Check out the Highlights from the IFSC Sport Climbing World … The rest of Tomoa’s climbing career happens on plastic. Makoto Yamauchi (JPN) 6. My name is Marcus. Hiking: What's the Difference? For more than a decade he’s been one of the top three boulderers on the planet. A well deserved second went to Jakob Schubert and a surprise third for Rishat Khaibullin. At 31, it’s likely that Woods is closer to the end of his career than he is the start. At the end of the season an overall ranking was determined … Not only did Ondra perform this feat, but he made it look easy. She undoubtedly has the best outdoor resume of any female boulderer, with two V15’s and four V14’s under her belt (along with two 9a routes on lead). It is situated to the left of an iconic crimp bloc called “jade” that I put up when I was 17. The qualifications were a hard fought battle. Shauna Coxsey is another old-school name who can still hang with the best in the world when it comes to bouldering. He dominated the bouldering field to the point that it was almost insulting; he looked like he was on a different planet from everyone else. I created this website to inform and inspire people in their pursuit of adventure. Janja Garnbret took gold again at this round. However only two athletes from each country can be invited - plus an extra invite for Japan as the host country. Akiyo Noguchi JPN 13 – Tomoa Narasaki JPN 24: 3 Risultati completi A Vail (Colorado), l’americana Alex Puccio vince la sua prima IFSC Climbing World Cup del 2018, davanti al pubblico di casa. His strength, insane explosiveness, and route reading ability put him on a platform of his own. Munich, Germany wrapped up the 2017 IFSC Bouldering World Cup season on August 18 and 19.. Jan Hojer, in front of his home crowd at Olympiapark—a stadium from the 1972 Olympic Games—capped the year with an all-out victory. Mountaineering vs. Kaddi Lehmann sent ‘Kryptos’ V15 in Switzerland last year. In this list, I break down the 10 best ones! Final de Escalada Esportiva Data e Hora. Although a ‘best of’ list is always going to generate some controversy (and you could make a solid argument to shuffle some of the names on this list around), all ten of these athletes are at the peak of the sport right now and are some of the greatest boulderers to ever live. … As it turned out, the men’s final route gave them a decent show, while … Petra Klingler reached 8. place in the final. He’s put up first ascents on some legendary problems including Nayuta and The Story of Two Worlds Low Start. Coxsey is Britain’s best competition climber, and she’s managed to win 11 world cup bouldering titles throughout 8 years of competition. . Miho Nonaka JPN 23 – Sean Bailey USA 24: 2 3. The top 3 in each competition received medals, and the overall winners were awarded trophies. In front of a home crowd, ... Tomoa, meanwhile, who has now won every major title available to him this year, put it perfectly when he walked down off … By World of Freesports ... Tomoa Narasaki (JPN) 2. Had this list come out five years ago, he very well could be near the top; as it stands, though, he still deserves a spot. Ahead of the 2020 Olympics the IFSC Combined Climbing World Championships have been the event to watch. Though 2019 marks Tomoa’s first win in the Combined category, he won the Bouldering World Championships in 2016. European Climbing Championships May Be Postponed, Black Friday + Cyber MoneyClimbing Gear Sales 2020 - Best Sales Online, Best Beginner Climbing Shoes 2020 - Our Top Picks. Really, given everything, Dai should deserve to be a little higher on this list, except for the fact that he’s headed into the twilight of his career. A post shared by Dai Koyamada (@dai_koyamada) on Jun 27, 2020 at 10:14pm PDT. Climber, hiker, lover of the outdoors. The 2020 Olympics are coming up fast at only one year away. In the lead we saw Jakob Schubert busting out an amazing top and a win - a full ten holds further than Tomoa who managed second place, with Kai Harada making the same hold in slightly more time. In general a lot of people thought that the climbers from a Lead and Bouldering background would be taking all of the podium places as Speed competitors tended only to do that type of event. As it stands, though, Nalle has already cemented his place as one of the best boulderers in history: along with Burden of Dreams, he has the third most hard first ascents and the third most hard boulder problems of any climber, ever. February 18, 2020August 23, 2019 | Competitions, News. link to Mountaineering vs. If he’s in the zone, Tomoa is clearly the best boulderer in the world (at least in a competition setting), and it’s not even close. Create ... With the holds ready to go, Jan Hojer and Tomoa Narasaki made their way onto the stage. Behind Hojer, Best Hangboard For Climbing - 9 Amazing Fingerboards For Climbing. Dai Koyamada is an absolute titan of the bouldering world, and he more than deserves his spot on this list. Well-deserved winners at the adidas ROCKSTARS 2017 in the Superfinals: Alex Puccio (USA) in the women’s and Tomoa Narasaki (JPN) at the men’s category showed an amazing performance on the critical boulder, which meant the official “adidas ROCKSTARS 2017” champion title for both. After having been such a strong competitor this year he actually dropped out and radically changed the game for the rest of the competitors. Tomoa Narasaki and Miho Nonaka, both from Japan, took home gold medals. The 16th IFSC World Championships are unlike any other, as the event will qualify athletes to the first appearance of Sport Climbing in the Olympic Games in Tokyo next year. Hailing out of Britain and having spent the majority of her life as a professional boulderer, Coxsey has an impressive tick sheet that includes four V13 routes and one V14. Ondra and Garnbret Win Meiringen Boulder World Cup - Gripped … Again Tomoa Narasaki took fourth, and Meichi Narasaki in fifth. Serious change needs to happen in the US and it all starts with having the right people in place to make it happen. Adidas Rockstars 2017 Bouldering Comp Highlights. Mishka Ishi became the third woman, and the youngest person ever, to climb a V15 routes with her ascent of Byaku-dou, which she climbed when she was only 13 years old. Adam ONDRA (CZE) and Tomoa NARASAKI (JPN) were neck-in-neck in the rankings with NARASAKI needing to place both second and above ONDRA to … Among some of Daniels most notable achievements include Creature From the Black Lagoon, the first consensus V16 in the world, and The Process, a mind-boggling 50-foot highball V16 that will likely never be repeated. Local: Parque Esportivo Urbano Aomi Photo courtesy of IFSC. Albert doesn’t have the most impressive tick sheet compared to some of the other climbers on this list, but that one ascent alone cements him in the upper echelon of boulderers. Jongwon Chon (KOR) 3. Although it’s never been his main focus, Ondra has shown on rare occasions just how strong he is, and just how good he could be if he chose to make this discipline his full-time focus. Given the fact that he’s still in his prime, Nalle could have very well been at the top of this list if he hadn’t run into the living legend of…, Blade Runner (8C/v15) Great rock, great moves, miserable crux crimp. Now, that grade is as of yet unconfirmed, as no one has tried to repeat the route (I’ve emailed Adam Ondra several times to try it, but he hasn’t got back to me). Austria takes second place in combined format thanks to Jakob Schubert. In Sport Climbing the Japanese enjoyed a productive morning, topping the bouldering qualification round in both men’s and wome’ns competitions. ... Video: Highlights … Interestingly the conversation could now change away from "if x could just get more practice in speed" to what if a good all-rounder who is best at speed manages to train well for all three events? Highlights from adidas ROCKSTARS 2017. Kai Harada came out with a not great run but managed 13th. It looks like Tomoa has st… Adam Ondra didn't seem as strong as he is known to be though managed sixth place. Why have we listed the top 10? Highs and Lows: 2019 Climbing World Championships—Combined. On one hand, he has so little outdoor experience that it’s almost hard to quantify: he has two V14 routes to his name, and that’s it. Bouldering is a super fun climbing discipline that features some of the strongest athletes in the world. The makes him the sole V17 ascensionist in the world, which was almost enough to earn him the number spot on this list. Also, his outdoor achievements look a lot better when you glance beneath the hood: one of those V14’s was a flash, and the other he completed on a short climbing trip. Tomoa’s never really dedicated a lot of time or effort into climbing outdoors, but I have no doubt that if he did, he would be able to hang in there with the best in the world. Besides, it’s not like Dai has seen a massive regression in his climbing strength. Tomoa Narasaki takes Bouldering Gold in IFSC World Championships August 14, 