However, a raid is a "cheaper" attack mode, the troops search for resources primarlily - if necessary they hit enemy combattants, but they'll attempt to leave as soon as possible - explained via storyline. Send there about 5-10 clubs a few hours. Professional scan map and add NATARS and PLAYERS with special filters . The resources in the player owned oasis will regenerate in 10 minutes. Got a question? An oasis always displayed 10% of the village resources (unless it has been raided the 10 minutes before the spy attack), since you could steal 10% of the resources by attacking the oasis. 13 Aug, 2015. It wasn't profitable enough. Losses of troops in raids will be ignored. I have never been. Additionally, unoccupied or “wild oases” no longer hold resources, but only animals. Just don't risk everything on 1 target and just do 3-5 tt per target. In wild oases, all animals need to be defeated first. 3. Themen-Statistik; raiding other kingdom's oasis. Oasis. Posted by. 1. Due to this conquering oasis … Then no-one in your area will be under protection and you can raid them. If the animal is absent, an ordinary farm squad will be sent. You can see how many and which animals there are in an oasis without scouting by clicking it via the map. 1 year ago. The big change, compared to older versions of Travian, is that an oasis will no longer belong to one player only. Travian Kingdoms EN Forum. By the 8th day, you should have something around 150-250 clubs depending on your enemies (raiding 24/7 with farm list). For the purposes of this guide we will be selecting Gauls but feel free to follow along if you pick Romans or Teutons, the information in parts 2 and 3 especially will be largely universal to all tribes. Travian Detailed Romans Guide by Tinasilna. The income and size of the oasis bonus can thus be increased even more! Realeasing Oases. The animals in an oasis... Oases. At level 1 it hides 200 of each resource (300 for Gauls), and at level 10 it hides 2000 (again, 3000 for Gauls). If your TT army grows big you can snipe oasis where some players hide their offense armies or expand your area of attack/raid. When the supply village is set up, conquer the clay oasis. Raiding or attacking other player does not work. ShagIvan - Travian Biggest Offense Army - … For each animal, one resource per hour will be produced up to 5000 resources for a 25% oasis, or 10000 for a 25%/25% or 50% oasis. Download free version of TRAVIAN STRATEGY ( demo ) Current capability : Search Farm Professional 1. Travian is a community-based game and no one will be successful on their own. Click to start. 21. I accept that risk, why let players even take a risk on oasis in bp if you're going to make it completely pointless. Get to know the alliances in your area and make a decision on who you’d like to join. Raiding or attacking independent Natarian villages does not work. I’ve been in top 10 alliances, I’ve been through wars with my alliances, and I’ve learned how to take attacks with a grain of salt and defend my villages against odds that used to seem overwhelming. The differences between raids and attacks are often confusing to new players. 2. Only greetings are sent instead. Occupied oases always belong to the kingdom that has the most troops stationed in them. The Oases 75%, 100%, etc.. are the total of a combination of oasis and almost exclusively refers to crop. Equites Legati. Raid over and over again so your Theutates Thunder army grows bigger, its the fastest and cheapest raider in the game so its very easy to utilize. Got a question? You can abandon an oasis that you no longer wish to own from your Hero’s Mansion. Only greetings are sent instead. It should be possible to get profit from an oasis by raiding it with a few hundred troops and a hero. All are welcome, as we discuss all international servers. Raiding an oasis will cause your troops to plunder up to 10% of the resources from the village owning the oasis. For Gauls I recommend going straight for resources. r/travian. If there is a clay oasis for example close to your offensive village where you want to build a supply village, look for a valley with 5 clay fields in the 7x7 map of that oasis. I have been a -good- player. Click here! Oasis are conquered by heroes and give production bonuses. Close. The animals in an oasis multiply slowly. Up to five players can own an oasis at any one time. Keep in mind that all the animals above Bear can kill its contemporary max tier travian troop in single combat. But things have changed and now animal re-spawn rate has increased and therefore raiding oases like old days is not possible anymore. Archived. If you manage to join a large alliance, other players might think twice about raiding you… #4 – Raid Oases. As you know the cranny will protect a certain amount of resources of the total villages storage. Thus attacking an oasis 7 minutes after a first raid has occurred one will mean you can only grab 7% of the resources from the owning village. In previous versions, Oasis raiding was very easy and a lot of players just put the coordinates in their farm list and sent raid from there. u/TinexX. Raiding oasis (conquered or unconquered ones) does not work. Stringfellow_COM; 21. Find an answer. 