They tend to kill with headshots, so they may prevent the player character from getting the full reward if hired. The first is stupid and the second is against my character's moral code. DONT KILL HIM YOURSELF, let your companion finish him. Hawkeye stars in several of Cooper’s novels, which are known collectively as the Leatherstocking Tales. Some items such as the Cram Opener, La Longue Carabine and Caps can only be obtained by killing an NPC, However if you don't want that NPC to be dead you can reverse pick-pocket them to obtain the item. Merely assembling them is enough to get a 300-cap bonus, even if they do not take a shot at Nephi. La Longue Carabine 53.55 Dmg per Shot (after perks, using .357 JFP Rounds) -3 DT (JFP Rounds) 1.0 Cond per shot 11 Shots per clip 1.5 Crit Multiplier 30%+ Crit (using 5LK plus perks and 1st recon Beret) 0.160 Min Spread (JFP Rounds) 0.016 Spread (JFP Rounds) 30% Base VATS Chance 18 AP Per Shot in VATS So you can see the guns are pretty close in most areas except in an important few. Teachers and parents! The tour guide will open the room to the planetarium (average locked door if you do not like the Long tour or the robot is dead) and go to the room back in the left. Was thinking I could probably try to plant a Anti-Material Rifle on him, he equips it, them I take the gun from him. Hawkeye, the protagonist of the novel, goes by several names: Natty Bumppo, La Longue Carabine (The Long Rifle), the scout, and Hawkeye. La Longue Carabine: La Longue Carabine is a unique Cowboy Repeater carried by Corporal Sterling whom you must kill if you want to obtain it. Our Teacher Edition on The Last of the Mohicans can help. I've done if for the 'figaro, big boomer and la longue carabine' it's not impossible it just takes a while to get lucky. I found it my first go through because I search every where. I have trained my character to be a sniper and that rifle would be a nice addition to my sniper rifle collection. Submitted by gamerzgod123 . The easiest way to get it, (if you don't mind slightly abusing quicksave/quickload) is to save, load until to successfully pick his ammo, got through a load screen, come back to him, rinse and repeat the save/load/pick. supporter; 206 posts; 2 kudos; 28 November 2017, 6:08PM. 5 months ago. A lot of people say it must be done with one shot, but I had to hit him twice and it worked fine. Silus Treatment1 (or McCarran: POW in the G.E.C.K.) La Longue Carabine - 000f56f5 Light Machine Gun - 000906df Marksman Carbine - 00106fea Service Rifle - 000e9c3b Sniper Rifle - 00004353 Varmint Rifle - 0007ea24 Anti-Material Rifle - 0008f21c =====PISTOLS=====.357 Revolver - 0008f216.44 Revolver - 0008f215 "That Gun" - 00133058 9mm Pistol - 000e3778 I'm a bit OC about it. La Longue Carabine and I go way back and up until extremely recently was my go to scoped weapon. save hide report. 88% Upvoted. Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. Once you get the ammo, fast travel away from the area and wait a few hours. I really dont want to kill him but the weapon would be really good for my "agent" build im doing right now. Now, you must get the La Longue Carabine without losing reputation with NCR. The AER 14 does not require meta-gaming. At this point grab it off the ground REALLY fast (the whole 1st recon team will turn hostile and start shooting at you) and hotfoot it out of there. share. Sterling in the background and not have to … Corporal Sterling is primarily located in … There are no ways to obtain this gun peacefully. Background [edit | edit source]. fixed the text -Can be found in Camp McCarran near El Rey Motel, it is carried by an old Ranger by the name of Corporal Sterling. He's all that and a bag of chips. La Longue Carabine is a godsend on Cowboy playthroughs. I headed south along the freeway. He adapts to the difficulties of the frontier and bridges the divide between white and Indian cultures. At this point you can get near Sterling, target La Longue Carabine in V.A.T.S. supremewormy May 26, 2018 @ 10 :36pm Is there any way to kill Old lady Gibson with Mister Sandman , without her dogs noticing? I'm having trouble getting Big Boomer without killing Old Lady Gibson (or my companions killing her). He started ranting about intel that command had in its possession detailing the modifications the Reds made to their man. #12. kaffekoppen. Question In Fallout New Vegas, I would like to get La Longue Carabine from Corporal Sterling, but am unsure how. “A man without a cross” “Kildeer” Theme Wheel. I'm definitely more on the fence with this one, but considering the rifle options, I think That Gun might edge out slightly ahead as it lets me diversify ammo if I'm using La Longue Carabine. Sterling will pursue you the whole way, the others will not. and shoot it out of his hands. This revolver is strong so fat as it uses only 17 action points. I sold off a ton of Legion coins before I found out you can make them into shotgun shells and kill the bastards with their own money. The armor is simple, around 10-15 DT and relatively low weight PLUS rad/poison/fire resistance. He's the mascot of a Big 10 football team for Pete's sake. AER14 vs La Longue Carabine » Fri Sep 04, 2009 12:14 am . 1 Quick walkthrough 2 Detailed walkthrough 2.1 Break Silus 2.2 Help Silus escape 2.2.1 Notes 3 Rewards 4 Notes 5 Behind the scenes 6 Bugs 7 References Silus, a captured Legion Centurion, is being held captive in Camp McCarran, with the NCR attempting to interrogate him. Just make a save when you're in position and keep trying. Cowboy Repeater La Longue Carabine Video Fallout: New Vegas. Pick pocketing La Longue Carabine is difficult (even with the sneak skill at … Previous “A man without a cross” “Kildeer” Symbol Analysis Next. And If you're looking for a good sniper weapon and dont mind killing or maiming a named NCR character, i'd suggest La Longue Carabine. Nice! As simple as that. ... killing easily with AMR sneaking headshots, and I would suggest something like the 12.7mm SMG for the Tunnelers. you'll get it eventually. Return to Camp McCarran and now the La Longue Carabine will be … Is it possible to Reverse Pickpocket La Longue Carabine from Corporal Sterling? It does have better spread with or without hand loads (with it's .24 vs..32, fwiw). I tried to pickpocket him with sneak 75 and a stealth boy but I always get caught. 2-To get La Longue Carabine you need to kill the recon or steal it from him.If you kill him you mess up the story if you going good and if you steal it everitime you see him he will not be carrying it (oviously) and that sucks. Notwithstanding the symptoms of habitual suspicion, his countenance was not only without guile, but at the moment at which he is introduced, it was charged with an expression of sturdy honesty. First of all, take your companions to another area, either outside Camp McCarran, or into the terminal building, and tell them to wait there. Sometime in the morning? How to get: La Longue Carabine is held by NCR’s officer Sterling from McCarran. Always loved that gun but hate that there is no legit way to get it. is an unmarked quest in Fallout: New Vegas. La Longue carbine requires either meta-gaming or murdering somebody who doesn't really deserve to be murdered. Theme Wheel. Hawkeye’s chief strength is adaptability. Note that NPC will move to Forlorn Hope after killing all leaders of Fiends. La Longue Carabine Lucky Maria Mysterious Magnum Ratslayer ... With no Anti-materel or Brush gun , And you'll see the ranger sequia by his side , kill him silently and there you go. Slotikin thinks La Longue Carabine is a genetically enhanced soldier. Thanks for whover told me to disable auto-save. Jun 22, 2013 @ 1:37pm The beautiful thing about GRX is that it lasts something like 2 minutes real time with all the perks, and you get to use it for free without addiction … (2.3) Translation: he's a good guy. 7 comments. One of the eldest members of the 1st Recon Alpha Team stationed at McCarran, Sterling wasn't always a trooper. The system seems to work well, but the scenario did not go very good for the English player, mainly due his bad luck on dice to hurry up the local militia to get on board. How do I get La Longue Carabine? The very hard terminal next to the door can also be used.

