Pickering Place Shopping Center, Suite # 105 1151 NW Sammamish Road Issaquah, WA 98027-8937 (425) 369-6177 1-800-448-8814. You can still get the same great features as a larger tub, just in a more compact size. They seat about 5 – 6 p… Chesapeake. With plenty of optional add-ons and additional features to add on, we will make sure your hot tub experience is a heavenly one. These spas are designed for between 7-9 people. Please build according to actual hot tub spa dimensions. Air Buttons – located topside on a hot tub spa, the air buttons propel air through a tube to a relay that activates spa features such as the jets. Show. A larger, six person hot tub can weigh up to 6,000 lbs (2721 kg). NOTE: The scale on all drawings is 1/4″ = 1’0″. The CAD files are for professional use only, and cannot be viewed or downloaded without the appropriate AutoCAD software. Put simply, hot tubs fall into three size categories: small, medium and large. $0.00. 2018 Hot Spring Spa Model. Endless Pools: Best value swim spas. Of course, these dimensions will vary from line to line and hot tub to hot tub, but they give you a general idea of what you can expect. Find out how your hot tub’s dimensions influence location, delivery, and installation.. These tubs will be between 5’4” and 6’8” wide depending on the manufacturer and the design. These spas are designed for between 6-8 people. Glory 7-Person 40-Jet Premium Acrylic Lounger Spa Hot Tub with 2 Backlit LED Waterfalls and Steps The Glory 7-person Lounger Hot Tub by American The Glory 7-person Lounger Hot Tub by American Spas turns your backyard into a private escape for a total body hydrotherapy experience. Hot tub size and weight also vary based on shape. Arctic Spas has a variety of sizes to choose from. 5 Person Hot Tubs. Learn More. quare and Rectangular Hot Tubs. Location Medium Medium tubs are what most homeowners choose. For best results, remove the “fit to page” option in your print box. On Endless Pools' website, you can build your own swim spa … It helps a lot. These tubs are great if you don’t plan to have many guests in your hot tub or if you and your family members are shorter in height. Empty, these hot tubs weigh 500 and 1,000 lbs (227 and 453 kg) respectively. I bought it for my back issues. With the help of this article, you’ll be able to make an informed decision and purchase a hot tub you’ll love for years to come. At Dimension One Spas, our precision engineering is evident in every detail of every hot tub we sculpt, derived from a thirst for knowledge and a love for the latest technology. What other companies consider innovation is old news for D1, who was the first to utilize ozone, introduce fountains and patent the curvilinear shape of the Bay Collection—not to mention over 30 other patents. All images are for reference purposes only. A traditional tub is 60” long and 30-32” wide (standard-size tub by American Standard). In fact, a 2009 customer survey from the PoolAndSpa site titled, “What Americans Really Want in Hot Tubs,” 69.5 percent of people report that on average, only two people use their hot tub at once: Here are some other reasons why two-person hot t… Whether you’ve been a hot tub owner for years or are a first-time buyer, there’s one question you need to ask yourself when shopping for a new spa: what size is right for me? Our next size up is the medium hot tub range, which is suitable for 4-6 people. Sort By. Please build according to actual hot tub spa dimensions. The hot tub size you end up getting ultimately depends on your needs and preferences. Soothing, contoured seating for seven delivers the ultimate upper and lower body massage with 40 massage therapy jets. The PDF spa renderings are available for immediate download. They range in size from 5’4” x 5’4” to 7’ x 6’8” and have a wall height of about 29” – 35”. With 4 adjustable jets, you are sure to find your “happy place” inside of a Sportster® 140. It is offering for 6 person even up to 7 person adults that make a perfect gathering in enjoying the spa and therapy. However, the truth is that smaller two-person hot tubs are some of the most popular on the market. Please see your local dealer to verify. Shop Now Legend® … The second range of categories describes the approximate size of the hot tubs stocked, from mini to large. Sitting right back against the bubbles helps relieve my back pains. Blower – an air blower is just that; an air blower. While knowing the size of your hot tub before you buy is