Canada . Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) is one of the world's best-known and most widely used wood species. Features and Benefits. Buy Now > Douglas Fir Tongue and Groove Cladding. GREAT DEAL FOR FORMWORK PLYWOOD – ONLY 2 LOADS REMAINING. Published: Available Formats: More Info on product formats. Appearance and Odor: Plywood is a 3-9 ply-veneer product with a slightly aromatic resinous odor and natural wood color. Hardwood Plywood Sheets (14) Structural Plywood Sheets (2) Rated. Hardwood Plywood Poplar Core FSC 2440 x 1220 x 5.5mm. Partner. Since every tree is unique colour and grain may vary from log to log. For this reason the name is often written as Douglas-fir (a name also used for the genus Pseudotsuga as a whole). One standard applies to certain types of plywood, but also OSB and waferboard: CAN/CSA O325, Construction Sheathing. The image of the veneer shown here, is a representative sample of the species. # 012850 HS CODE : 4412.39.10 SUM2032 . CSA O121, Douglas fir plywood CSA O151, Canadian softwood plywood CSA O153, Poplar plywood. All timber is fsc certified and csa certified. Industrial & Specialty Products . Characteristics: DOUGLAS FIR face with surface defects repaired with wooden plugs or synthetic patches. Douglas Fir is valued globally due to its extraordinary strength-to-weight ratio. The most common dimension is 4 feet × 8 feet. High quality sealed edges are painted blue with alkali and water-resistant sealant. Canada wood can provide full technical support for western red cedar, Douglas fir and Canadian plywood specifications. 698 shipments total DFP (DOUGLAS FIR PLYWOOD) - DFP (DOUGLAS FIR PLYWOOD) ORDER # 410979 P.O. CANADIAN LUMBER DOUGLAS FIR 4 CLEAR R KD CANADIAN LUMBER NET MBF 20.071 SUMMARY REPORTING NO. Available in imperial (1220 x 2440mm) and metric (1200 x 2400mm) sizes in thicknesses of 6, 8, 11, 14, 17 and 19mm. SHEATHING. Richmond Plywood Corporation Ltd. • Canada's Largest Producer of Douglas Fir Plywood. Treated Softwood Sleepers Join now. It is an incredibly valuable commercial timber, widely used in construction and building purposes. Richmond Plywood Corporation Limited . 4 (5) 5 (11) Filter products. Grades : Degrade, Standard, Select , B1C and FSC available on demand. Also for heavy construction work, laminated arches and roof trusses, interior and exterior joinery, poles, piles, paper pulp, vats and tanks. Ultraform®707 is a one-step process using a high-flow, high-resin content MDO face. This is your assurance that the panels purchased meet or exceed performance requirements. w 1220 x 2440mm (4’ x 8’) w 2’ x 8’ w Wood patch. EU Timber regulations for products include Canadian cedar for external cladding, western red cedar, Douglas fir and Canadian plywood for timber frame constriction and building. Extra Services; Environmental; Architects Specs; Contact Us; Updates; 01992 410333 Email Us. PPEBFC05. Decorative European Pine Plywood . The Douglas Fir Plywood Association was among the first to take advantage of a 1938 law that permitted registration of industrywide trademarks, which allowed plywood to be promoted as a standardized commodity rather than by individual brand names. Design Capacities for Structural Plywood Allowable Stress Design (ASD) The design values in this document correspond with those published in the 2005 edition of the AF&PA American Wood Council’s Allowable Stress Deign (ASD)/LRFD Manual for Engineered Wood Construction. Multiple reuses. Canadian Softwood Plywood, Douglas Fir Plywood & Spruce Plywood. Sort by: Wickes Non Structural Hardwood Plywood - 18mm x 1220mm x 2440mm (345) £33.50. £11.24 per SQM . OVERLAID Douglas Fir is one of the world’s best-known and most widely used wood species. Menzies first documented the tree on Vancouver Island in 1791. 19/32” (15.5mm) over joists @ 16” (400mm) o.c. 28.5 mm . Island Timberlands Ltd. Official Website of British Columbia to spread awareness, create brand visibility and educate the Indian market about certified lumber from Canada. Plywood varies in thickness, the most common being ½-inch. or login to view more details DEAL FOR JOINERY. We stock and distribute Canadian Spruce and Fir plywood in both standard and select grades. Tel: 01252 522545 Select and sheathing plywood in thicknesses from 9.5 mm to 25.5 mm in either CSP (Canadian softwood plywood), or DFP (Douglas Fir plywood) Tongue & Groove in thicknesses from 12.5 mm; Specialty Products. Trade Names : Douglas Fir, Silver Fir, Douglas Spruce, Spruce Similar Veneers: Pacific Fir, Spruce Douglas Fir grows in Western United States, Canada and has been introduced to the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab Canadian Douglas Fir is partially dried for less movement and contains fewer knots than the British version. Brochures: Good 1 Side – Canada - English. BALAJI TIMBER & PLYWOOD - Exporter, Importer, Manufacturer, Distributor & Supplier of Canadian Wood Hemlock Fir,Canadian Douglas Fir,Canadian Pine Lumbers, India CSP (Canadian Softwood Plywood) and DFP (Douglas Fir Plywood) are manufactured by member mills of either the APA (American Plywood Association) or PFS TECO to rigid standards under CSA standards 0121 (fir plywood) and 0151 (spruce plywood). Along with the most commonly used plywood products, we also handle G1S, O&ES and Off Grades. Publisher: Canadian Standards Association. Canadian Douglas Fir Feather Edge Cladding has quite a rich colour and few knots and is partially dried for minimal movement. More details. Specialising in five Canadian Wood species that are readily available in India: Western Hemlock, Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, Spruce-Pine-Fir … Canadian Douglas fir is a red-orange colour with fewer knots than its British counterpart. 