1 25 965 . 10 of the Best Horror Movie Soundtracks Brett Callwood October 26, 2018 Halloween is coming, and that means costumes, trick or treat, parties, decorations and horror movies galore. In addition to the disturbing subject matter, The Exorcist has a perfect soundtrack to accompany it. You can only explain it on paper so much, and then it takes the magic away. The main theme is spooky gloriousness with its 8 note line played on electric and acoustic piano while a mellotron choir slowly fades in and counter harmonies are added one at a time to give you a ghastly vibe. The Babadook is a 2014 Australian horror movie that managed to take the world by storm. This is what happens when you get the king of easy-listening and exotica music to score a camp horror cult classic. The thing that makes this quirky, underrated horror flick so unique is that it seems completely detached from itself. The Unsolved Mystery > Track Versions. The soundtrack is as unnerving as the movie itself. By. However, upon arriving on the Island, Howie discovers that the islanders now practice a form of paganism. Say what you will about its sequels, but for an original horror film, the first Saw did most things just right—soundtrack included. Also check out: Don’t Look Now, The Howling. The main theme, with it’s clunky percussion rhythms gives you the feeling of being in a haunted toy shop at night, and works perfectly for the wax museum setting. The film magnificently dips into the psychological, leaving us wondering how much of the movie was supernatural and how much was in the characters' heads. Elsewhere on the soundtrack, there’s a cheesy ‘caribbean’-sounding song to fit one of the only “lighter-hearted”‘ scenes in the movie (which isn’t for long). Hellraiser is a peculiar, freakish viewing experience. If you haven’t seen it, imagine if the “House of Wax” from the 50s was made by backwoods people who took a lot of hallucinogens. The Conjuring: Quentin Tarantino's 10 Favorite Movies Of 2013, DCEU: 10 Major Relationships, Ranked Least To Most Successful, Every Chadwick Boseman Movie, Ranked Worst To Best (According To Rotten Tomatoes), The Dark Knight Trilogy: 5 Differences From The Arkham Games (& 5 Similarities). The theme famously played during the iconic shower scene in the movie, making us all scared to take a shower after the movie ended. So it only makes sense that Pino Donaggio’s score has the same amount of disconnect. Scary Horror, Suspenseful, Dark, Movie Trailer. The drones you hear when Mike, Reggie and Jody enter the white body room are on here as well. Alongside that, there are more dissonant sounds and odd time tribal beats to support the more hallucinogenic parts of the movie. 120bpm E minor . A perfect match to a perfectly over-acted and hilarious 80’s horror flick. 100% original. And of course, lights out. There’s overly-dramatic string passages, synthesized female vocals that play the part of the chorus of re-animated mannequins in the movie, and an eerie music box theme that is repeated a couple times throughout in different variations. And since music can affect people in a totally different way than a visual medium, a great piece of music has to stand on it’s own in order to subconsciously affect the listener. The Omen theme sticks to its Christian horror roots by incorporating chanting into its theme. Essential Horror Soundtracks Philip Glass – Candyman (1992) Haunting vocals backed by cautiously optimistic melodies is the main structure that runs through the Candyman soundtrack. 10 Most Frightening Horror Movie Soundtracks That Still Give Us The Creeps, 10 Scariest 2000s Sci Fi Movie Monsters, Ranked, 10 Hilariously Lame Monsters From Old Horror Movies, Ranked, 10 Intense British & Irish Horror Movies That You've Probably Never Heard Of, 10 Horror Movies That Are Only Scary The First Time, 10 Best Horror Movie Musicals Of All Time, Ranked On IMDb, MCU: Superheroes, Ranked By Character Arc, Every Time Quentin Tarantino Has Appeared In His Own Movies, Ranked, Titanic: 10 Unpopular Opinions (According To Reddit), Harry Potter: Main Characters, Ranked By Character Arc, 10 Character Pairs In The Tim Burton Universe Who Look Eerily Similar, Star Wars: 5 Roles That Were Perfectly Cast (& 5 Actors Who Almost Played Them), MCU: 10 Actors You Forgot Were In The Thor Trilogy, 10 Acting Duos Who Have Starred Together At Least 3 Times, 10 Non-Musical Disney Animation Movies Worth Watching, Ranked According to IMDb, 10 Of The Most Obvious Plot Twists In Hollywood History, Ranked, Recasting Love, Actually (If It Was Made Today), Every Movie John And