important, it’s also important to understand how hot tub dimensions work. Simply measure your outside lip to lip, and add 1/2″ to each dimension. In fact, a 2009 customer survey from the PoolAndSpa site titled, “What Americans Really Want in Hot Tubs,”  69.5 percent of people report that on average, only two people use their hot tub at once: Here are some other reasons why two-person hot tubs are so popular: Two-person hot tubs don’t skimp on features, either. A small one that holds two to three people and is filled with water can weigh up to 3,000 lbs (1360 kg). Park Avenue. According to the survey cited above, 13.5 percent of consumers report that three to four people regularly use their hot tub at once. 2020 Hot Spring Spa Model. Hot Tub Dimensions The small hot tubs designed for two to four people to use are between 5’4” and 7’ in length depending on the manufacture and design of the spa tub. if you are looking for a compact design, then the mini hot tub range may be the one for you. As a rough guide, many round hot tubs range from 78 to 84 inches in diameter while square or rectangular can have diameters of up to 110 inches. ©Copyright 1996 - 2020, Watkins Wellness®. The G-100 in particular measures 6.6 feet by 5.83 feet, meaning it can comfortably fit in most backyards. Size: 7'3" x 7'3" x 36" 2.20m x 2.20m x .91m. When you think of a hot tub, you likely think of four or more people soaking in a large spa. If not, a smaller option, such as the Kauai® 3-person hot tub, also in the.Find out more about the Hydropool H1038 Self-Cleaning 10 Person Hot Tub..Cleaning Technology and specific dimensions for our Hot Tubs and SwimSpas.. Dimension One Spas (D1) has been the leader in the design and manufacture of premium hot tubs since 1977. To assist you in the design of your backyard hot tub, spa specification renderings are available for your use. To help you find an answer, we’re highlighting some of the most popular hot tub sizes and spa dimensions. The hot tub wall is strong enough that I … In contrast to a typical bathtub, a hot tub is designed to be used by more than one person at a time, with many models accommodating four or more people. The Softub® Family Sportster® 140 The ideal choice for creating a personal relaxation oasis at home, the Sportster® 140 is designed to accommodate 1-2 adults. Aria® 5 Person Spa 7'3" x 7'3" x 36" | 35 Jets. These portable spa renderings are drawn to scale, and can help you determine how to integrate your hot tub spa into your backyard for optimum enjoyment. And, measuring 6.75 feet by just 5.25 feet, the PP31 can fit in even the smallest of spaces. Even better than relying on the numbers to decide whether a hot tub is the right size for you is doing a wet test. NOTE: The scale on all drawings is 1/4″ = 1’0″. Wish List Compare. 8′ x 9′ – the size definitely falls in the large hot tub category. Medium Hot Tubs: 6’6” – 7’9” (Length) x 6’4” – 7’9” (Width) x 33” – 38.5” (Height) 8′ x 11″ – this is easily the largest hot tub there is out in the industry and very few manufacturers even offer it. Whether you’re looking for full-body, jetted lounge seats or side-by-side seating, you’ll find it all … The only other dimension you will need is the skirt length. Read on to find out what your fellow hot tub buyers are choosing. 2019 Hot Spring Spa Model. on The Most Popular Hot Tub Sizes and Spa Dimensions, 3 Amazing Luxury Hot Tubs and Premium Spas, The Best Hot Tub Temperatures for Safety and Comfort. Learn More. With a wet test, you can try out the hot tub with water in it and see if it’s the right size for four people. Browse our selection of hot tub sizes, where you can find intimate 2- to 3-seat hot tubs or spacious 6-seat spas. If we are talking about a “small” hot tub – and by this we mean perhaps a two-person hot tub – the average weight would be somewhere around 300-500lbs. When you think of a hot tub, you likely think of four or more people soaking in a large spa. Drop in bathtubs are similar in dimensions to alcove tubs, except that the front of … Typically, spa manufacturers offer three size categories from which to choose in each series: Small Hot Tubs: 2-4 people Medium Hot Tubs: 5-6 people Large Hot Tubs: 7+ people. The first hot tub dimensions 6 person begins from Jacuzzi brand. Hot Tubs ; Shop by Size ; 4 to 6 Person Hot Tubs; 4 to 6 Person Hot Tubs. Offering room for 6-7 adults, this model introduces a new … Many people looking for hot tubs want to know about “standard” hot tub