1. There are two types of oasis per resource. Oasis: Spot on the map with some sort of resource on it. Beiträge 167. Not to be confused with Natars troops.. Nature's troops. Travian Movies 14,193 views. Oasis are still good! Travian UKX Teuton - Part 1 - Raid Oasis, Hero and Resource Tiles. ... or oasis across the map that is just far enough away so that your forces will return from a raid exactly when you come back online next. The Phalanx is weak and sending them to raid an Oasis would be not much but a waste of resources. and raid, raid and raid I started a 3 days ago on one server, I´m not super active teuton and I´ve raid about 45k resources. Bot will check the absence of animals and is oasis still unoccupied. In the beginning of the game, the oases are owned by wild animals. Task Name: Attack Oasis Description: Oasis are owned by wild animals which you can capture as defense for your own village.Additionally they can be raided for their resources. Find an answer. "Early game, I do any oasis raiding alongside the hero who has 1 cage equipped. Must have a hero mansion to conquer the oasis. Once an oasis has been cleared of animals and has been reinforced with at least one unit, it counts as occupied and will belong to a kingdom instead. I then proceed to farm out 5-6 Oasis'. Oases-farming, which has been particularly popular during the phase of beginner’s protection, will no longer benefit players. März 2015 #1; Hi, I am wondering how it works to raid oases in other kingdoms. This has drove away a lot of players from oases and that made it interesting again. It is advisable to build a Cranny before your Beginners Protection ends, upgrading it to cover the resources you normally hold, particularly overnight accumulation. To raid an oasis cli… Travian Starters Guide? Trump $200 Rx card plan doesn't 'pass the laugh test' The 10 absolute best deals for Amazon Prime Day 2020 Wild oasis hold wild animals (nature) before they are occupied. 18:13. The maths are simple, a normal combat is calculated and the losses are redistributed such that the sum of losses is 103.2%. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts . There is a lot of overlap between the two, but they serve very different purposes and have many different effects. This way you will maximize the use of the oasis. - Duration: 18:13. März 2015; Stringfellow#COM. A player being active and defending on a two hour raid is not the same as an oasis spawning is it. Travian has three playable tribes; Gauls, Teutons and Romans. So you just had to take the difference between 2 scouts with a few seconds (most times like 10-20) gap and multiply it with 10. You need quite a big army to raid an oasis with profit. Kingdoms Community. log in sign up. Oases can be raided. DON'T forget to buy every cage you can and use them in oasis with elephants and tigers! 25/25 meaning crop and some other resource oasis bonus. Nature's troops are the animals living in unoccupied oases.You can use the combat simulator to see whether you have enough troops to defeat the animals in an oasis you want to conquer, but remember that you can only raid oasis. r/travian: This subreddit is dedicated to the browser game Travian. In T4 is a little different strategy – for example I rather start that day, when server starts in 2p.m. Press J to jump to the feed. Travian UKX Teuton - Part 1 - Raid Oasis, Hero and Resource Tiles. A cranny is a building that hides resources from attackers. Professional scan the map and add occupied oasis, not occupied oasis, occupied oasis empty of animals . User account menu. If an oasis is located within your kingdom or borders it, you can occupy it with troops and conquer it thereby. I also allow around an hour to pass so that a few Nature troops will spawn, so that I will also be on the Top 10 attackers. For the pouch of the thief to take effect your hero has to accompany the troops on the raid. Oasis. E.G (using one resources only for simplicity's sake) if cranny is 2,000 of resources and the village holds 3,000 wood a raiding force would only be able to take 1,000 wood. A set of travian kingdoms tools to help you master the game. The same goes for wood and iron oasis' offcourse. If oasis are occupied then farm will be disabled. Before you start going through this guide, just be aware – I am not a top 5 player. This video shows whathappens when you Raiding occupied oasis in Travian. You need to spy other people who can fight you so just get the research done with your raiding resources and get some 10 spies. General. Raid oases as much as possible, especially using your Hero. Travian Bot has two farm modes : ... if the target is a free oasis. The less there are, the faster they spawn.

travian oasis raiding

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