Joan Cusack Have Starred In Together, Ranked According To IMDb, Captain America: The Winter Soldier: The 5 Best Action Sequences (& 5 Funniest Gags). It follows Police Sergeant Neil Howie, played by Christopher Lee, as he investigates the disappearance of a young girl and visits a remote island named Summerisle in search of her. This artfully directed anthology movie features some of the most stunning visuals to be put on screen, and Toru Takemitsu’s music is the perfect match. Whether you’re listening to these by themselves, or pumping them through your home theater on scary movie night, here are five horror movie soundtracks you should check out this Halloween. And as the styles of music would change, so would the equipment that would be used by many musicians, resulting in different timbres and sounds to help make the movie watching experience more frightening. To somehow make his or her imagination wander and to put their own images to the music, and with a genre like horror (along with other fantastical genres like Sci-Fi) it certainly has a lot of open room to do whatever it wants to assault your senses. This technique is mostly common in Horror movies or Thrillers in which hair-raising moments are essential parts. Ever since the era of silent films, music has played an important role in how the viewer perceives what they’re watching. This horror music is about something ominous coming to get you. The opening music is ominous and tense, foreshadowing the extreme violence and terrifying encounters. 2014's It Follows was one of the best horror movies of the decade. The film, starring Gregory Peck as Robert Thorn, follows the story of how the antichrist came to Earth. Like Goblin with Dario Argento, Frizzi and Fulci are one of the dream teams of the genre. But someone once said that talking about music is like dancing about architecture. Much in the same way John Williams created music for the sea in “Jaws”, Jerry Goldsmith’s cold, atonal and dissonant score for “Alien” provides a unique vision for imagining the outer reaches of space in musical form. Along with that are tracks that involve one note played incessantly on a keyboard while blasts of percussion trickle in bit by bit, turning up a frenetic pace. Here are seven songs we avoid listening to in the dark. Along with being full of memorably silly dialogue (“Send…more…cops!! In those times, musicians/composers would either improvise a score on the spot (which is a great way to keep you on your toes as a musician), or would use “compiled” scores (pre-written classical/popular pieces). Phone: 402-444-1557. Following the guttural sounds of other 1980s horror themes, A Nightmare on Elm Street’s score is about eerie atmosphere. The film reinvigorated the zombie genre and was universally praised by critics, in 2017 Time Out magazine ranked it as the 97th best British film ever. The main title with it’s ambient strings, as evidenced by how it syncs up with the opening credits of the film, straddles the line between being fear-inducing and awe-inspiring. The Sword of Damocles. The film follows Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode as she tries to survive the attacks of the escaped mental patient, Michael Myers. 02:52. This is my top ten horror movies /soundtracks hope you like it. Horror movies are often terrifying because of what is seen on screen, but sometimes, what you hear is just as horrifying. These days, movie soundtracks aren’t just something people listen to while munching through a tub of popcorn at their local multiplex. The Movie Soundtracks: 20 Original Albums With over 30 films to his name, most of them musical in nature, Elvis Presley has an abundance of soundtrack recordings to draw from. 3:54. Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody’s quirky dramedy about a misfit teenager who finds herself two months pregnant and decides to have and adopt out her baby gets a lot of things right. Most of this horror comedy’s soundtrack is comprised of punk and psychobilly from notable bands like The Cramps, 45 Grave, The Flesh Eaters, and more. RELATED: 10 Horror Movies That Are Only Scary The First Time. Thorn's son was murdered in the hospital and replaced by the antichrist. Privacy Policy (http://www.tasteofcinema.com/privacy-notice-and-cookies/) Theme by, Taste of Cinema - Movie Reviews and Classic Movie Lists, The 30 Best Horror Movie Soundtracks of All Time, Taste of Cinema – Movie Reviews and Classic Movie Lists, The 10 Best Werewolf Movies Every Horror Fan Should See. Instant download FREE and Royalty Free dark, horror and scary samples, loops