1) Click to choose a Shiplap Cladding profile. A great look back to the 1960s ! Crafted from premium Douglas fir and Canadian softwood species, Tolko T-PLY™ square-edge plywood panels have everything you need in a structural panel. Good 1 Side – UK. SKU: PLYFCE09. Certified softwood plywood which can be utilised for many applications in general construction. SKU: PPEBFC05. View the Premium Floor Underlayment brochure. Brazilian Pine Structural Plywood FSC 2440 x 1220 x 9mm. Ultraform® is a Canadian plywood manufactured for concrete formwork applications. SUM 2055 . The wood component of these products may consist of alder, amescla, aspen, beech, birch, cottonwood, fir, gum, hemlock, hickory, maple, oak, pecan, pine, poplar, spruce, walnut and/or Western red cedar. Trade Sign in or apply for trade prices £ 22.48 inc VAT per sheet £ 7.55 per square metre. 7 plies for 17 and … Douglas Fir CLEAR GRADE SOFTWOOD Uses: More veneer and plywood are produced from Douglas Fir than any other timber. Face sanded to produce a smooth, consistent surface. The specific epithet menziesii is after Archibald Menzies, a Scottish physician and rival naturalist to David Douglas. The Douglas Fir Plywood Association was among the first to take advantage of a 1938 law that permitted registration of industrywide trademarks, which allowed plywood to be promoted as a standardized commodity rather than by individual brand names. Predictable quality: Structurally certified to CSA O121 and CSA O151, as well as … or login to view more details Hardwood Plywood Deal. The tree itself grows to be very large, and yields a large amount of usable lumber and veneer for plywood. or login to view more details November deal for sleepers. Quantity. PLYFCE09. Canadian Engineered Wood Products offers coastal species in various sizes and standards including products for remanufacture and custom applications. Their wood is resilient and therefore a favorite choice for many people in various trades. In BC, plywood is made from softwood species, usually Douglas-fir or spruce, pine and fir (collectively known as Canadian softwood plywood—or CSP). Douglas fir plywood is a multi-purpose plywood made with wood from Douglas fir trees. DOUGLAS FIR PLYWOOD. The wood has a fine to medium texture, straight grain and is non-porous. The dense grain of the fir wood makes it ideal for use in construction, as it holds a nail well and can be used for flooring, windows, panels, trim and doors. Add to trolley More details. Due to its strength, Douglas-fir is primarily used for building and construction. Made from Canadian Douglas Fir 7-ply, giving it superior strength and stiffness . High performance, solid puncture proof core, Douglas Fir Premium Floor Underlayment panel. Loading. That same year, FHA accepted exterior plywood, based in part on a new Commercial Standard that included performance tests for both … SELECT TF. Standards - Douglas Fir (FIR) CSA 0121 - DFP & Canadian Softwood (SPF) CSA 0151 - CSP Property Recommended Plywood Acceptable Plywood Thickness 23/32” (18.5mm) over joists @16” (400mm) o.c. Nanaimo, … Panels that are certified by an accredited certification body like TECO (see TECO’s accreditation listing on the Standards Council of Canada website at . Douglas Fir wood has … w Wood based putty. Sourced from North America and Europe, this wood is normally imported in grade 2 or 3, resulting a small knot-content. Metsä’s Spruce Plywood is manufactured to the highest quality and is primarily suitable to conditions where moisture content may be slightly higher than a typical interior environment. Douglas Fir Plywood; Beech Plywood; Extra Thick Plywood; Plywood Wall Lining; Sports Rebound Boards; Concrete Formwork Plywood; Melamine Plywood; Hoarding Plywood; Marine Plywood; Services. Douglas fir woods are strong and ideal, with straight grains that are the result of long, straight trunks. See more ideas about douglas fir, douglas fir tree, fir. Douglas Fir Maple Red Oak Walnut White Oak Custom Plywood Projects Inlays Slip and Swing Mahogany Crotch Domestic Species Elm Redwood Walnut Willow Elegant Domestic Species Elm Walnut Exotic Species Anigre Brazilian Lacewood Cerejeira Iroko Macassar Ebony Makore Rosewood Sapele Sucupira Sycamore Teak Tineo Zebrano Etimoe Wenge Chestnut Oak Goiabao Jatoba Paldao Realtec Veneer … Douglas-Fir is technically not a true Fir (Abies genus), but is in its own genus: Pseudotsuga. Plywood. 372 shipments match douglas. Film Faced Two-Sides Plywood, Poplar Core - EN636-2 Join now. Douglas Fir - Export Douglas Fir Lumber directly from Canadian distributors. w DFP (Douglas Fir Plywood) w CSP (Canadian Softwood Plywood) 6 mm to 24 mm. Scandinavian Red and Whitewood Offer Join now . Decorative Pine Plywood. Good 1 Side – Canada – French. North American Douglas fir is an extremely popular and well-known softwood that is sought-after for both its strength and versatility. Rated for both interior and exterior use, Douglas fir plywood is strong, stiff, and sturdy, and it is less susceptible to warping than SYP plywood, though it is harder than the average softwood, so it can be a bit rough on power tool bits and blades. Oct 31, 2013 - Explore Certified Arborist Tree Care, 's board "Douglas Fir" on Pinterest.

canadian douglas fir plywood

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