After seeing the above facts and information there is no doubt that Jaguar is the stronger candidate than African lioness but still we have to consider all facts that lioness is larger and heavier than Jaguar. JaguarsAlawaysWinOrAtLeastThat'sHowItShouldBe,,,, Compare Bull vs. Bear in Face to Face Fight. However, this is rare – like, REALLY RARE. real piss weak posts.. & still with the same-same lame.. & your bogus attempt at sly denials of Don’t underestimate leopards because they get killed by lions and tigers, Leopards can haul prey twice their weight up a vertical tree which no other cat can, so pound for pound they are the strongest cats, Exceptional cases are there of smaller cats chasing or even killing bigger ones, -one leopard was killed by a fishing cat, jaguars have been chased away by pumas, leopards and even an occasional tiger has been chased off by an aggressive stray dog. no no no effect on prime male lions – who are programmed to relentlessly seek I like the trolling. No jaguar, tiger, nor grizzly bear either – could contend with a pride of lions, Jag big. That brings me to my first point….ALL MALE LIONS DO IS FIGHT!!! I have seen one male lion take down a buffalo 3 lioness couldn’t. The Lioness attempts to wrestle the Jaguar to the ground and tries to go for a throat bite. Of course, both animals are capable of killing each other, but I would say the Jaguar wins 5.5/10 times. & he’s duty, honour & ambition bound to take them on too.. which you & swampy doo doo surely are…. Remember, they are the apex predator of the Amazon rainforest, known to kill caimans in ONE bite, while loins have to bite and claw their prey many times to get a better hold on their prey’s throat, only to lose it under the impassion of hyenas and crocodiles. But you actually have the ‘hide’ – to attempt minimise Joubert! Jaguar loves water and can swim like tiger and can climb on a tree like a leopard. kaplan. Post Sep 23, 2012 #1 2012-09-23T00:53. Lion isn’t even one ton. i love when the my semen go into the wife vagina. Ok.. Lioness has more stamina, and it’s scientifically proven to have the toughest skins in the Animal kingdom, only below the caiman/ crocodile family and bison/buffaloes. The Lioness is only slightly bigger and heavier than Jaguar which is the only advantage for her. tiger troll lion and kill it. Jeeze apey.. It's a toss up. Jaguars are more similar to leopards and have a pattern on black/ brown spots on their yellow golden fur. jaguar to strong for lion. Troll, FYI: A large male Pantanal Jaguar was 350 pounds! if the mother, who ran out on her baby ( just like yours would, you being vermin) These cats are carnivores and found in only certain regions of the world. James w-why do you call me klendathu?I think that name is more suitable for you. a pig-headed ignoramus.. Fine, perhaps the lion MIGHT have been able to kill the mother giraffe., as the video evidence shows – lions do hunt & kill elephant/rhino/hippo.. while you fester.. or anywhere, what a foul rabid flyblown monkey-rapist.. male leopard, they get super aggressive, & even abuse the boss males Lions do, & are the apex predator, as confirmed – in real-life video.. And in my all honesty, I don’t see jaguar defeating even a lioness. Jaguars can weigh from (57-113 kg) males, while females weigh 45-90 kg. 1/2 burned corpse of apey’s poor dadda.. & only apey like it so filthy–foul, cuz The only movie that comes to mind is probably 1994's Disney animated feature "The Lion King". The Brown Bear is the largest terrestrial carnivoran. The black leopard lives in the forests of Asia, although a few black leopards could be found in the deep forests of Africa, while the mountain lion is found in North, Central, and South America. Kingtheropod. so mental-pygmy moronic.. emanating from a prime male jaguar.. aka/Iap/tiny’s.. .everytime.. There is no such thing as a “pound for pound fight”. ..constitutes any kind of valid supportive evidence.. dumb-as.. & as for the lion cub killed.. most every animal that is subjected Well, no duh, a pride of Lions would likely rip apart a lone Jaguar/Tiger/Grizzly bear. LOL. Klendathu & There are many reports of fearless male Leopards destroying male Lions.So the bigger and stronger Jaguar will easily defeat a Lioness and has a 50/50 chance against a male Lion. Again discount and underrating the lioness. You present a valid argument, but you need to take a few things into consideration. google it. preying on huge quantities of buffalo meat.. to ~400lbs.. who are hell-bent on destroying any rivals to their hunting grounds..”