and music for any personal or commercial production. We work only with Hotlink. Psycho isn't only one of the most iconic horror movies of all time; it's one of the most iconic movies of all time. 5. David Fincher's 2007 masterpiece isn't exactly horror, but its chronicle of the Zodiac Killer's persistence is terrifying in its own right. RELATED: 10 Scariest 2000s Sci Fi Movie Monsters, Ranked. The most notable of which was the decision to superimpose the demon's face into several shots throughout the movie. William Wright - July 31, 2020 [Photos by: Alice Cooper, Ice Nine Kills/Tina K, Rob Zombie/Spotify, My Chemical Romance/Spotify] Can’t say when and where though, for that’ll spoil the fun. How the Hidden Sounds of Horror Movie Soundtracks Freak You Out From altered voices to “infrasound,” these audio tricks spook and unsettle. Composer: Matt Clifford, Francis Haines & various punk rock groups. Whenever you hear the Halloween theme, you will always check over your shoulder. The more aggressive pieces of the score feature ethnic instruments such as a “serpent”, a bass wind instrument that looks exactly like a snake, to produce sounds that almost resemble the creature itself. In addition to Jack Nicholson's unnerving portrayal of Jack Torrance, the movie also features some terrifying ghosts that leave a lasting impression, such as the woman in the bath tub and the twin girls in the hallway. 01:33 2018-10-12. One of the most important characteristics of a great soundtrack, not just to horror but any genre, is that the music, no matter how simple or complex, somehow marries the images you see on screen, and is unique to its respective film. Check out Vol. Whether it’s a familiar group of minor notes that creeps around in your head like a nursery rhyme, or dissonant sounds that create tension and anxiety that you can’t shake, creating music for a horror film is an art in and of itself. The soundtrack perfectly fits in with the theme of the movie and successfully builds on the creep factor provided by the terrifying plot, while also drawing inspiration from horror movie soundtracks of the 70s and 80s. The soundtrack perfectly captures the creep factor of the Babadook, making us check for any top hat-wearing creatures in the vicinity whenever we hear it. The main theme is a catchy tune that strides a fine line between Herrmann-esque orchestral prowess and church hymn with a funky drum groove to glue it all together. Not only is the movie disturbing because of the transformation of a young girl into a demon child, but also because of several artistic choices made by director William Friedkin. It’s just so…out. With a simple setup of drums, bass, guitar & a vast array of pianos, synths & keys, classically trained composers Fred Myrow & Malcolm Seagrave offer up a wicked concoction of music that sounds like Goblin & “Ummagumma”-era Pink Floyd birthed a devil child. If you’ve ever watched Italian horror in your lifetime, chances are you’ve seen something by Lucio Fulci and heard Fabio Frizzi’s music accompanying it. RELATED: 10 Intense British & Irish Horror Movies That You've Probably Never Heard Of. The sounds and cues Baxter creates only can be described as “Lovecraft-ian”. Indeed, many horror movies have reached immortal levels in our popular culture due to the fact that their soundtrack continued to scare us long after the credits rolled. In addition to Jack Nicholson's unnerving portrayal of Jack Torrance, the movie also features some terrifying ghosts that leave a lasting impression, such as the woman in the bath tub and the twin girls in the hallway. Then you have songs like the rockabilly-blues of “Surfin Dead” by The Cramps; the fast paced punk of “Dead Beat Dance” by punk legends The Damned, and “Eyes Without a Face” by the Flesh Eaters; the 80s dance vibe of “Partytime” by 45 Grave. We regularly release both new soundtracks and interesting older ones. (uncredited) Written by Richard O'Brien. The parents are unaware that their child is the antichrist, but they become more suspicious as bizzare deaths follow the family. The genre of horror cinema has always been one—more than almost any other genre—to evoke illicit responses out of the moviegoer whether they wanted it or not. HINT: this music is best experienced with good headphones or speakers. 