Spray the back of each with spray glue and fix them to a piece of scrap metal plate or Perspex. Open and close the blade — if it works sucessfully this is your template. Benchmade, Spyderco, Kershaw, and SOG's are great and not all too expensive. View Cart. That flat surface to surface is not the way a liner lock stays open or even helps to allow it to close. The downside is however that the force required to unlock it will also be greater. Then cut out the profiles on a band saw. Other options New from $38.10. $40.00 $ 40. When pulled back, the liner lock can easily be pushed back to close the knife. I'm not much of a locking blade person, but I've come to appreciate lock backs for their ease to open, use, then close, and with my the way my hands are and I appreciate that characteristic. The Cattaraugus liner locking patent, 825,093 was issued on July 3, 1906. The lock is similar to the liner lock, but this time the lock is made by the knife frame (part of the swing/handle) on the same lever system as the liner lock. (Have you actually ever seen or used an electrician's knife?) The contact should be the inside EDGE of the leaf, looking at it from the bottom side of the knife is what should make contact with the blade cut out. The locking bar width is 30% of the width of the handle = 6.6 mm; The length of the locking bar is at least 60% of the length of the handle or longer = 57.6 or; Fifty times the thickness of the liner 50 x 1.2 mm = 60 mm. This knife has also seen more use as the mentioned Spyderco Ambitious. The blades are made of Böhler steel, handles or scales made of plum wood. Damascus Folding Knife Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Pocket Knife with Sheep Horn Handle … Here is a video on how to fix your knife's liner lock. A reminder of one of the Forum Rules: 'Behaviour Do not make inappropriate or offensive posts - including threats, harassment, swearing, prejudice, defamation, deliberate insults or name-calling, other negative remarks about this forum, its moderators and administrators or your fellow members. [9] In an interview with Blade in 1988, Walker stated, “This long leaf-spring effect cuts down on stress on the locking mechanism". This ensures that the blade will completely fit inside the handle, shrouding the tip and thereby protecting the user when closed. CRKT CEO EDC Folding Pocket Knife: Low Profile Gentleman's Knife, Everyday Carry, Satin Blade, IKBS Ball Bearing Pivot, Liner Lock, Glass Reinforced Fiber Handle, Deep Carry Pocket Clip 7096. Now draw the back of the blade and position the bushes or back spacers or bushes. £79.95 Quick View. A Linerlock is a folding knife with a side-spring lock that can be opened and closed with one hand without repositioning the knife in the hand. Now, with your lock bar released, bend the lock bar out by securing the back of the liner, and pushing the lock down. Linerlock knives have been around since the late 19th century. Kershaw Knives uses "a pin-and-dimple lock" on a knife designed by custom knifemaker RJ Martin called the "Nerve" to keep the blade closed.[11]. The lock is self-adjusting for wear. Washers provide a smoother operation and is therefore better to use. The DDR3-RC folding knife kit makes a fantastic personal pocket knife with multiple blade options. Also check for side to side blade play when locked open and if possible (i.e. The pressure of the lockbar, also called a leaf spring, prevents the blade from moving. Assuming the liner lock face is 90° to the sides: a shorter lock bar would need a steeper angle (say 9°) whereas a longer lockbar could get away with a lower angle (say 7°). FREE Shipping by Amazon. [7] Walker added a detent ball to hold the blade in the closed position using the same spring force from the liner. Press a needle on the pivot position and close the blade until the tip rests on the point A. Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Folding Liner Lock Knife with Sheep Horn Handle 939 $ 65.00. This is vitally important because many measurements that you still have to make will originate from the pivot. [7][8], Linerlock mechanisms are most commonly composed of titanium alloy or steel. [9], There are a number of other variations on the Linerlock or locking liner, depending on the knife manufacturer. [8][10], To release the lock, the user presses the lock bar back toward the handle side, at which time the blade is free to close. Once you have drawn a design you are satisfied with your design, make an accurate drawing of the handle to scale. The Smith & Wesson® Liner Lock Folding Knife is made from a high carbon stainless steel and features a partially serrated drop point blade. One example would be the frame lock, sometimes called the Reeve Integral Lock and used on the Sebenza. Free returns are available for the shipping address you chose. We have every day carry knives, spring assisted and lock knives of all sizes and styles, you are sure to find your perfect pocket knife at knife … Drill out the pivot holes on both the blade and the handle patterns and assemble them with a try pin. Make a couple of photocopies