Sometimes, though, things could go the opposite route and these same animals will turn against their owners, mauling them to death. And other grisly details we learned about our pets from a forensic anthropologist. A FARMER shot a family's tiny pet dog, but his wife has insisted they are "animal lovers". Pets who have turned on their humans include a famous chimpanzee, various reptiles, a hippo that inspired a TV special, bears, and even spiders. A Sunshine Coast family will say goodbye to their beloved pet dog this week after losing a 17-month court battle and spending tens of thousands of dollars to prevent it from being killed. Pit bull owners routinely make devastating choices that result in people and pet dogs being severely mauled or killed. Sandra loved her nine half-wolf, half-dog hybrids. They are faithful, loyal, and reliable. Spread the love. Sometimes our pet friends tend to change their mood, and see us as their enemies or food instead. Horrifying Stories Of Animals Eating Their Owners. After all the killing and deaths by exotic pet animals, For some people its hard to believe that wild animals always are wild. Today we bring you 10 dangerous pets that killed their owners, and some of these pets even ate their owners after the killing. These are 10 Animals who Killed or Ate their Owners; #10- Mark Voegel from Germany , 30 years old, was found dead in his apartment when his army of exotic pets escaped their cages. ... Why do dogs attack their owners? ... And exotic pets are probably less likely to kill you too, considering there are more cases of dog attacks and serious infection after cat bites, said Rando. They make devastating choices that result in their own death too. She loved to play with them and show them off until one day she was found dead in their pen. Agreed! Some of these cases are the result of obvious bad ideas, but many were just animal owners who had … Statistical data from a 15-year period shows that pit bulls are over 11 times more likely to kill their owner than any other dog breed. By Rebecca Seales BBC News… We share with you a list of animals that killed or feasted on their own owners. If you own any of the pets in the list, learn the code and be cautious at all time. 4 min read. Dogs are man’s best friends. Most of the deaths and killings by pets are from America. Kelly Ann Walls and her carnivores: 37-year-old Kelly had three unusual pets, a … As a young woman is killed by her own pit bulls, what can make a dog turn on a human friend?