Single Stage: Mixing Ratio Instructions : 4:1:1 4 vol. Satin Mix Ratio I never used Nason paints before, but I just sprayed a truck with a white single stage Nason “Ful-thane”. << Follow the instruction on the website under each product to customize colors. parts UNO-HD 3.5 Intermix Color* 1 vol. Summit's acrylic urethane topcoat is a single-stage paint, meaning the clearcoat is optional. This mixing ratio is for the ShopLine product by PPG. I applied two good coats per mixed per instructions. Refer to mixed paint can or the No Mix soft-ware for VOC information for each mixed color. It had slight orange peel, which bugged me, so I took some 600 to it the next day. The below charts, include both topcoats and undercoat products. V�"jǝ��C����t͂~ދ�|��:*�2�}Re�#�b���u��I��3�|e���SP�M��L��h�B�,ˬa�7��������?���3*�W;��M#���.D��J]�ʼn��)��o%�?LT�](Qz��9�ُJ�[l(�d�&�t��3���5/���#؅{��i��>��p��29�i�M�'��U�tzf�Y��1��7q�|a��LuO�[W��k��HF��������6��n��7��׮�րV!��W��Fɳ�r�� ]s��c̵kͻ�|��y�b�7˸���L��K��~9e�oF!H���3og�3����U��V, �Ջd��Q^�5�X�]�܁ch�xQٗpk�)�Q&�"��l\j���v��Q/m/[�O�_�n�7%�V'���Ӷ�+8��TPx�#��ɲ����6��E��ې#�X]b�T)� Available as an intermix color system and popular factory packaged colors, PCC® Acrylic Urethane can be mixed to … V� "����i �rM0�,�lB(�������$�F�0�&���ݝ�����2X�'�30��0 ߫� Pro//BASE™ Single Stage and Basecoat Mixing Configuration (PBT / PBS) Cross/FIRE® Overall Refinish System. UR Series Urethane Reducers: UR60 Fast Reducer 60-70° F; UR70 Medium Reducer 70-85° F; UR85 Slow Reducer 85° F and above 3 0 obj V��|W��W,JPqp�|^�}m���wbE�Jw%��@�W�KK����Kl���v�P��duD�0ʧKX��J����s譠K� �������6P�.�ZD? /CreationDate (D:20130410101331-04'00') Eastwood’s Single Stage Urethane Paints give you a great finish on your restoration project. Glasurit 22 Line topcoats are perfectly integrated into the Glasurit RATIO HS System and, as a result, can be used particularly economically. It's glossy and durable. The water borne paint is also a base/clear paint. 3 U500 Single Stage RM Single stage paints are a stand alone type of paint. No clear is necessary to produce a gloss. /Author (SIKKENS) U350 Single Stage is a cost-effective durable finish with good color capability that is simple to mix and easy to apply. /Filter [/FlateDecode /DCTDecode] A 4:1:1 ratio means you want to use four parts paint for every one part reducer and clear coat, and a 3:1:1 requires three parts paint … Cross/FIRE® 2.8 Single Stage, 3.5 Basecoat Gallon; Cross/FIRE® 2.8 Single Stage, 3.5 Basecoat Quart; Cross/FIRE® National Rule Gallon Basecoat Eastwood Single Stage Urethane Paint. Other brands may be a little different, but now you have the basic idea. %PDF-1.4 /Type /XObject When a mixing ratio is given as a percentage, convert the percentage to a fraction, then think of the fraction as parts solvent/parts paint. /Height 406 We can do all oem paint codes. Restoration Shop - Dark Midnight Blue Pearl Acrylic Enamel Auto Paint - Complete Gallon Paint Kit - Professional Single Stage High Gloss Automotive, Car Truck, Equipment Coating, 8:1 Mix Ratio 2.8 VOC 4.7 out of 5 stars 23. h�bbd```b``.���`��!f��� ��3��f�٦`2D�L�������; ��Dr�ŧ�m� "��*��$c|������ However, some paint manufactures add hardener second, and thinner/reducer last. Different mix ratios will produce different results, so it is best to mix … Clear, hardener and reducer are the three ingredients that must be mixed into most automotive paint. U500 Single Stage is two-component, acrylic urethane designed for original equipment and repairs for commercial vehicles. /BitsPerComponent 8 A general mixing ratio for single stage paints is a 8/1/1 mixture. U500 Single Stage is a cost-effective durable finish with good color capability that is simple to mix and easy to apply. Limco Low VOC Industrial Urethane Single Stage 420 gms/liter (3.5 lbs/gal) VOC also available in Quick Mix colors. The High Solids Clear's mix ratio is 4:1:1 with activator and reducer. Optional Reducers Available Separately. Many brands require a paint, reducer and clear coat ratio of 4:1:1 or 3:1:1 for good single-stage coverage. If your cups