3:00. In addition to directing the movie, John Carpenter also scored the movie's soundtrack. Follow him on Twitter @owhmusicguy. The Wicker Man is a British classic. A scary soundtrack or song helps to work up tension in horror movies as well as it serves as a harbinger of the imminent unease that is just waiting to turn you 50 shades of pale. Using an upbeat song to craft a creepy mood in a horror movie is not a new technique—but it rarely fails to freak us out. It’s a weird mixture of sounds, but it’s really cool, and the melody re-appears in other various forms across the soundtrack. Buy premium to set yourself free from limits, it helps site flourish with new releases and shows your support. The result of this was an iconic theme that never fails to scare the listener. 26 379 4405 . If you dare… The horror business is a broad and polytheistic church: a rowdy congregation of … Suspiria is a 1977 Italian horror movie that became a cult classic. The soundtrack to Suspiria is unnerving and odd, and it genuinely makes your skin crawl whenever you listen to it. 28 Days Later is a British horror movie that focusses on the effects of a zombie outbreak on the UK. The film follows a single mother as she raises her son. by Horror Soundtracks. The Return Of The Living Dead. Get to know these 100 chilling horror soundtracks, ranked in order of greatness. 19 songs influenced by horror movies not written by the Misfits. Elements of genres like classical, jazz, psych, progressive rock, church/choral music and especially niche genres like avant garde/experimental music & Musique Concrete have been used as musical “devices” by the composer in order to command the listener’s attention. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Amazon.com. The film follows Marion Crane as she steals money from her boss before driving to a motel owned by the terrifying Norman Bates. Takemitsu was a pioneer in Japanese avant-garde music, blending mixes of traditional Japanese music with John Cage minimalism to create his own voice, and it certainly shows on this score. Saw . So you’re better off listening intently. Soundtracks often provide additional danger, mystery and scariness to a movie. The Exorcist is one of the scariest movies ever made.  is one of the most iconic horror movies ever released. And as much as there is to take in on the screen, one process that can often be overlooked is how what we’re hearing affects us. Enjoy your listening. The 20 Best Horror Movie Soundtracks: From 'Psycho' to 'It Follows' Hellraiser. Horror Soundtracks - Army Of Darkness (1992): March Of The Dead. (uncredited) Written by Richard O'Brien. Clive Barker 's curious concoction is pure grimy... City of the Living Dead. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. The term minimal is not used lightly here, because there’s so much space between anytime a singular note is hit in some of the pieces, it just becomes uncomfortable. Kevin Coffey is the music critic and entertainment reporter, covering music, movies, video games, comic books and lots more. Whenever anyone hears this theme, they can instantly place it as the Exorcist theme, and it never fails to make a shiver run down one's spine. The theme is played as the family drives to the Overlook Hotel, and the ominous music perfectly captures the terrifying experience they are about to have. Other pieces like “Phantasmagoria” have a rock/funk rhythm section grooving steadily along before altering the beats one at a time to completely disorient the listener. The film gets its title from the fact that the main character, played by Cillian Murphy, wakes from a coma 28 days after the initial outbreak of the zombie virus. The soundtrack perfectly fits in with the theme of the movie and successfully builds on the creep factor provided by the terrifying plot, while also drawing inspiration from horror movie soundtracks of the 70s and 80s. That’s one of the reasons why many fans of the genre keep coming back to it. The awesomely cheap Casio funk of the “Trioxin Theme” scored by Matt Clifford and Francis Haines is a pretty awesome tune in and of itself. Categories. The music for the third tale, “Hoichi The Earless”, in particular is a standout for it’s folk-inspired melodies and lyrics about the real life horror and fatalities that took place during the Battle of Dan-no-ura. One of the sounds you hear quite a bit in the score is the theremin, an electronic instrument known to create sounds by electric signals from two metal antennas, in which things like volume and pitch are controlled by the performers hands. NEXT: 10 Best Horror Movie Musicals Of All Time, Ranked On IMDb, Writer living in Adelaide, Australia. A heavy emphasis on blood and gore, a realistic interpretation of what zombies would look like (i.e., actual decaying flesh, worms crawling out of eyes—pre CGI) that would serve as an influence/reference