This was the hardest decision ever. And sometimes we are. Just….thank you for writing this. I feel I am losing time to be with my youngest before she goes to school. It consists of pleasant stuff. Nearly impossible some days. How old if your little one (s)? Count your blessings that you can stay home. Due to our fields, my dream of being a sahm will never be possible. Thank you for this. It’s been a part of who I am for the past two years. You know what girl. Writing this was really therapeutic for me as I reflected on that time–and it made me realize what a treasure it is to be home with my babies each and every day! I am so encouraged by the optimism and faith I have seen from all the women on this post! I’ve always wanted to stay at home with my daughter (and our future children). Always. … Thank you for acknowledging this and for this post, I appreciate it so much. But I don’t want to be a "working mom" anymore. Having a career does help ease the burden of guilt. I am a working mom and it’s always bothered me. If maternity leave taught me anything, it was that being home with a child is arguably one of the hardest jobs in the world—it certainly has the highest stakes. Thanks so much for posting your experiences for us because it is a real encouragement. It has been tough for me this year, I have gotten pretty depressed. But this post, along with all the comments has really given me hope – I was in tears as I was reading throught it. I had to put my daughter in childcare since she was four months old. to your husband, even when it feels like you are not taking care of your home and family well enough. Hubby and I have been non-stop since I got pregnant with our first 3 years ago. But there are times that I cry inside and my heart aches because I would so much rather be looking into my children’s faces and hearing their laughter and seeing their smiles throughout the day, rather than dragging myself in this rat race of a career that I’m stuck in. I came across your site on Pinterest, and was blown away by your encouraging words! Thank you for your positive words! I was a single mom before my daughter was even born! In the meantime I often cry myself to sleep and every morning as my son is begging me to stay home with him We are formulating a plan that will hopefully find me able to drop to at least part time in a couple of years. If we do, I believe tha work for me will be an option rather than a necessity. It just seems kind of like a cruel joke. This is exactly how i felt each and every day for the past 16 months. I am a single Mother to a brilliant and beautiful baby girl. Thank you so much for this post! I learned a lot from her unofficial mentorship during that season. I found your blog because I just did a search for “Encouragement for Working Moms” and as I read it and others’ comments, I fought back tears. I've spent the past decade+ creating a healthier home for my family. It was the most incredible experience. I want to be home! Part of being a working mom is a lot of sacrifices you really need to know how to manage your time, learn how to handle your emotions and most of all you need to show and let your kids feel that they are the most important person in the world, that no matter what they will be our top priority. I am a working mom in Hawaii and I desperately want to be a SAHM. Oh Leslie, I hear your pain! One that is taken one step at a time. We'll never share your details. Thats how we must view this situation. Unfortunately, in our circumstances, my income is paying the bills. So I try to look at the positives to every situation. This also happened to be two days before my son's seventh birthday party at our home with sixty guests, hand baked cake and all. Her mother did it. But I’d also never trade that time I had with Rebecca E., Audie, Leigha, Susan, Mrs. Presly, Rebecca C., Alison and Amber. I love my job but feel I am losing time with my kids. It breaks my heart to comfort other people’s crying little ones while my own is with someone else. I’m so sorry, Bobbie Jean! I had a job come looking for me that seemed like my dream job with just a few exceptions. The intimacy in my marriage is almost nonexistent because of my resentment. In the complicated world we live in, it’s good to find simple solutions. I miss her so much. I know I can’t just quit, but I struggle with doing something that I don’t feel is what I am supposed to be doing with my life and therefore affects my children and what I want for them. But He has chosen not to provide that for us. I feel called to be a sahm but cannot afford it right now due to paying off loans taken out for my husband to finish seminary and other financial responsibilities. But my heart breaks when I am at the office on long days and my sweet husband doesn’t think it will ever be a reality for me to stay home. How wonderful! I have been praying so much for months but I feel lost. Thanks for the advice God has been tugging at my heart to be home again. Feeling this was God’s will. I have a loving husband and two beautiful babes and a job that allows me a bit of flexibility so I am home two afternoons a week with my kids. My heart is breaking. However, I am now DREADING returning to work in January, with no end in sight. 1. I have always felt that was my calling, but life happens and I end up working. Then he had a job for a year, but it didn’t work out, so we were left unemployed again. My mother did it. My friend Lexie had come over to watch her. Seventy percent of moms work outside the home -- some because they want to and some because they have to. I’m so thankful for this post!! I did it. I love this story. Desions I made regarding education, relationships and overall priorities I made during my late teens and early adulthood paved my current path. (Still working on that part.) It is surprisingly difficult to find good posts from working women who would like to stay home. She makes working bearable. But, ever since we brought our son home, I have felt this tug at my heart that I am supposed to be at home with him. I often feel like “what is the point to all this? You are not alone! Its difficult especially when I see so many other new moms around me that were able to quit to stay home or at least just work part time. Jenni, I love your words. I have been blessed to have 6 months home with my little one (I returned to work for 4 months in the summer until I was eligible for my additional leave). Like you, my income makes the difference more than a little-factoring in health care (which costs a lot during baby bearing years! I was really encouraged when I read, “Where there is a will, there is a way.” That was the first bit of encouragement I’ve seen in quite some time. All that changed about 2 years ago when God placed it on my heart that His plan for me included me being a SAHM