status : false, } ); Yet. appId : '179692745920433', Chocolate Week! National Chocolate Cake Day is a nonofficial holiday which is celebrated on January 27 each year. Ghana, Ecuador, and the Ivory Coast,all near the equator, have ideal climates for cacao trees and produce some of the world’s best chocolate. Child labor has become a serious issue. The first Chocolate Chip recipe appeared on the Wakefield’s Tried and True cookbook in 1938. There’s plenty of room for creativity on National Chocolate Covered Anything Day. if( !window.fbl_started) Is there a National Candy Day? It’s a sweet treat with a sweet history — going back more than 2,000 years. status : false, On the other hand, you can get your fix from a simple candy bar. Chocolate is amazing, friends are amazing, and human connection over chocolate is one of the most beautiful things! Once chocolate turned sweet — in 16th-century Europe — the masses caught on and turned chocolate into a powerhouse treat. } catch (e){} LDL is often called “bad cholesterol” because of the role it plays in clogging arteries. It is interesting to know when is National Milk Chocolate Day in 2020 and what is so special about the day. 2020 Weeks: (Sorted Alphabetically) Make Mine Chocolate - February 15 - April 12, 2020 (Campaign kicks off annually on Feb 15th, and ends on Easter) 2020 Days: (Sorted by Date) National Chocolate Mousse Day - April 3 National Chocolate Covered Cashews Truffle Day - April 21 May Chocolate Holidays No matter which day you celebrate if you can even resist just celebrating just one of them there is usually only one way to observe the day, and thats with treating yourself to one of the many chocolate delicacies out there. A Chocolate Kitten. (No seriously; we actually eat chocolate every single day.) NATIONAL CHOCOLATE DAY. It's National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, when we celebrate the gooey, melty, nourish-your-soul goodness of this American staple.
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, National Chocolate Day, celebrated each October 28, is nothing short of  a special tribute to mankind’s greatest culinary invention.