2019 August 14, 2019 by admin The Men’s Bouldering IFSC World Championships Final took place, featuring the dominant Adam Ondra as well as Jakob Schubert, Tomoa Narasaki, Yannick Flohé … Even worse came a decision from the judges after an appeal was made that Ondra had stepped on the third bolt. Sports highlights of the morning, Day 1 Japanese success on climbing wall. Only one hold away from the winner's result he came second in the Combined Lead quals. The 13-year-old from Japan is also just the third female to send the grade. Update - It seems like Japan have decided use their one invite on another competition, so Sean McColl of Canada has been told that he has a place in the 2020 Olympics! This line was put up by my friend @giuliano_cameroni a couple years back. link to Is Adam Ondra the Best Climber in the World? And, again, I think it’s important to point out that Ashima is still a teenager and that the best part of her career is yet to come. Tomoa has four gold medals over four years of competition to show, but the best example of his dominance was probably the 2019 combined qualifiers in Hachioji. Highlights of the season. Tomoa Narasaki and Akiyo Noguchi seemed to be inspired by the visit to the event of IOC President Thomas Bach and produced some agile performances on a difficult climbing wall. The season began on 15 April in Meiringen, Switzerland and concluded on 27 November in Kranj, Slovenia.. 1. In first was the incredibly strong Alexander Megos who was absolutely on fire until this point.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'climbernews_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_9',126,'0','0']));IFSC Climbing World Championships - Hachioji 2019 - Combined Men Final HighlightsWatch this video on YouTubeIFSC Combined Climbing World Championships Finals highlights video, Adam Ondra actually did very well in Lead though did slip near the top. Tomoa Narasaki. On the other hand, when you actually watch him climb, he’s so goddam good that it’s almost mindboggling. The drop in placing brought him well out of the 2020 Olympics invitation list in a massive shock for many.View post on imgur.comThe moment Adam Ondra seems to step on the bolt - Just between the lower blue section and the large yellow volume. Rishat has really stood out in that he is a Speed focused climber that managed to get good results in Bouldering and Lead. Janja Garnbret in Lead WC, Villars, 2019. The 2016 IFSC Climbing World Cup was held in 16 locations. To put that in perspective: world-famous climver Jakob Schuberty didn’t even start climbing until he was 12. Mishka Ishi has become the youngest person ever to send V15, taking down ‘Byaku-dou‘ at Horai, Japan. Recap, Highlights, and Photo Gallery: IFSC Moscow World Cup 2018—Bouldering and Speed. So, who’s the best boulderer in the world? In bouldering, at the World Cup in Munich, Janja Garnbret of Slovenia flashed all boulders in the final round to take the win. Furthermore, she’s a strong all-around climber and a constant threat on the competition scene. Results and recap here. This documentary describes the setting experience, mostly following a hard final round for the men, where only Tomoa Narasaki managed two tops. The point still stands, though: I have very little faith in my ability to climb a V4 without shoes, let alone a V14. If you want to understand just how good of a rock climber Ashima Shiraishi is, consider the following two points: Now, take into account that, despite those two things, she’s still the fourth best climber in the world. Her explosive style has helped her transition into the new-age bouldering world, and she remains a medal favourite heading into Tokyo in 2021. The second is the training regimen that he underwent when projecting La Dura Dura. IFSC Briançon Results - First Climbing World Cup Event Since Lockdown! Read below... 