Do you enjoy writing? Do you feel underpaid in your current job? Peroxide Use in Dentistry: Is it Safe for Oral Health Care? Career changers make this decision later in life and some have been out of school for many years working in another profession before they realize that dentistry is their true calling. SEE ALSO: 5 Non-Traditional Career Opportunities for Dental Hygienists Dental hygienist: In 2019, dental hygienists had an average pay of $77,230, with the top 10% earning more than $103,340 . Dental Hygienists Save Lives Known for impeccable teeth cleaning, a dental hygienist does more than clean teeth. In order Next: ... For those thinking about a complete career change, we've compiled a list of jobs that offer a strong salary, good … Skills To Put in a Dental Hygienist Resume Objective. Career Options. SEE ALSO: Expand Your Dental Hygiene Career by Thinking Like an Entrepreneur, DON’T MISS: Using Social Media to Advance Your Dental Hygiene Career. Dental hygiene career paths can lead to employment in a number of diverse settings, such as government education, research, sales and marketing, or public health. Leaders throughout the dental industry often employ dental hygienists due to their clinical experience and understanding of dental practice. Sarah Verville Basile and David O Born. Independent coaches tend to work one-on-one with the client and focus on particular areas such as health coaching, motivational life coaching, or professional career coaching. The opportunities are endless! Thankfully, the dental hygiene profession has reached a pivotal moment where there are now countless non-traditional career opportunities both in and out of the clinical setting. Becoming a dentist takes years of training and … Career path and progression. These positions often offer an opportunity to provide care to those who otherwise would not have access to dental care. In most states, hygienists can only provide direct services to underserved individuals and must be an employee of a dentist. A typical day involves examining patients’ teeth and gums for cavities and disease, cleaning and polishing teeth, and teaching patients proper brushing and flossing techniques. PRO: Growing Employment. Q: Are there new career options on the horizon? Dental hygienists may want to transition into a career as a postsecondary health specialties teacher and share their expertise with students in dental hygiene programs. It generally takes a hiring manager about six seconds to decide, based on the resume, whether a person has all necessary qualifications for a job. Change, 2019-29; Percent Numeric; Dental hygienists: 226,400: 239,700: 6: 13,300: Careers Related to Dental Hygienists [About this section] Dental Assistants. Dental Hygiene Workforce Issues: A Minnesota Study. The median annual wage for dental hygienists was $76,220 in May 2019. The field of dental hygiene is displaying a projection of rapid growth. For those with a passion for dental hygiene who do not wish to practice clinically, there are many career paths outside of the operatory available in education, research, administration, public health and corporate business. Job Outlook Hygienist Confession: Yeah, I Leave Stain. Myofunctional therapists are often licensed as dental hygienists or speech-language pathologists and integrated into various clinical care teams. Entrepreneurial opportunities developed by dental hygienists include: Learn more about the education, licensure, and training required for dental hygiene career options. American Dental Hygienists' Association January 2007, 81 (1) 11; Dental hygienists in a clinical role assess, diagnose, plan, implement, evaluate and document treatment for prevention, intervention and control of oral diseases, while practicing in collaboration with other health professionals. You are no longer limited to the same old clinical role! Some common places for dental hygienists to work include: Since each state has its own specific regulations regarding their responsibilities, the range of services performed by hygienists varies from state to state. Or just from private practice. On the other hand, consultants tend to work with a team of oral health professionals at their specific workplace and focus on developing efficient in-house programming to increase practice revenue, improve patient retention, and create customer satisfaction. Keeping a Grateful Heart in Dental Hygiene, Barodontalgia: How Pressure Changes can Cause “Tooth Squeeze” Pain, Entrepreneur Hygienist Ingrid Adeogun Launches PANGA with Eco-Friendly Homecare Products, VIDEO: Com-Fit Plush Natural Fit Mask Application, Today’s RDH Honor Awards 2019 Recipient: Mandy Macachor, RDH, Today’s RDH Honor Awards 2019 Recipient: Jennifer Geiselhofer, RDH, 8 Reasons to Stop Being a Clinical Dental Hygienist. Median salary: $74,820 Stress level score: 6.0 Work-life balance score: 10.0 If you're a dental hygienist, you're cleaning patients' teeth. It’s tough to be a dental hygienist nowadays, and more and more of them … Examples of clinical settings include: Connective Tissue Disorders: Tailoring Dental Appointments for CTD Patients, New AAP Periodontal Classification Guidelines, QUIZ: Test Your Periodontal Instrumentation Knowledge, Mental Nerve Block: A Welcomed Alternative in Mandibular Anesthesia, How Hygienists can Bridge Cultural Differences during Appointments, The RDH Detective: Discovering Sleep Disordered Breathing in Adults, Behcet’s Disease: What Dental Hygienists Should Know & Look For, Frenums: Checking for Frenum Abnormalities During Oral Hygiene Exams. We know this is an issue, but do not know where to start. Let’s face it, as dental hygienists we love what we do! Let’s face it, as dental hygienists we love what we do! Then why not submit a few pieces for publication in dental magazines? Worki… Learn more about dental hygienists. Quantitative research involves conducting surveys & analyzing the results, while qualitative research may involve testing a new procedure, product, or theory for accuracy or effectiveness. Take a look around, and you will discover