors, move your furniture AND install your new flooring! Use our calculator above to help estimate man-hours and materials. Vinyl plank flooring mimics the look of real wood, with different colors and textures available. The reason is simple – hardwood costs quite a bit more than laminate and vinyl. I don’t know the unit price of the vinyl flooring, but I can purchase 15 square feet for $75. You can calculate length and width in inches, feet, yards, centimeters and meters. Login/Register. Use this handy calculator to work out how much insulation you'll need for your loft space. Vinyl flooring is available in many different designs, colours and patterns, with some even mimicking wood flooring or tiles. Book your free home consultation . Total: £260 + VAT. Luxury vinyl plank offers the most realistic look and feel of all vinyl types, with all the benefits of vinyl. FAQ Quickly calculate the cost of the project and work out how much vinyl, laminate or hardwood flooring you’ll need to purchase. Well, this can also easily be calculated based on the available material you purchase: $$Price\,per\,Unit\,of\,Area = {Total\,Cost\,of\,Flooring\,Material \over Total\,Area\,of\,Material}$$. Because it’s so sturdy and water resistant, it’s a great choice for any room. Full Service. Your Message . and clean and tidy the subfloor. Interested in vinyl flooring installation? Before you start using the calculator, you should measure the width and length of the room you want to lay a new floor in. Based on the measurements of the room, the vinyl flooring calculator is able to work out the total area of the L-shaped room in square footage: $$Total\,Flooring\,Area = Length\,1 × Width\,1 + Length\,2 × Width\,2 = 6\,ft × 4\,ft + 4\,ft × 4\,ft = 24\,ft^2 + 16\,ft^2 = 40\,ft^2$$ Whether you are installing carpet, timber floors, vinyl flooring or tiles in your home - the Bunnings Flooring Calculator will help you calculate the size and cost of your flooring project quickly and easily… The carpet calculator by Carpet Giant will help you estimate the cost of carpets, laminate or vinyl flooring from our South West store. Today, vinyl flooring is available in tile, plank and sheet form. Vinyl sheet (mid range) – £200. Once you know the room area (in square footage) you’re good to go purchase the material! Luxury vinyl plank offers the most realistic look and feel of all vinyl types, with all the benefits of vinyl. Click on your chosen flooring type to get started! For inspiration, free home delivery & advice shop online. Like vinyl tile, wood vinyl flooring is also waterproof. To figure out the total area of the room is still very simple. This is why thousands of homeowners across the UK are choosing to use vinyl in their homes. With proper surface prep, vinyl flooring can be installed over any underlayment as well as concrete, tile, wood or uncushioned vinyl flooring. The Flooring Centre's flooring calculators are a great way to help you estimate the cost of flooring your space. Sheet vinyl is ideal for high-moisture rooms like bathrooms. Below, we’ll help you decide. Installing vinyl plank flooring but unsure of how much you need? Room Size Flooring Type Level of Service Quality Total ; Room {{number + 1}} ft x ft or ft 2. Actual costs will depend on job size, conditions, and options. You want to be accurate in your estimations to avoid wasting your money. What if I want to calculate multiple areas. It’s likely that your room (or multiple rooms!) … Fitting – £60. Simply pick the desired units in the drop down option and the flooring calculator will do the following conversions for you: $$1\,foot = 12\,inches = 0.33\,yards = 30.48\,centimeters = 0.3048\,meters$$, $$1\,ft^2 = 144\,in^2 = 0.111\,yd^2 = 929\,cm^2= 0.0929\,m^2$$. In just a few simple steps our wood flooring price calculator will check over 170 wood and laminate floors.. Fitting – £60. Estimate Area of Floor Figure out how much your vinyl plank flooring installation will cost before you begin Vinyl Plank Flooring Calculator Summary Total Vinyl plank Area with Waste460 Sq ft Cost per box of Vinyl Plank$28 Actual costs will depend on job size, conditions, and options. Your Telephone Number. The oak solid wood flooring cost lands about £35 per m 2.. OnlineCarpets OnlineCarpets. At this point, we imagine you are wondering: Well, the answer couldn’t be simpler. That’s why we built our flooring calculator. Book your free home consultation . It allows you to specify a floor area, choose between different material types or enter your own price. This can be achieved by carefully measuring the room and using the accurate flooring calculator above to work out the total surface area. Calculate how many wall or floor tiles you will need to cover your surface area. Calculating how many boxes of flooring you need, or how much it will cost is simple and fast with our wood and laminate flooring calculator. Simply enter in the width and length of your room, and ImproveNet’s sheet vinyl flooring calc will display exactly how many square yards of vinyl you need (assuming a 20% waste). Use this handy calculator to convert between imperial and metric measurements. When it comes to the cost of replacing your flooring, you can either calculate this manually or use the flooring or carpet cost calculator to do the calculations for you. With this free tool you can instantly calculate the real price of your new floor, including all the extras and without any obligation.Ready to give it a try? Your Name. Laminate flooring is a popular choice of flooring in homes across the country, chosen for its low cost, neat finish, and functionality. Here you can work out the approximate cost of carpet, laminate, or vinyl flooring specific to the room you want to decorate. Use this option to calculate the total floor area if you have multiple areas or rooms by simply entering the correct values for each length and width. Flooring Cost Calculator Visit for more information. No photos, but we have fitted a vinyl sheet to fit a utility space 2m x 2m. Checkout Cookie Consent: This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience in our website Got it! Best {{calculateRoomTotal(room) | currency:"$"}} × The minimum installation charge for … If you already know your room area or measurements, choose a category of flooring (via our website menu above) and you will find our flooring … Laminate ... would be the flooring type most in demand, but it’s not. Work out your costings... Redecorating is always exciting but involves a lot of … Cost of flooring: Vinyl sheet (mid range) – £132. Input length and width of flooring area. Tile calculator. We will also explain the Mathematical formulae it uses to work out the total area and expected cost. Still figuring out which vinyl flooring you want to use? Lots of Lino to order today. Vinyl flooring is incredibly simple to install, needing only a simple adhesive to secure it. Planks are typically 4 to 6 inches wide by 3 or 4 feet long. Our product expertise, professional independent installers and one-year labor guarantee help us stand out from our competitors. There are some predefined material types and prices for hardwood flooring … Live Chat Email Us. Enter # of steps for stairs: Enter # of seams: A cross seam has been added to complete this project. If your hallway has an average size of 5m 2, the vinyl flooring will cost between £130 and £180. The average supply costs is £45 per m 2 for pine, £60 per m 2 for maple, £70 per m 2 for walnut, £45 per m 2 for cherry and anywhere from £18 to £73 per m 2 for engineered wood flooring. Metric calculator. the price per square footage) of your chosen material, the calculator can work out an estimate for the total cost of the landscaping project: $$Cost = Room\,Area × Price\,per\,Unit\,of\,Area$$. Prices may increase or decrease depending on the choices you make in products and, where you get them from. Click the button to calculate material and man-hours needed for this job. are made up of multiple rectangles, like in our example here. Based on these values, the calculator first calculates the area of the room in square footage. Use our easy-to-use laminate flooring cost calculator to get an approximate cost based on square footage and laminate floor quality. tape measure, utility knife, adhesive, tape etc.) However, if you want an expected cost, you’ll need to do a second calculation: If you know the price per unit of area (e.g. Our calculator can do all the conversions for you. Otherwise, enter your measurements and units into our flooring calculator to get your home improvement project off to an effective and efficient start! Below, we will show you two fully worked examples starting with different initial criteria to calculate the total area, and cost of a laminated and a vinyl flooring. I would first need to calculate the price per square footage of the vinyl flooring material: $$Price\,per\,Unit\,of\,Area = {Total\,Cost\,of\,Flooring\,Material \over Total\,Area\,of\,Material} = {$75 \over 15\,ft^2} = 5\,$/ft^2$$. In fact, hardwood is 4th – after laminate, carpet and vinyl. They truly offer a huge selection of luxury vinyl flooring and have a style to suit every look, from natural looking, to classic to contemporary. Create your own price list in Homewyse Lists For a basic project in zip code 47474 with 500 square feet, the cost to Install Sheet Vinyl Flooring starts at $2.87 - $3.89 per square foot*. Vinyl needs a clean and uniform sur… contact Menu. The calculator will do the following conversions for you: Real-time graphics. I can purchase the laminated flooring at a cost of $4 for each square footage purchased. Buy your vinyl flooring online and get Fast delivery on all Lino Flooring! . Call Us 0800 9705 705. DIY installation is free, except for tools you might need to purchase. Homeowners can expect to cost to install vinyl flooring on averaging out at around £530, with the higher price range coming in at around £770. Let’s imagine I want to lay down laminated floorboards in a rectangular room. Vinyl sheet flooring costs as low as $2.5 per square foot and can be up to 50% cheaper than vinyl planks. For a bedroom with an average size of 13.65m 2, the materials will cost between £340 and £480. Options include styles that are laid end to end without grout as well as groutable vinyl tile. Sheet vinyl is ideal for high-moisture rooms like bathrooms. More info. Our handy guide will help you plan your budget for flooring costs and make sure you do not forget anything when buying new flooring. Use it to ensure that your next home improvement project gets off to an efficient start. If you’re looking to add new laminate flooring in your home, you’ll want to get a good idea for the kind of costs involved before you get started on your project. Costs to install vinyl or linoleum flooring run from $3–$10 a square foot. In this article we will show you how easy the calculator is to use and how to use it. You have a wide variety of options available to you when it comes to vinyl including wooden planking, marble, stone and slate effects in a range of colours. Calculating Total Cost of the Flooring Materials. You should consider that this cost does not factor in other expenses like installation, equipment and breakage. Cost To Install Vinyl Flooring. I want to know how much vinyl flooring I will need and how much the project will cost. Vinyl plank flooring installation cost is $1.50-$2.75 per square foot for most jobs. Use our online flooring calculator to help determine the cost of flooring your home. Based on the measurements of the room, the vinyl flooring calculator is able to work out the total area of the L-shaped room in square footage: $$Total\,Flooring\,Area = Length\,1 × Width\,1 + Length\,2 × Width\,2 = 6\,ft × 4\,ft + 4\,ft × 4\,ft = 24\,ft^2 + 16\,ft^2 = 40\,ft^2$$. We understand that, in reality, you’re going to be flooring areas that aren’t perfectly rectangular. When fitting vinyl there is little cost beyond the original price of the floor itself. More info. For other flooring materials, visit our Carpet or Tile estimators. Vinyl Flooring Calculator Use this calculator as an estimating tool for vinyl flooring. To estimate costs for your project:

vinyl flooring cost calculator

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