1st Alexander Megos - Germany2nd Jakob Schubert - Austria3rd Tomoa Narasaki - Japan4th Kokoro Fujii - Japan5th Kai Harada - Japan6th Rishat Khaibullin - Kazahkstan7th Meichi Narasaki - Japan8th Mickael Mawem - France9th Ludovico Fossali - Italy10th Sean Mccoll - Canadaeval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'climbernews_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_12',127,'0','0'])); The rules state that the top seven are to be sent invites (which they have to accept) to the 2020 Olympics. Michael Mawem came in at a close fourth. That already puts him in a league of his own when it comes to hard ascents; in fact, the only person who can really challenge Woods’s volume is Dai Koyamada, and even Dai only has one third of the V16 routes that Woods does. Aleksei Rubtsov (RUS) Shout out to Mei Nagasako (@mn1516) for breaking the story in Canada, and for working with me to get the news out. In the Boulder round Kai Harada of Japan took third, Jakob Schubert of Austria came second - both with three tops - and Alexander Megos in first by topping all four boulders in style. Jakob Schubert has a winner's history as he was last year's winner in both Lead and Combined events, as well as the same results in 2018's World Cup. I thought long and hard about where to put Tomoa Narasaki on this list. We are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site. It doesn’t stop there, though. The 2019 Worlds are being held in Japan for the first time, in the familiar venue at Hachioji, with 253 athletes from 39 countries entered in Bouldering, Lead and Speed. The much-anticipated IFSC World Championships Combined competitions qualified the first athletes for the sport’s debut in 2020, but also established – without any doubt – the favorites for the first Olympic medals: . Video highlights from the adidas ROCKSTARS 2017 bouldering competition held in Stuttgart, Germany. Now, of course, Albert has his reasons for this. Overall in the 2019 IFSC Combined Climbing World Championships Tomoa Narasaki took first place with a brilliant showing. She’s a young up-and-comer out of Japan who’s incredibly passionate about bouldering, and with one V15 already under her belt, it’s hard to imagine that we won’t see her higher up on this list in the coming years. Sie belegten vier der sechs Podiumsplätze. He finished 5th in 2018’s Combined and 7th in Bouldering though 2018 wasn’t a good year overall for him. Having perfect friction and skin to connect this move from the start was a mental nightmare. Like I said, he doesn’t climb outside much, but Tomoa’s astonishing strength and explosiveness have earned him a spot on this list. There are people who enjoy dangling off of rocks as a spare time; above them, you have people who choose to make that their profession; above them, you have people who dangle off of rocks, 40 feet up, without any form of protection. Quando: Quinta-feira 6 de Agosto 17:30 - 22:20. Albert has carved a niche for himself as ‘the barefoot climber’, where he’s casually continued to be one of the best boulderers in the world without even bothering to use the proper footwork. I thought long and hard about where to put Tomoa Narasaki on this list. With all of the results tallied and multiplied together, the top 10 stood as below - though only the top eight go through to compete in finals. Recap, Highlights, and Photo Gallery: IFSC Moscow World Cup … Seven V16 routes, including the first ascents of, Six flashes on routes graded V13 or harder, Winner of the 2013 Psicobloc Master’s Series, where he beat out all-time greats like Chris Sharma, Daniel Woods, and Tommy Caldwell, She’s a generalist climber who doesn’t even specialize in bouldering, She’s only 19 years old and is far from her prime. Where Tomoa does climb is on the competition scene, and when he does, he’s truly something to watch. Ascentionism is meant to educate and entertain, not to offer specific, actionable advice. Speaking of global warming this is also a friendly reminder to all my US friends to vote Biden/Harris into office and remove our current clown . Webb is known for his insane strength and fearless attitude, and those attributes have propelled him to the seventh spot on this list. Hiking: What's the Difference? Although her focus has shifted a little from outdoor bouldering and more towards the combined format, Coxsey still stands as a staple of the bouldering community, and she’s more than earned her spot on this list. Tomoa Narasaki managed fourth with an amazing time of 6.352 which is almost unheard of for a non-specialist in Speed climbing. Alex Puccio USA 33 – Rei Sugimoto JPN 34 2. Aside from that headline-grabbing achievement, very little is known about Mishka. Although he’s far from a specialist, Ondra deserves his place on this list. Ashima is a mind-bogglingly good climber. On one hand, he has so little outdoor experience that it’s almost hard to quantify: he has two V14 routes to his name, and that’s it. Miho Nonaka and Akiyo Noguchi, both of Japan, were the only athletes who never missed a podium in all 7 bouldering competitions in the season.. It could be that the winners of this year's events aren't the