size, especially when they’re considering a hot tub for a specific number of people. Small A small hot tub typically holds 2 to 4 people. A perfect mid-size hot tub featuring a love seat and luxurious therapy seats with pillows. This is the same technique as the square spa, but … Drop In Bathtub. Hot tubs are sometimes also known as spas or by the trade name Jacuzzi.. Seats: 5 Adults | 41-57 Jets. In contrast, the standard walk-in bathtub length is 52 inches while the width is the same as with standard tubs – 30-32 inches.The longest walk-in tub can reach up to 60 inches and some bariatric tubs (for seniors over 300 pounds) can be 40 inches wide. The Berkshire measures 7.67 feet by 7.67 feet, making it ideal for large backyards with plenty of free space. With thirty-one powerful stainless steel jets, full foam insulation, perimeter LED lights and more, owners of this spa aren’t missing out on any amenities. However, the truth is that smaller two-person hot tubs are some of the most popular on the market. This hot tub is a luxurious and great open seating masterpiece. 40 degrees is the perfect temperature, just right to get in, and just right to sooth and relax muscles. If that is too compact, then the small hot tubs would probably be more suitable. Hot tub is great quality. For the largest, eight plus person hot tubs, you can expect dimensions ranging from seven to nine or more feet in length and width and 36 to 38 inches high. Showcasing a stunning design and superior hydromassage, the J-585™ Hot Tub is the next generation of backyard luxury. While hot tubs come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, it is possible to give a rough idea of how much an empty hot tub weighs. 24 Items . Rectangle Hot Tub Covers. This is why people love three- to four-person hot tubs so much: The Dr. Wellness G-100 Tranquility Spa pictured above is a fantastic example. Click here  to see more of the best two-person hot tubs. At less than 10% of the cost… Mon – Sat: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. This cheap and cheerful inflatable hot tub is the cheapest of all the models we reviewed. The ABCs of Hot Tub Spas Acrylic – the non-porous synthetic material used in the formation of hot tub spa shells; valued for its durability and adaptability. Set Descending Direction. A hot tub is a large tub or small pool full of water used for hydrotherapy, relaxation or pleasure.Some have powerful jets for massage purposes. Really enjoying it. So, it follows that three- to four-person spas are nearly as popular as two-person spas . Jacuzzi's round hot tub, for example, is 78 inches in diameter and holds four people, while Sundance's four-person round spa is 79 inches. Legendary Design. Engineered for the the Harshest Climates. Take the next step to owning a Hot Spring spa by exploring more. Spas of this size are typically quite large, so they’re best suited to bigger backyards. Hot tub diameters vary by manufacturer. The Hydropool 10 person hot tub (1038) is self cleaning and seats up to 10.. With 30 black and chrome jets, an included Bluetooth audio system, a waterfall and a built-in ozonator, this four-person hot tub leaves nothing to be desired. For buyers who plan on enjoying their hot tub with a large group of people, a spa that seats at least five people is a must-have. The square hot tub cover is the easiest cover to measure. Manufacturing tolerances are not represented in the portable spa renderings. Wellness awaits you. Add to Cart. A spacious hot tub with wrap around seating perfect for family fun or entertaining guests. Just take a look at the Plug & Power PP31 model shown above to see for yourself. Doing a Wet Test. Actual colors and product may differ from on screen representation. It’s equipped with 57 stainless and lighted jets, a built-in UV sanitizer and ozonator, extra-durable materials, plenty of LED lighting and much more. The weight of a hot tub is dependent on the size. Find the perfect size that fits your luxury and leisure needs. Water Care: ... Only Highlife Collection hot tubs offer 100% No Bypass Filtration, and up to 325 square feet of effective filtration area with … Customers who purchase hot tubs for five or more people are typically attracted to these benefits: The Catalina Luxury Berkshire pictured above is a prime example of a premium six-person spa. Manufacturing tolerances are not represented in the portable spa renderings. per page.

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