where I could put all my focus on Him, my children and my husband. They felt like the longest years of my life but we finally made it and I pray for those moms out there who need the encouragement to keep going. Newsletter Sign Up. I can’t talk about it at home because my husband already feels guilty and like he is failing us. Because what's more important anyway? I was really hoping to hear more about coping with the fact that you might never get to stay home. I have terrible anxiety attacks and depression every morning when I leave my youngest. Warmly, I know this post was written sometime ago but I just ran across it. I struggle to step out in faith with this especially with the financial side of things but the biggest challenge is accepting my husbands wishes. I feel so humbled at homemaking and motherhood! Copyright © 2011 - 2020 The Humbled Homemaker  •  All Rights Reserved  •  Site Design by Emily White Designs, Rejoicing and Mourning with Mothers on Mother’s Day, Why We’ve Made Too Big of a Deal over the Phrase “Looks Like You Have Your Hands Full!”, A Crazy, Chaotic Morning in the Life of a Mom with Three Kids. I am the bread winner of my family but feel I am being led to stay home. That’s when I truly realized my desire to be a stay at home mom. Hang tough Mama! I can’t just quit to come home until my husband finds work. I desperately want to be a sahm when that time comes but my husband, who is an amazing man, doesn’t think it will be possible for us financially. He will be starting Grad School this Fall and we have another 2 years to go. Not because I’m lazy nor do I think it’s a glorified job. . It’s a struggle just to barely make it so to talk him into it is a stretch and I’ve been praying. I myself dream of that day when I can take care of my little boy full time. My trust in God has waned. My husband has health issues that prevent him from working, although thankfully he is taking care of our daughter while I am working. Your post was an answer to prayer for me and the encouragement I needed to keep working toward the goals my husband and I set. She is five yrs old and very helpful and smart. The pressure is there to be a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM as the lingo goes). The kids are OK. After a year at home with your baby, it can be hard to imagine balancing all that with a job. I start cloth diapering and bam! Remember, God is the crazy one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure, I would have rather been with her myself. I am a working mom (34 hrs a week so get 2 mornings off) who wishes I could be a SAHM. Thank you! I stayed home for two months (I had a botched C-section that took more recovery time than normal) and was not paid for maternity leave. At the end of May, I will be a complete SAHM and I can’t wait! It broke my heart to have to do it but it is paying off now. Our ceiling fell in at 3am the night before I gave a live television interview. I pray the Lord will reveal to you where He wants you and your hubby! Over and over again. I would give my right leg to stay home with my daughter, who is 23 months old. I was unemployed for four months and we were already in so much debt. I just know that I know that I know, that I only have these few years with my son before he goes to school and I want to make sure he and I had time to learn and grow together in the Lord. I do it for that reason. Not only that, but no one can love her like I can. I struggled so much when my first son was born with having to return to an underpaying job that demanded so much of my time and energy. My husband and I met on a blind date–I told him how many kids I wanted and that I would stay home with them. Looking back on my different work experiences, I realize some of my reasons for wanting and needing to be a working mom were clear to me before I ever had kids. The following tips might help make the transition you are dreading just a little bit smoother: We sought out an individual from our church. Believe me, I know. I just found your blog this weekend and have already felt so blessed that I found it. Knowing my babies have health insurance and the meds and things they need, that keeps me going through the pain and all the tears cried. This is where God has placed me and He is always good and loving to His children. Thank you! It keeps me relying on The Lord for sure! After reading your post, I am going to sit down with my husband and see if we can work toward me staying home in the future (we’ve crunched numbers, and it’s just not possible right now since I carry our health insurance at a great rate). It is very encouraging. Some daycare centers are even located within the same building as companies. However, I also work at this child care center. There are plenty of at-home business opportunities moms can start as well as work-at-home opportunities that let women stay home and make money too. They will be in school soon, so I will not have gotten any time with them if it does happen. Hi Kaitlyn! I would say to just pray, pray, pray! Thanks for commenting, Jill. But, I also want to be on a team with other adults working toward a common goal. Our answers to these questions may nudge us in a different direction than the one we expected. Thank you, again. This post showed up on my Pinterest home feed. Our expendable expenses total right at $100 each month and we are debt free except our mortgage that costs less than most rent. As it turns out, we can pay extra on our mortgage and pay it off in 5 years instead of 9. I need to pray more and I really need a support group!! I am so glad you were blessed by this, Tawna! On a sidenote, check out my post on VIP Kid. I told my mom about my idea a couple weeks ago and she warned me to be careful because the working mom vs. stay at home mom debate can be a really personal one for some people and could touch a nerve. I also have no passion for the job I do but can go back to school to further education so I’m stuck for now. My husband isn’t saved, and he feels like we can’t afford for me to SAH right now, but I disagree. I have two kids, a 2 month old and a 30 months old. Now, I doubt that I’ll ever go back to work again (our third child is due in March and my husband should graduate in a year and a half), but like you, we’ve learned from being flexible about where our income comes from. When I told my husband my desire to stay home, he said we couldn’t afford it and that’s that. And I don’t know many women who understand my desire to be a SAHM. Find all 192 songs featured in Workin' Moms Soundtrack, listed by episode with scene descriptions. Felt like I’ve missed so much of their lives. Oh, I prepared for a career, but once my babies arrived, I knew I wanted to be with them 24/7.

i want to be a working mom

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