best competitors next year, so climbers that haven't got the best results end up in the Olympics instead of proven winners. Under the glass roof of Munich’s Olympic stadium last weekend, world cup competitors chalked up for one last show. Dmitrii Sharafutdinov (RUS) 5. The winners of the combined format are the Slovenian Janja Garnbret and the Japanese Tomoa Narasaki. Climbing, alpinism, and all associated outdoor activities are highly dangerous. Photos by @gajdaphotography, A post shared by @ dawoods89 on Sep 24, 2020 at 9:29am PDT. I am not a certified guide, and I assume no risk for any actions you take before or after visiting this website. Here, with the world watching and the best in the world all vying for a spot at the Olympics, Tomoa put on an absolute clinic. Though the route was downgraded from Albert’s suggested grade of V17 to a mere V16/17, it still stands as a testament to how insanely strong he is that he was able to pull it off at all. Dai Koyamada made the FA in 2003. The rest of Tomoa’s climbing career happens on plastic. Daniel Woods is maybe, just maybe, the best boulderer of all time. The last competition of the World Climbing Championship 2019 in Tokyo is over. This is important. From Meiringen to Kazo, Chongqing to Navi Mumbai, Innsbruck to Vail, the 2016 IFSC Bouldering World Cup season has come to an end, finishing its seventh and final competition in Munich, Germany. The first is his flash of Dave Graham’s test piece Jade V14, which was the first-ever flash of that difficulty. I've written the following guide to help show what that looks like! Ashima Shiraishi was the first female, and also the youngest to send V15, sending ‘Horizon’ in Japan in 2016 while still 14-years-old. She was the youngest person (until Mishka came along) and the first female to ever send a V15, an achievement that launched her into the stratosphere of climbing popularity. VOTE!!!! This also means Kai Harada is in after taking fifth, though Kokoro Fujii also of Japan took a higher place.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'climbernews_com-box-4','ezslot_10',128,'0','0'])); The Finals continued from here again with Speed first. Mickael Mawam again came in a close fourth for France. Here’s a nice one from yesterday, first ascent of Nothing to Declare 8A+ in Ersfjorden. In the IFSCClimbing World Cup 2018 Tomoa placed 2nd in both Combined and Bouldering, with 16th in Lead. He could have made it to the top without this unexpected slip, but even though it wasn't a great result would have made third place overall. Highlights from the 2016 IFSC Bouldering World Cup in Munich, Germany—the last bouldering WC of the season. Tomoa Narasaki IFSC Combined Climbing World Championships 2019 Winner February 18, 2020 August 23, 2019 by admin What a crazy Combined final for 2019 – With Speed results out of nowhere and really hard boulders, it was all up to the Lead – See who won and how it went down now I created this site to help spread education and safety in the mountains. The crux involves taking a left hand sharp as fuck button grip and doing a near iron cross move to a half pad flat edge. He was the only male competitor to complete all four finals problems. This weekend 80+ invited athletes from 25 different countries travelled to the Porsche Arena in Stuttgart, Germany for the Adidas Rockstars bouldering … The lead Finals in Villars this past weekend was stacked, so fans were set for an exciting round. With the Olympics coming up and more people getting involved in the sport of climbing, a pretty common question is coming up around who the best climbers are. The final round of the Boulder World Cup took place at the weekend (17th & 18th August). Deciding that he needed more pure strength to be able to work on the route, Ondra turned to bouldering to train; in doing so, he climbed the only V16 in existence at the time and then did the first ascent of another V16. Although he’s known as a sport climbing specialist, Ondra has a fanatical desire to be the best in all areas of rock climbing, and that desire has occasionally led him into the bouldering world. For a 13-year-old to be sending some of the hardest routes in the world is absolutely mind-boggling. In interviews you can hear him talk about the balance and sensitivity it provides him, how his style has adapted, etc. Koyamada has the second longest tick sheet of anyone on this list, with more than 20 routes graded V15 or harder. Lots of people who get into hiking think about making the jump to