Accessing the weapon without 100 in Science or 100 Lockpick:.

* Floor 1
o Take the tour. Question. This mod gives you the cut out weapons and the unique guns that are imposible to get witout killing or stealing. This is a good addition to the community, adds a more ‘lore-friendly’ way for players to get the carabine WITHOUT killing or stealing it from Sterling. AER14. The same applies to the Big Boomer, although it is not affected by the Cowboy perk. Anyways here we go. I thank that is what this mod is about. member; 354 posts; 2 kudos; 20 November 2010, 7:35PM . Once Nephi's head is acquired, claim the bounty from Major Dhatri. However, That Gun has an AP ammo option (great for robots and scorpions). As stated in the forum post I didn’t get a sniper rifle until later in the game but when I got it I was killing Deathclaws in one hit if I got a critical hit. Struggling with distance learning? You have to kill Corporal Sterling whilst remaining hidden. (2 Shotgun shots to the head got him down to 2 bars for me) 3. Top Posters (All Time): dogcatcher 100,534. bill oxner 66,887 PC Xbox 360. 2.Save Right before you shoot Aim or vats for somewhere you can get Sterling down as low a possible in as few shots as possible without killing him. Maxandmov. They will set five frag mines along their path to the plant. In addition to this, with this weapon, La Longue Carabine in particular, it's relatively easy because you can aim for the butt stock without Cpl. La Longue Carabine Play-test AAR Well, I got a chance to do a play test of "La Longue Carabine", the French & Indian War supplement to "Sharp Practice" (SP) by Too Fat Lardies. dominik999. Good now i dont have to kill that old guy . dambpuk. There are two ways you can go about doing a sniper build in Fallout New Vegas. One of which is to get high luck and agility but lose a stat like charisma. Surely, it’s more powerful than all regular Magnums. Why are half the unique weapons held by NPCs and not found as loot. I've managed to pickpocket her ammo but she wakes up every time I try and get the gun. He's a stand-up dude. Reverse pickpocketing or PP'ing ammo and then weapons is pretty tricky. La Longue Carabine K9000 cyberdog gun that way you are not too weighted down.

how to get la longue carabine without killing

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