Yet, postmodernity has arrived. View details about the upcoming events and classes hosted by the Jefferson Educational Society in Erie, PA. Although the term 'postmodern' might be overused, it still mean something. This will produce a cultural shift, and Christianity can survive … If Christianity is to survive and thrive in the next century, many of our ancient prohibitions (sex outside of marriage, homosexual practice, the significance of gender, etc.) A Weekly Column On Religion in the Modern World. Unfortunately, the Church has too often wrongly assumed what those "absolutes" must be. Whenever the overarching, over-confident meta-narrative… A post-secular society is marked by recognition that religion is once again important. Welcome to Inquisitr.Com‘s new column on Religious Affairs. There is a postmodern theology. century. In other words, the 21st Century Church that keeps trying to resurrect old, worn-out ways of thinking and believing, and pretend while doing so that those absolutes have never changed throughout its history, has decided already on its preferred destiny: the graveyard of history. In this book internationally leading scholars from sociology, law, political science, religious studies, theology and the religion and science debate, take stock of the current interdisciplinary research on religion and open new perspectives at the cutting edge of the debate on religion in the 21st century. 1 He describes some of the trends that he expects in the Christian church during the 21 st century: No public-evidence of any type to prove the so-called claims of religion. 3. The better question, ISTM, is whether secularism will survive. William Easum "Bill" Easum is the "Senior Managing Partner of Easum, Bandy and Associates (formerly 21st Century Strategies).Bill is one of the most highly respected church consultants and Christian futurists in North America." In under a century, I can see Western Europe having been thoroughly Islamicized through higher birthrates in Muslims and immigration. Internet search: religion Google search: god 1. US Politics. Religion will finally die out due to reason, logic, evidence and public science in the 21st. Wolff Bachner. 4. Twice as many 12th graders and college students in the 2010s (vs. the 1970s) said they never attend religious services. No religion has have presented any Public-evidence to prove any of the claims of religion. According to a widely disseminated 2015 study by the Pew Research Center, the US is drifting away from religion.Taking the cue, Daniel Dennett, one of the four horsemen of atheism, wrote that religion has been waning for centuries, and if the trend continues, religion will disappear—at least in the West. Not all elements of modernism has left us, just as not all of Medieval left Enlightenment Europe, or tribal/traditional culture left the developed Asian countries of today. Modernity has passed. Church growth experts lauded the 21st Century as the Century of Renewal for Christianity in America. A Question Of Faith – Religion In The 21st Century. Every week, Wolff Bachner, Inquisitr’s Political and Religious Commentator, will be presenting a new article about Religion in the news. Public evidence for the world to see and examine... 2.

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