mountaineering. I mean, I don’t even have the words to describe just how purely ridiculous that is. Tokyo 2020 Giorno 1 - Sabato 25 luglio: i primi ori dei Giochi. . Take a look around! Einmal mehr war der Wettkampf von japanischen Athletinnen und Athleten dominiert. @blackdiamond @lasportivagram, A post shared by Nalle Hukkataival (@nalle_hukkataival) on Aug 22, 2020 at 6:45am PDT. Take a look around! The speculation of who would come out on top of the Men’s 2019 Bouldering Season was the central focus of the Men’s Vail World Cup. More impressive than the individual stats, though, has Woods’ sheer dominance over the sport. Kai Harada took 3rd, Tomoa Narasaki 2nd, and Rishat Khaibullin again taking first. Photo via the Ishi family (@mishka.tamakko ), A post shared by Canadian Climbing News (@cdnclimbingnews) on May 3, 2019 at 9:19am PDT. Northern Norway has been good to us with great weather and nightless nights. And then, above all of them, you have Charles Albert, who does all of that without wearing shoes. For now, though, until she gets a bit of a longer tick sheet, 10th plays is where she sits. The best boulderers in the world are: Living legend Daniel Woods still holds the throne as the greatest boulderer alive, despite some stiff competition from Finnish crusher Nalle Hukkataival. The bouldering purists of the world might call me biased, but I will die on the hill that Adam Ondra deserves his place as one of the best boulderers alive today. You should always use your own judgement and expertise while performing any activity, and not rely solely on the information obtained by reading one of the articles on this website. In lead climbing, Janja Garnbret of Slovenia was the only athlete who never missed a podium in all 8 lead competitions of the season. Woods has 34 boulder problems to his name that are graded v15 or higher, 6 of which are V16. I'm a climber, scrambler, and hiker based in the Canadian Rockies. Even other legendary climbers, like Jimmy Webb, hold Woods in an echelon of his own due to his power and mind-boggling finger strength. Japan showed strong in Bouldering finals with Kokoro Fujii taking third, Meichi Narasaki second, and a dominant Tomoa Narasaki topping all three boulders for first. His list of achievements is long, but some of the highlights include: Jimmy Webb also has some notable achievements in the highball world, like his repeat of Living Large V15. Keep coming back for more news by bookmarking our site or follow us on twitter, facebook, instagram or pinterest.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'climbernews_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_13',116,'0','0'])); IFSC Climbing World Championships - Hachioji 2019 - Men's Combined Qualification Highlights, IFSC Climbing World Championships - Hachioji 2019 - Combined Men Final Highlights, after taking Gold in the separate Speed event, confirmed athletes for invitation direct from the IFSC, IFSC Moscow Results - Combined Winners + Olympic Invites - Video. Going in to the Lead quals Tomoa was in first place and poised to take the win. Since global warming has fucked up the seasons, (unusually hot weather remains in the high country at the end of sept!) As it stands, though, Ashima remains the best female boulderer on the planet today, and the she’s earned the fourth place on this list. For four years, from 2012 to 2016, he did little else except beat his head against the four-move sequence that made up what he dubbed the Lappnor Project. Tomoa Narasaki IFSC Combined Climbing World Championships … I think we can all agree that there are levels of insanity. With an incredible showing Tomoa Narasaki wins another IFSC title for his home country in Hachioji, Japan. The results from this Combined category are going to be a good guide to what to expect come 2020, however things still may change. I had to wait until 10 pm at night just to have a chance. Bei den Herren stand der Japaner Tomoa Narasaki zuoberst auf dem Treppchen. Only three years ago he sent Nayuta V16, his first FA of that grade, which shows that he’s still stronger than just about every other climber out there. IFSC Boulder Worldcup 2018 // Vail Men Final Report Highlights - … Bear in mind that Japan can invite their last guaranteed athlete at any time up until the Olympics and they don't have to have made Combined finals as far as we can discern. In speed climbing, at the first Speed World Cup of the season in Chongqing, Iuliia Kaplina of Russia set a new world record of 7.46 seconds, breaking