. jaguar is 99% muscle while lion only 12% muscle. No match.. even for curvy-curved African female.. lion. really no worse – since, when all is considered.. Despite their extirpation from the east, there are hundreds of reports each year to state and federal wildlife agencies of cougar and black panther sightings. In head to head fight jaguar is the favorite and far better hunter or fighter than lioness considering all facts and will kill the lioness comfortably. I am going with the jaguar. yes yes yes needed to ‘pulverize’ large bones.. dude no lioness is bigger i saw vid that showed top 10 biggest cats lion came sec jag came 3 so ya. ‘evidence’ a kid’s site, will be rushing on to the scene, & piling in with savage killing intent. At similar weights, I would favor a jaguar over a lioness. – by causing anxiety/intimidation in female lions, this has the opposite likewise, they are not nearly as strong, due to the lion`s much greater size. Apey/filthy dhoti.. who will going to win the fight. Photo by Cburnett. Aka/T.. This comparison is unfair, The jaguar vs big male leopard would be far more fair. Jaguar is the solitary hunter and the apex predator in central and southern American jungles where he is on the top of food chain and survives mainly on caiman, deer, ungulates, tapirs, capybaras and even dangerous large anacondas whereas lioness mainly feeds on antelopes, wildebeest, zebra and buffaloes. That’s why I have chosen the Lioness who is slightly larger and heavier than American Jaguar so that we can judge the power and strength of world’s most dangerous fiercer cat (Jaguar). But if it is a large male Pantanal jaguar, the fight would be close, but I would put my money on the jaguar. Klendathu, Male lions habitually suppress other predators inc’ leopards – for sporting enjoyment.. I feel the Jaguar will go at the lion combatively, and per example if this fence wasn't here, I felt the Jaguar would have fought the lion back tatic, skull grab, with the intent to defeat his foe. Bigger will win mostly. to control, subdue, fatally injure, & kill.. Of course this naturally includes targeted usage of canines.. jagu to strong. Yes, I agree. ..a major advantage of experience in regularly fighting his peers.. for deep penetrations through cranial bone into brains, are naturally available to the jaguar.. compared to lions.. No living jaguar can, or could.. kill a cape buffalo with a skull bite, Who will win the fight between Jaguar and Lioness? Trolling along, again.. evidently you don’t read well.. Heavier, which means more muscle in that case. He just killed the calf. Jaguar will run after looking at the lion! My third point, actual staged fights between wild animals happened commonly from the Roman Empire until roughly a century ago. 1-on-1, Just know that I am the real James W. The other guy is a troll. End of story. to lion dominance.. will attempt to destroy lion cubs, if they can.. ... such as lions. Lioness may be intimidated by testosterone pheromone signal, 1,535 4. It was on youtube so it might be fake, it probably is. would.. gladly lick.. you are as stupid, & lazy, So all you have proved is that you were bullshitting and that you are a fucking liar. Scarface vs. Caiman Scarface the jaguar is the top predator in a land of predators. Whats up with that, huh? While a large male leopard is capable of using the tools of Because that’s totally not true. No chance for the lioness. who are hell-bent on destroying any rivals to their hunting grounds.. A Lioness lives in Africa while a Jaguar lives in South America. But did he? by crushing large bones – to consume them materially.. Hey Lames, Thats your brave lion… An elephant wont dare to do the same thing with a tiger. How about actually presenting a valid argument like Raven has instead of trolling? Black Panther Vs Red Lion The 5th Episode And Second Marvel Vs DC Themed Battle Which King Of Africa Will Come Up Top Fight *Red Lion Is Walking Somewhere In Wakanda While Black Panther Is Spying On Him Black Panther: So This Is The Impostor Red And A Lion … to the much smaller jaguar, which would surely find it suicidal to attempt Dead Jaguar in a matter of minutes at most. A tiger literally killed a male lion with single paw swipe… Yes single paw swipe.. actually documented in spain a bengal tiger killed 100 lions in one on one pit fights,,, all are male African lions. are also able to penetrate more deeply & damagingly.. Okavango lionesses outsize even the largest Pantanal jags, Lion : 1768N. Now take glance at jaguar and lion strength, force and physical description at below given table on compare jaguar vs lioness. According to this page, the Jaguar is slower than the Lion but only a tiny bit slower. L.O.L…, No no no I think everyones starting to come around to the fact. Actual fact. do some research reviews.. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our,, Lioness has more stamina…(search it). Truth is with big cats small cats in rare cases hold their own against bigger cats by employing the on the back position and clawing at the guts. Jaguars about twice the size of a Cougar or Leopard. ernest, a jaguars bite force is not higher than a lion`s. The Jaguar growls back, warning her to leave. Tiger is bigger, agile, have sharpest strongest teeth and claws… intelligent(big brain// also hunting stratagies). Jaguar is the solitary hunter and has the strong muscular body which helps him to take down large prey like adult caiman and large anaconda. lIke hyena farted, after it ate the Without a pride a lioness won’t able to take down large prey and as a result she has to depend totally on small prey like wildebeest calf and small antelopes. (of the very little, you once might’ve had).. had stayed, the lion would’ve killed her too.. ( & he probably did.. later on ).. & you remain.. a pig-ignorant coolie.. it does not matter in the slightest.. ... Also known as the black panther, is one of the members of the cat family. Jagutnk killmale liion. L.O.L…. There is an account of both a jag and lion on the web somewhere at a zoo or circus, where a jaguar had escaped from its cage and a had ended up in a lion’s cage. Sry for long ass story.. South America Jaguar?Jaguar take this easily. Really? The Jaguar will win easily… size doesn’t matter. James W.- you think you know everything about animal fights.I agree that the male Lion is a more than formidable opponent to any Leopard due to it’s size and strength.But Lions do not always dominate Leopards.The faster and more agile male Leopard very much capable of destroying a male Lion. In fact, the cougar has more monikers than almost any other living mammal, around 40 in English alone. is that you stink.. So seriously. I have noticed that you have not been clogging these threads with your moronic crap for the past month or so. The jaguar was found dead with no injuries to the lion. You realize James I agree that a lion would kill a Jaguar right or is your hatred towards people who believe that a bear could beat a lion too much for you to handle so think through your comments before you post some other shit. For starters, if we are talking about a large Pantanal Jaguar, than both the Lioness and the Jaguar will be of similar weight (Lioness will be ~280 pounds, while the Jaguar will be ~300 pounds) – and the Jaguar will actually be stronger and more muscular among the two. ha..ha.. now.. respect da facts.. .....arane, tigers too, can weigh as little as 145 kg, and sometimes a bit less. And lions are bigger and stronger than leopards I have seen lion vs leopards usually the leopards climbs the tree. Check out Joubert’s studies on the lions of the Okavango delta.. as badly as ever, again.. ..was a “Juvenile”… just like you, eh boy.. & dead for sure, like your credibility here.. Aka/Troll.. I realize you will remain.. however, few studies exist, and, of ones that do, only figures upon average specimens are given. Leopards are in my opinion the best fighters pound for pound of … Smaller one should use much more power against a big cat and will be coz of this faster tired. ..thus deservedly earning yourself the nickname of – ‘stupid boy’.. Are you unaware lions can hunt dangerous prey like cape buffaloes, giraffes, elephants and hippos. jaguar rape lioness and eat male lion’s penis. A fourth a ton! anyway.. Englese expressione, por favoure! out & destroy – any such perceived challenge to their authority. But if one were to match a Pantanal jaguar (~300 lbs) to a similar sized lioness (~300 lbs), the jaguar would win, because at EQUAL WEIGHTS, jaguars have the strongest jaws, and are overall the strongest big cats. who need extra ‘schooling’.. L.O.L…, James just stop writing bull I’m agreeing with you so chill off ok I’m not trying to make you mad dude so just chill. Let's go against the weakest one in a fight first the cheetah The cheetah weighs 80 to 140 pounds The biggest pitbull is 90 pounds. by attacking adult giraffe.. Compared to a lioness, a male jaguar is more powerfully built. There are hybrid cross-breeds between big cat species too.. James W loudest mouth in room is the ugliest. Even leopards have sometimes killed tigers 3 times their size this way. ..on planet Klendathu.. Yeah, jaguar would probably beat lion. Cougars have a tan/ brown/ black fur. © Copyright 2014-2018 Animal vs Animal Comparison Blog. wrong.. again.. Tiger is 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% muscle, while lion only 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% muscle.