or mixing stick goes to 8 in any ratio scale, simply use that one column to mix the paint. You can lay a few coats of paint and you're done. PCC® Acrylic Urethane Single Stage Color is a two-component acrylic urethane topcoat system for properly prepared and/or primed metal surfaces. Technology for the Right Match, the First Time From the front office to the mix room to the paint booth, PPG empowers you to perfect every stage of color matching. Rust-Oleum Automotive 253500 32-Ounce Autobody Paint Quart, Jet Black endstream endobj startxref U500 Single Stage is HAPs compliant with a ready to spray VOC < 5.0 lbs/gal. Example.. pour the paint to the 6 in a column. >> It can also be used over any top coat paint job for a glossier finish. Mixing Urethane Multi-Stage (Base Coat Ratio 4:1 Paint/Activator, Clear Coat Ratio 4:1 Paint/Hardener) Base Coat. To learn more about why mix ratios matter, visit the PPG Paint Pointers section of our website. 5 0 obj UB Paint Color has a 2 to 1 Mixing Ratio, 2 parts UB Paint Color to 1 part Urethane Reducer. Single stage urethane is a one-step painting process for automobiles that avoids the necessity of a clear-coat finish. %���� %PDF-1.6 %���� It is a 4:1 mix with activator. If desired, ATX™ 2.1 VOC Overall Clearcoat 1090211 can be added to the last coat of ATX™ HP Single Stage. All of Summit's paint products mix in the same ratio of 4:1, so there is no confusion. The new LIMCO LP620 provides primer surfacer and sealer in one. MC2910 can be used with your choice of two hardeners to easily adjust to job size and working conditions while delivering impressive performance and … LIMCO’s primary paint system, Supreme PLUS, is a basecoat developed specifically for use in automotive and production shop facilities providing better color-matching and faster drying times. Another option is the Medium Solids which is an affordable alternative to High Solids Clear and only requires activator. Then mix 50% color and 50% compatible clear together (after activating each of them separately) and spray another coat. ESSSSingle Stage Polyurethane Enamel ESSS Single Stage Polyurethane Enamel is a two-component product designed to offer good gloss and a wide array of solid and metallic colors. Urethane paint is typically used for painting automobiles or other metal surfaces. 1:1 mix ratio, urethane grade reducer. /Length 8994 This primer offers excellent adhesion to bare metal and provides a proper foundation for your paint job. 398 0 obj <>stream Many urethane paints are applied in several stages, with each layer of paint requiring sanding and a clear-coat. They allow you to achieve color and gloss with a single product. "�m"�(G &�=�^&MD"����D����{�3�`�;��so~��}�y~���y���y��g����}����7q�8 ��T�P��Ȏ����8� �'OR������:u�����4--;�Yfn7��e!^�K\\�2/]��z�*H躢���e���?^Bv��):Z:�ӧ�$���$���`�&{GfHN��`$#g$#6 �$����.���'��O�В�� '���OP�SRRP�������L|�'��[R�0K>��D-p��;�AZP���S4�X��9�_�(rU����u9�[�ju �ۆF��;&�V����������?084<2:3;7������������?��Ћ '����z1��:AAANA�C/��? << STAY IN THE SAME column and pour part B to the 7, then pour part C to the number 8 in the same column. That’s the general mixing ratio for a single stage paint. U350 Single Stage is HAPs compliant with a ready to spray VOC < 3.5 lbs/gal. )(�$N2)�SY���|F�|3�S��SRh���=4��Μ��P��f�5Ş�K��]����(@GNFr9# �(����`4}{�U�w��wdZ����Ok��(��M�&�mm"��AW4:c��cͮې��Q�����䭬6�p1�C9WNd�$������24��:"'��S8s�]c�$r\94l@0:�/��o����?�������1?H{�����>���OI;k>8�he��k�(��G���7�[�,[=�}��Q�����#� ښ����1" Qt�k��L����c�x����gد{���n�?�;����o!h^�!