And in the last five years, the natural hair movement, with its twist-outs, bantu knots, and wash-n-gos, has brought about a resurgence in self-acceptance among black women. Bantu* knots are a cute, flirty style traditionally sported by African woman of certain cultural groups and some women of African descent. I know that as a white girl with hair that insists on being straight I won't get the same results, but I still wanna see what my results would be. You may need lighter oils and lightweight gel, as … Normally that means they’re worn late at night, covered with a … Here Are A Few Things White People Seem To Be Really Confused About ... in the same sentence as Bantu knots, and … why lie? Call it a bantu knot, a protective style, or a 90s look making a hardcore fashion comeback—it’s certainly making waves lately! You may not need the same products that African Americans use on their hair so check it out. Girl, bye. (P.S. yea Bantu knots will definitely work. — zae (@ItsZaeOk) August 31, 2020. The hairstyle she uses in her heat-free curls method is actually called Bantu Knots. no one is gatekeeping blackness by laughing at adele. a white girl with bantu knots looks silly. I think this style would look good on some white people's hair. I'd never heard "bantu knots" until I was grown and my sister got them done in the early 90s at a salon. However, these knots work well with just about all hair types. The Afro came to prominence in the 1960s as a statement of pride and self-love in direct answer to white supremacy. tell me about this "bantu knot" of which you speak. "Boxer braids"? I often wear bantu knots as a hairstyle leading up to an even better and curlier fro. However, you may have to tweak the ingredients a little bit to suit your hair. ans are criticizing Tyga for not choosing a black model, particularly a local girl, for his music video set in Jamaica. Bantu Knots are a protective style often used by women … While a white woman may experience discomfort, weird comments or pressure to straighten her hair (personally I am very tired of strangers thinking it’s fine to grab a handful of my frizz), it’s not mired in a system of racism, discrimination and purposeful exclusion. They are not actually knots! a white girl with bantu knots looks silly. no one is gatekeeping blackness by laughing at adele. Girl, bye. Bantu is an ethnic group in Africa but I don't know why this style is named for them. Jamaicans call them chiney bumps. — zae (@ItsZaeOk) August 31, 2020. You're super gorgeous, and I think you ought to be told that.) I don't like keeping them in but a knot-out can be beautiful. why lie?