her previous world record of 7.53 seconds she set at the 2015 Speed World Cup in Chamonix. Kokoro Fujii (JPN) 4. Nalle is known for being very strict with his grading, though, so I have no reason to doubt that he would have been soft with Burden. Gifts For Rock Climbers - 100+ Unique Climbing Gift Ideas! She won gold in the 2019 US National Championship of climbing, beating out known crusher Margo Hayes and Olympic climber Brooke Raboutou. It was a low-gravity day for Tomoa, who flashed problems that some legendary climbers (like Adam Ondra and Jakob Schubert) couldn’t even get a zone on. As a result, these are the so far confirmed athletes for invitation direct from the IFSC. So, is Adam Ondra the best climber in... Hey! In a climbing world that’s fast becoming dominated by new-age parkour moves and indoor climbing gyms, Jimmy Webb stands as a relic of a somewhat bygone era: an old school, dirtbag boulderer who power-screamed his way up some of the hardest routes in the world. Finally, after thousands of tries and almost half a decade of effort, Nalle stuck the last move of the project and topped out Burden of Dreams, which he would then go on to grade as the world’s first V17. The Japanese has already solved the „problem“ after 18 seconds and showed his huge relief … . Starting with Speed Rishat Khaibullin of Kazakhstan took first, Ludovico Fossali of Italy took second (after taking Gold in the separate Speed event), and a surprise third for Mickael Mawem of France. So, what's the difference between... Is Adam Ondra the Best Climber in the World? Highlights of the season. In the 2017 cup he took 1st in Combined and 2nd in Bouldering, 15th in Lead. Welcome to the website. Mas fique de olho no tcheco de Adam Ondra e nas candidatas japonesas Kai Harada e Tomoa Narasaki. As it stands, though, there’s not a boulderer alive who has more achievements than him, and that’s enough to earn him the number one spot as the greatest boulderer alive today. This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Just in case that’s not clear enough: Adam Ondra climbed the two hardest bouldering problems in the world as training. Where she’s really made a name for herself, though, is on the competition scene. 5. He now adds Combined IFSC Climbing World Championships Gold in addition to being World Champion for Bouldering and Gold Medalist in the Bouldering World Cup in 2019. More importantly for competitors - the top 8 qualifiers for each gender category will be given a place in the 2020 Olympics.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'climbernews_com-box-3','ezslot_11',111,'0','0']));IFSC Climbing World Championships - Hachioji 2019 - Men's Combined Qualification HighlightsWatch this video on YouTubeIFSC Combined Climbing World Championships Qualifications highlights video. Tomoa Narasaki. Although lesser known in North America, Dai Koyamada is a living legend of the bouldering world who’s been around for more than two decades. There’s also a strong female presence on this list, with Shauna Coxsey, Mishka Ishi, and Ashima Shiraishi continuing to push the limits of their gender. This led to his score being brought down to the last hold he touched before standing on the bolt. Although I’m not positive that I would crown him as so quite yet, I think that Woods has definitely done enough to cement himself as the greatest boulderer alive today. Japan have a lot of invitation places and more events with qualifiers to come. Bouldering, lead and speed competitions were held in 7 locations. Bouldering started sadly with Alexander Megos sustaining a finger injury on the very first boulder. Her creative route reads and insane flexibility allow her to flow through tough sections as if they were effortless, and she’s used that skill to dominate all aspects of the sport. Nalle takes the idea of ‘people who dangle off of rocks for a career’ to an entirely new level. For this second episode of the route setting video documentary, we spend one week with the routesetting team in Japan for the Boulder World Championship. HIGHLIGHTS. Two events in particular highlight just how good Ondra is at bouldering. While not wearing shoes, Albert went and established the second hardest boulder problem in the world with No Kpote Only. At age 44, it’s unlikely that Dai will be pushing the limits of bouldering much higher. Recap and Photo Gallery: ... Recap and Photo Gallery: IFSC Wujiang World Cup 2019—Bouldering and Speed. Für die Schweiz holte sich Petra Klingler mit dem 10.