how dental hygienists are participating in innovative roles, both in and out, of the op. All states require dental hygienists to be licensed; requirements vary by state. Programs usually take 3 years to complete. There are so many careers out there, that it's hard to know which one is right for you. I am a young 47 y/o single Mom, to two school age kids, who already … With starting salaries typically lower than a full-time dental hygienist’s salary, career advancement may actually mean a step backwards financially. If you desire a change from your daily routine, then why not use your dental hygiene degree to explore a non-traditional opportunity? Registered Dental Hygienist to Medical Doctor: My Career Change at (almost) 30. She is executive moderator of the Dental Peeps Network and has vast experience providing direct services as a mobile clinician. Reach for the stars… your degree in dental hygiene can and will take you places! A career as a dental hygienist offers a wide range of challenges. What exactly is an independent coach or consultant? Career change. How and where you work today is up to you. Dental hygienists have become clinic directors, health-care administrators, and even elected politicians to effect change. Never before has there been more opportunity for professional growth. Depending on your particular state’s statutes, dental hygienists may be able to own or manage mobile dental programs in non-traditional practice settings like universities, corporate workplaces, hospitals, schools, or even patients’ homes. Stay tuned for Part 2 where we continue exploring other innovative roles for dental hygienists everywhere! Consider expanding your responsibility into any of the following non-traditional roles that are currently trending among our colleagues: Quickly gaining in popularity, myofunctional therapists specialize in dealing with disorders of the muscles and functions of the face and mouth. Dental hygienists typically need an associate’s degree in dental hygiene. In the dental office, the dentist and the dental hygienist work together to meet the oral health needs of patients. Thankfully, the dental hygiene profession has reached a pivotal moment where there are now countless non-traditional career opportunities both in and out of the clinical setting. Do you need a break from your daily clinical routine? Examples of public health opportunities include a variety of roles and settings: Research conducted by dental hygienists can be either qualitative or quantitative. You're … Examples of clinical settings include: Corporate dental hygienists are employed by companies that support the oral health industry through the sale of products and services. This is an exciting time to be a dental hygienist. … Let your dental hygiene education and experience open doors to YOUR career path and consider the possibilities…, The Path to a New CareerThe Roles of a Dental Hygienist. According to BLS, top paying industries in insurance ($86,460), dentist offices ($81,400), and management ($77,040). The dental hygiene field is growing rapidly , as are opportunities for employment. With experience, you could specialise in dealing with particular groups like people with additional needs, or move into dental practice management. Dental Hygienist (career change) Looking to change careers and do better for my kids and myself and was looking to attend Dental Hygienist school in the San Antonio, TX area. Corporations also employ educators who provide continuing education to licensed dental hygienists. Pay. The answer: Whatever you want it to be. Examples of research settings include: Dental Hygiene educators are in great demand. The chart below details some common career jumps for dental hygienists. Is there anyone out there that has successfully changed careers away from dental hygiene. I am a young dental hygienist who graduated over 6 years ago, and now my clinical career is hanging on by a thread (literally). You can also visit specialized online job portals, such as The American Dental Hygienists Association's job board. Because there is no governing board overseeing the industry, myofunctional therapists do not necessarily have to be certified—however, there are two well-known organizations that do provide multi-day certification courses: Many dental hygienists are passionate about educating others on the oral-system link, and are now exploring creative ways to bridge the great medical-dental divide. More than ever before, dental hygienists find themselves leading initiatives, managing teams, directing programs, advising policy, influencing legislation, and bridging the medical-dental divide. Comparing these two pictures side by side, you see two very different people. But don’t limit yourself to just dental-related publications—consider other avenues like blogs, local newspapers, and even magazines and journals geared towards other healthcare professions. Hygienists work to keep your teeth clean and protect your overall health. I mean, they’re both me of course but my surety and wit are completely different. Amber Auger, RDH, MPH, is a practicing dental hygienist and clinical innovations implementation specialist.With 14 years' experience in the dental industry, Auger works with practices to provide customized protocols, refocus on the patient experience, and … Do you consider it a personal strength? These disorders routinely effect speaking, breathing, eating, sleeping, and virtually every other aspect of the patient’s life. In fact, e mployment of dental hygienists is projected to grow 20 percent from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations. profiling dental hygienists working in unique settings. Clinician: Dental hygienists in a clinical role assess, diagnose, plan, implement, evaluate and document treatment for prevention, intervention and control of oral diseases, while practicing in collaboration with other health professionals. Dental hygienists can find employment in a variety of work environments, including medical clinics and offices and educational facilities. A dental