for future zombie films, and add to that a fight scene between a zombie and a shark…because why not? 80bpm C minor . What Are The Biggest Mistakes Of The Classic Disney Villains? The Unsolved Mystery is background music for a crime thriller, suspense and noir scene. The soundtrack to “Return of The Living Dead”, like the movie itself, is like getting completely wasted and going through a local haunted attraction: just pure unbridled fun. Music creates atmosphere, which means that a great horror movie soundtrack can scare the hell out of you before a single drop of blood is ever shed on screen. Some movie scores became immortal because they were so spooky that only listening to them is enough to bring back the movie memory. Horror movies have influenced every aspect of culture outside of their own genre, but music has been touched by these films more than any other … These tunes and others kind of work as the punk rock versions of novelty tunes like “The Monster Mash”. !”), the movie is great for making up drinking games too. One of those is a soundtrack that almost acts as an interior monologue for the title character. It makes sense, considering the insistent, heart-thumping beat (done by Frizzi tapping on a microphone), and the fractured sounding rhythm that comes in after the broody mellotron notes that preceded it. While the imagery in any horror movie is obviously the scariest element, a good soundtrack can complement this and make a good horror movie, an iconic horror movie. Just all around weird. While filmmakers use spooky songs to arouse a frisson of horror in the viewers and support the grotesque graphics, these songs make sure they are your eerie company in solitary. Frizzi’s soundtrack has the vibe of being on a dry, stenchy remote island, with tribal percussion pieces that plod along in a steady pulse reflecting that of the undead waking to start the repetitive, ongoing cycle of feeding on the flesh of the living. And just like anybody pushing boundaries in any art form, there’s bound to be dozens of followers and imitators that would re-use the same motifs to the point where it doesn’t seem as original or effective anymore and with time can be considered “cheap”. Twitter: @samchinson, All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Eternally gloomy music by Hans Zimmer utilizes piano and orchestra to paint a picture of horror, luring viewers into the landscape with suspicious calm, and attacking with rhythmic intensity. Horror movies and music have forged an unholy alliance over many decades – even before cinema’s demons and scream queens actually had their own voices. Check out Horror Movie Soundtracks for Halloween (Horror Movie Soundtracks and Atmospheres) by Best Movie Soundtracks on Amazon Music. This chanting is truly terrifying and brilliantly instills ominous and unnerving fear in the listener. The film follows an American ballet student as she transfers to a German ballet academy, only to become embroiled in a terrifying supernatural conspiracy. This article will list the 10 scariest horror movie themes. It gives it the impression of a dance tune with it’s limbs falling off, while at the same time communicating impeding doom for all of humanity. For that is part of the fun, as there is always a charm to cheapness. The soundtrack to The Shining is iconic in its own right. So take the victim you kidnapped out of your closet or fruit cellar, and have them listen to some of the best horror soundtracks with you before they meet their impending doom. Fulci’s 1979 classic Zombie Flesh Eaters (aka Zombi 2 or Zombie) has everything one could ask for from a zombie movie. However, you can never be rid of the demon after transmitting it onto another; you simply fall behind that person in the pecking order for the demon. Originally, Goldsmith’s score was heavily edited for the film by using only specific cues and some pieces of music from an earlier film he scored called “Freud: The Secret Passion”, which caused a bit of tension among him and Ridley Scott. The soundtrack to the movie was also critically acclaimed. MusicLFiles Suspenseful Cinematic Ambient Cinematic . Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Amazon.com. This instrument you would hear in a lot of early science fiction films as well as a few monster movies. The music, whether improvised or compiled, was always chosen to fit whatever mood a scene or a film as a whole was radiating. As synthesizers became all the rage in horror scores, many became indistinguishable. The soundtrack has since then been released with full versions of the compositions and cues. While not necessarily as openly scary as some others on this list, certain tracks, such as the Maypole song, manage to disturb the listener. :) subscribe https://www.youtube.com/user/ZOMBIEDESTROYER001 It’s an all around immersive experience, visually & sonically. Time Warp. The preponderance of reissue labels like … Although that doesn’t stop horror fans from indulging in cheap, schlocky movies, containing cheap, schlocky music. While being a single mother is already difficult enough, Amelia (the mum) must also contend with a demon called the Babadook that starts following them after she reads a children's book. On other tunes, there are dynamic accents that are so dramatic that it almost sounds like the instruments are being stabbed. The film ends with the horrific scene in which Lee is placed in the titular Wicker Man. A soundtrack can stay with us long after the movie is finished and continue to play in our heads when we're in bed, walking down a dark corridor, or alone watching TV. Blare them out of your front door to weed out the wimpy trick-or-treaters… Return Of The Living Dead (1985) RELATED: 10 Hilariously Lame Monsters From Old Horror Movies, Ranked. Music for Horror. The 30 Best Horror Movie Soundtracks of All Time Posted on October 30, 2015 July 15, 2017 by Daniel Paschall The genre of horror cinema has always been one—more than almost any other genre—to evoke illicit responses out of the moviegoer whether they wanted it or not. Horror Soundtracks - Beetlejuice (1988) by Horror Soundtracks. Filmmakers for ages have always tried to come up with new ways to scare, disturb, or get under the skin of their respective audiences. This soundtrack sounds like it was made in a mausoleum at midnight. While the theme may not be the scariest on this list, it is a fantastic piece of conducting that brilliantly induces a sense of dread and urgency. 1. As far as scoring for scary movies, musicians over the years would adapt to and in many cases break the norms and characteristics of past and current musical genres in order to create what they wanted to hear. Here are 13 horror soundtracks that’ll put a little raw power behind your Halloween. A one-stop shop for all things video games. There are things about it that are really funny (intentionally and unintentionally), yet there is a legitimate creepy aura that is projected, along with parts that will make you go “uh…WHAT?”. Halloween is John Carpenter's 1978 masterpiece. Sweet Transvestite. 1 ; 2 ; 3 ... 15 ; Next ; Brian Holtz Music Blood Viral NEW Cinematic Metal . And yes, the voice of The Tall Man makes an appearance on there. The 11 creepiest horror movie soundtracks of all time Halloween. 02:09. It’s said that Frizzi was partly inspired by disco when constructing the minimal, spooky main theme of the movie. by Natalie Zarrelli October 31, 2016. Not only is it terrifying to watch at the time, but it also leaves a disturbing impact on the viewer that lingers long after the credits have rolled. Performed by Tim Curry, Richard O'Brien, Patricia Quinn, and Nell Campbell. The Kubrick masterpiece shockingly captures the descent of Jack Torrance as he stays in the Overlook Hotel. The Omen was directed by Richard Donner and released in 1976. 3 : Horror Movies by The Complete Movie Soundtrack Collection on Amazon Music. The movie started many of the 'tropes' and 'cliches' that would become synonymous with, not only the Halloween franchise, but the slasher and horror genre as a collective. Taste of Cinema 2019. The film is highly influential in the horror movie genre and recently inspired a remake by Call Me By Your Name director, Luca Guadagnino. Long-suffering post-graduate student and lover of pop culture from Game of Thrones to DC. Here you can download soundtracks for movies, games and serials. The movie revolves around what is essentially, a sexually transmitted demon - the demon is passed from person to person after having sex. Not disconnected from the film in terms of the music not fitting every scene, but more like it has the same amount of humor and off-the-beaten-path weirdness that is displayed in the movie. All rights reserved. The Shining is one of the most iconic horror movies ever released. Brian Holtz Music Night Shroud Atmospheres #1 NEW Electronica FX/Sounds For example, anytime you hear “BRAINS!”, take a shot. The Kubrick masterpiece shockingly captures the descent of Jack Torrance as he stays in the Overlook Hotel. Performed by Richard O'Brien, Patricia Quinn, Nell Campbell, and Charles Gray.

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