�]M} Like all automotive paint, the PPG Omni automotive paints must be mixed to achieve a clean, attractive and durable paint job. Paint cured up very fast even at about 55-60 degrees with a medium temp reducer. h�b```�kl\rB �� It is available as a 2.8 VOC topcoat and can be used over all properly prepared OEM finishes, cured air-dried finishes, as well as any Delfleet® Essential primer. /Subtype /Image Tamco also offers a incredible high gloss single stage system. /Width 340 The 1:1 mix ratio makes it easy to mix (one part primer to one part catalyst). Topcoats being your colors in singles stage to base-coats, as well as your clears. Here’s a good trick for super deep looking single stage paint using clear coat paint over it. The intermix toner system matches thousands of solid and metallic colors in any gloss level at 3.5 and 2.8 lbs/gal. Tec/ONE™ Acrylic Urethane Single Stage Color (B8 & S7) Pro//BASE™ Refinish System. Topcoat/Single Stage 09.29.2014 GRIP-GARD EFx LV For Professional Use Only Description Grip-Gard EFx LV-LV is a high solid polyurethane topcoat developed to meet signage needs. Step 4 - Clear Coat Inspect the pre-marked mixing container for any dust and debris. Simple and reliable, LIMCO offers a lean, versatile portfolio that contains the benefits of BASF technology at an economical price. 3 U350 Single Stage RM t(������f =��!¥*�E_���C!9(��n�����D���ƶ�R2�p2�ߠ��$�O2Mx6����"��� Including very old models that most struggle with. And yet another advantage: using Glasurit 522-MC35 Mixing Clear and the 929-31, 929-33 and 929-34 VOC hardeners makes 22 … /Subject (CR Technical Datasheet) Available for use in all markets, this easy-to-use clear has a simple mix ratio and is ideal for large repairs, or where a high gloss finish is desired. The paint is durable enough to polish without altering the color tone, and using it reduces the overall refinishing time. 2�����rA^�z��u�8{��̙��ɧΩ��5/���䈮t&�����L����x�9ɋc�p�B3φ�˕�R,��;P�= L̗nPyu�U���fi�F�\q���C�(�bNA�8�e: C���Ҧ+x8���)�,9��3�ge��-"����h��UQF bJ. �,=�K. You will have 3 basic paint materials. 0 stream Single-stage urethane paint saves you time by combining gloss with a thicker urethane resin for quick coverage in one stage. Undercoats are your primers and sealers. Spray your single stage color coat and get a nice solid coverage. Think of it as ladys nail polish. U350 Single Stage is two-component, acrylic urethane designed for original equipment and repairs for commercial vehicles. DFE-20 /Producer (PDF-XChange \(Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 \(Build 2600\)\)) parts DH42, DH46 or DH47 1 vol. %%EOF /Creator (PDF-XChange Office Addin) With Eastwood’s Single-Stage Urethane system, apply Eastwood Epoxy Primer over bare metal. This will insure 6:1:1 A mixing ratio given as 4:2:1 normally means 4 parts of base product, 2 parts thinner/reducer, and 1 part hardener. No Mix Single Stage Urethane REGULATORY Cateogry: Single Stage Ready to spray mixed single stage urethane has a regulatory VOC of less than 2.8#/gal (340 g/l). $149.96. 4 ATX™ HP Single Stage Intermix 128 1500145 3 ATX™ Reducers 1500142, 1500144, 1 ATX™ Hardener 1200150 For those that use Nason Automotive Paint Products, having a mixing chart is a must. Description: Limco Low VOC Industrial Urethane Single Stage 420 gms/liter (3.5 lbs/gal) VOC is a specially formulated polyurethane with hardener and accelerator which produces a superior high gloss durable finish. endobj Two Stage Painting Ratio’s: Base Coat Clear Coat Paint’s as you may know are todays newest paint products. Buy Restoration Shop - Oxford White Acrylic Enamel Auto Paint - Complete Gallon Paint Kit - Professional Single Stage High Gloss Automotive, Car, Truck, Equipment Coating, 8:1 Mix Ratio, 2.8 VOC: Body Paint - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases 363 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<620135C0A0574745A560E2F9C1C7646D><72A232716AE2BB44822CC3934F058F30>]/Index[324 75]/Info 323 0 R/Length 162/Prev 268470/Root 325 0 R/Size 399/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream >> /ColorSpace /DeviceRGB /Title (CR Technical Datasheet) To Mix, start with 2 parts ready to spray ATX™ HP intermix color and add 1 part ready to spray before applying the final coat. UB Basecoat color requires a 2 to 1 mix ratio with urethane reducer before spraying. 324 0 obj <> endobj Consult your paint container's label for mixing ratios. We use various clears as the base to create our single stage like. With a 3:1 mix ratio (3 parts paint to 1 part activator), these paints are easy to mix and easy to apply. x��zw8\���� ��h !