hygienist or oral hygienist is a licensed dental professional, who assess oral health, perform oral therapeutic services, and assist the dentist. But scaling teeth day in and day out, week after week, can get pretty old, pretty fast for some. Dental hygienists provide clinical services in a variety of settings such as private dental practice, community health settings, nursing homes, hospitals, prisons, schools, faculty practice clinics, state and federal government facilities and Indian reservations. With a past minor injury to my upper neck and lower back, clinical dental hygiene combined with a few bad choices has become the ultimate career killer. Colleges and universities throughout the U. S. require dental hygiene instructors who use educational theory and methodology to educate competent oral health care professionals. The dental industry is always changing—and more importantly—the dental hygiene profession is on the forefront of this change! Some hygienists combine positions in different settings and career paths for professional variety. Melissa can be reached at MelissaTurnerLLC [at] Look for dental hygienist positions using job-search resources like,, and The profession of dental hygiene is at the crossroads of change, and the variety of career opportunities are expanding as never before. Jobs are ranked according to their ability to offer an elusive mix of factors. You could also move into a related area like orthodontic therapy or health promotion. Dental assistants perform many tasks, ranging from providing patient care and taking x rays to recordkeeping and scheduling appointments. Since the first thing on the page will be the resume objective, this section is critical. The Path to a New Career The Roles of a Dental Hygienist. Maria Perno Goldie, RDH, MS, is owner of Seminar's for Women's Health, past president of the ADHA, and a dental hygiene key opinion leader. Working in a private dental office continues to be the primary place of employment for dental hygienists. Read more about how we rank the best jobs. She launched I Heart Mobile Dentistry, a Facebook support group for clinicians practicing mobile dentistry, and is co-founder of the first annual National Mobile Dentistry Conference on February 28-29, 2020 in Orlando, Florida. Dental hygiene program students and graduates often think of clinical practice in a dental office or clinic as a singular career path. Examples of administrative positions include: By using imagination and creativity to initiate or finance new commercial enterprises, dental hygienists have become successful entrepreneurs in a variety of businesses. One of the main benefits of a career in dental hygiene is job security. Elected Leadership & Appointed Committees Information, Constituent & Component Officer Update Form, COVID-19 Resource Center for Dental Hygienists, Clinical Director, statewide school sealant program, Program Director, dental hygiene educational program, Dean of Health Sciences, educational institution, Executive Director, state association staff. However, complete hygiene independence is gaining traction and, in a few states like Colorado and Maine, dental hygienists are able to own dental practices and provide services to anyone, in any place, at any time. Rankings. High Compensation. MELISSA TURNER, BASDH, RDH, EFDA, has practiced clinically across the country and is a valued thought leader and dental advisor. Earn a bachelor's or a master's degree in dental hygiene if you want to advance your career. Thinking about leaving clinical dental … A: Yes! In addition to clinical practice, there are career opportunities in education, research, sales and marketing, public health, administration and government. It’s not a nice feeling, and it may … Examples of corporate positions include: Community Health programs are typically funded by government or nonprofit organizations. That can make a career change a difficult choice. With further training you could teach student dental hygienists. For today’s dental hygiene professional, there are many other career pathways to explore as well. Many hygienists find new career directions built on the foundation of their solid health-care education and experience in the field. Dental Hygienists rank #1 in Best Healthcare Support Jobs. Hygienists might work in research or for manufacturing firms that produce dental equipment or supplies. But scaling teeth day in and day out, week after week, can get pretty old, pretty fast for some. Take the Fast Track from Student to Professional. Here’s Why. Hygienists have … Transcript: Dental hygienists provide dental care that promotes good oral health and helps prevent or repair problems with patients’ teeth. Other -- In addition to the above, dental hygienists have ventured in diverse categories with a wide range of formal training, time, and financial commitment. © Today's Digital Media, LLC d/b/a Today's RDH, 5 Non-Traditional Career Opportunities for Dental Hygienists, Academy of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy, International Association of Orofacial Myology, Expand Your Dental Hygiene Career by Thinking Like an Entrepreneur, Using Social Media to Advance Your Dental Hygiene Career. To work as a dental hygienist, the following may be required of you: Earn an associate's degree from an accredited dental hygiene school. From providing oral health education to nurses and other medical professionals, to patient advocacy and helping medical patients navigate their oral health needs, to providing preventive and therapeutic treatment in medical facilities, oral health practitioners in medical settings are vital to the future of healthcare. You can also find job opportunities by contacting your dental hygienist school's career center. Examples of education positions may be full time or part time and include: Dental hygienists in administrative positions apply organizational skills, communicate objectives, identify and manage resources, and evaluate and modify programs of health, education and health care.

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