Here’s a homemade recipe that a hunter named John sent me. By Gerald Almy. Gently insert a tampon into the bleeding nostril. The medication in the Record Rack also helps eliminate internal parasites, helps the doe birth by providing a health fawn, and helping her produce milk to feed her young. I do not necessarily feed to attract deer, but to help them survive the periods when there are no acorn crop, or grasses to brows on, as is the norm here in West Texas. I also know of a buck deer in a park near me that attacked a female attendant when she went into the enclosure to feed him. He warmed the tampon in the microwave and then he put it in a baggie. For a cut or abrasion, pull apart a sanitary napkin and use it to absorb blood and hold on the wound. 1. I suggest placing it in containers. Has anyone ever tried a woman's used tampon as a deer lure during the rut. Medics with years of combat experience say they consider tampons excellent for penetration trauma because not only do they absorb a lot of blood… Sharks, for example, can’t actually detect a single drop of blood in the ocean from miles away (in certain conditions, the best they can do is sniff out blood at one part per million). Late-Night Snack: If a field lacks cover, bucks may avoid it during daylight. What do you all think? This secret bait comes to me from a small corner of Arkansas and has proven to pull in large blue catfish averaging 35 pounds from the Sulphur River.This requires taking a 2.5-gallon bucket to the butcher (or slaughterhouse if there is one in your area) to fill with cow's blood. though he is not a hunter he says deer react to his wife when she is menstrating. It turns out that hefty blue catfish are wildly attracted to cows blood. • Apply during the growing season • Use to repel animals like deer and rabbits, but only effective if it remains dry. “Mike: I’ve been using vanilla as a cover and curiosity scent for years here in Iowa, and I swear by it! There are literally dozens of different things that can be done to accomplish the goals of having more deer and bigger bucks. Read somewhere here on the post a couple of weeks ago about using vanilla extract on you're deerv feed. Tinder. How to Get Deer on a Daylight Feeding Schedule. The 1St night I had deer pictures. A whitetail’s basic needs are food, water and cover. • Incorporate to balance the carbon content when digging in a high carbon brown mulch - othewise nitrogen is robbed from the soil. August 23, 2017. Yes, the statement above is … Both tampons and sanitary napkins can be pulled apart and used as tinder when building a fire when camping or even in your own back yard BBQ. Cow's Blood. I bought a spray bottle and some vanilla extract and sprayed it on the the Rice Bran I put out. Flip those nocturnal bucks. . In short, Black Bears and Grizzly Bears have displayed they are not attracted to menstrual blood or women on their periods. . Sorry for the graphic nature but i just had to ask! I do everything possible to my property to ensure that there are plenty of deer living on it and that they are visible in daylight hours. Polar Bears, on the other hand, do seem to show interest in menstrual blood, used tampons, and women on their periods. Emergency bandage. I think if anything the deer would come out of curiosity? Is this just a wives tale or have you heard of using a used tampon in any way to attract deer? Then opened it when he got in the woods. I have a friend that has pen raised deer near his house. I started trying it. Do. Nosebleed stoppers. Another scent that you might try in place of deer urine is vanilla, which some hunters swear by.

do bloody tampons attract deer

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