so you will not have to cut up your original drawings. The ball should project about 0.3 mm above the spring. All SRM blades are treated with fine heating process and special cryogenic treatment to be better on edge retention, hardness, toughness and corrosion resistent. Please keep in mind that this is only one way out of very many ways to accomplish the same thing. I am making a liner locking knife - and by popular demand, I will try my best to video the process and make a rudimentary tutorial. Its black and grey aluminum handle is designed with a strap cutter, glass breaking tool and a pocket clip. Our Liner Lock knives are handmade from high quality materials. This laguiole pocket knife has a very secure opening mechanism (liner lock). Cinderella CPBL120 Vinyl Wedge Bead Lock .120 Thick … Add to cart / Details. Just like the other types of jam, once opened, the blade is self-blocking. Mark out the thumb coil and bolsters. Let me know. However, there are so many different locking systems that it might be useful to see which you can choose from and how they work. TBS Fox Folding Lock Knife - Curly Birch. TBS Fox Folding Lock Knife - Black Micarta. This will utilize the force of the bent spring to hold the blade in the closed position. Liner Lock knife made in Solingen, Germany. Measure the width and length of the handle that you have designed. Pick one up now before they're gone! There are various methods of designing your liner-lock folder. You want to bend it so that if the knife were assembled, the lock is being pushed towards the center. I have a chinese made Spyderco ambitious that has seen a lot of use and the liner lock was wearing out to the point where I had to adjust, bent the liner to securely engage the tang of the knife. 4.7 out of 5 stars 37 ratings. Price: $55.25 & FREE Shipping. Draw the blade, not exceeding this radius line, for this will be the maximum length that your handle can accommodate. The liner lock is the type of lock that can attract both of knife beginner and professional. If the blade is to lay flush with the handle sides, the spring must be recessed into the handle plate to allow for the protrusion of the ball bearing. Get it as soon as Tue, Dec 1. This is the only way to earn the quality mark "made in Solingen/Germany". Quickview More Details. Shims or washers also avoid unsightly scratches on the blade. Even if this is just your own personal opinion, RESPECT YOUR FELLOW MEMBERS.' Have thoughts or ideas??? Locating this ball detent is essential for the correct operation of the LINER-LOCK. [8] The linerlock's locking side liner is split from the top toward the bottom, similar to an automotive leaf spring (also called a lock bar) that butts up against the tang of the blade to prevent the blade from closing. Nobody is denying that a liner lock type mechanism existed prior to 1980, only that said mechanism was not designed for locking a blade into place and would be totally unsuitable for that role without Walker's improvements. With the "frame lock," the frame rather than the liner acts like the leaf spring/lock bar. To provide a lock with maximum strength, the spring on the liner should engage the blade as far below the centre line of the pivot as possible. Each knife is produced with about 180 individual work steps, which we carry out carefully by hand and with high quality standards. To disengage a liner lock, you have to use your thumb to push the spring bar "down" (towards the pocket clip in the example knife shown above) so that it clears contact from the butt of the blade. Some of the many knife makers and knife manufacturing companies that utilize the Linerlock, in alphabetical order, include: Article: THE LINERLOCK - RIGHT FROM THE SOURCE, by Bernard Levine, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Liner_lock&oldid=983952574, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 17 October 2020, at 07:34. The top of the back part of your blade should be 0.5 mm longer than the actual size and the bottom of the back part or the locking part should be 2.0 mm longer than the actual size. ; All the blades of these Laguiole pocket knives are made from high quality X50CrMoV15 steel (0.50% carbon, 15% chromium, 1% molybdenum and vanadium). It is now time to transfer the drawing from the two dimensional representation to a three-dimensional object. These in particular are the knife reviews we've done on liner lock knives. After 1923 when the patent expired, it was used by other manufacturers such as in the common military and lineman's issue two-blade electrician’s knife; the Camillus TL-29 for the locking screwdriver-stripper blade, until 2007 when the Camillus Cutlery Company went out of business. The blade can be any length you choose provided that it fits within the handle - it is preferable though to rather opt for the maximum blade length that the handle would allow. That should help. If the liner engages very late it can slide off of the tang and the blade can close on your hand. A handle of 100 to 120 mm will nicely fit most human hands. What works for me may not work for you. You know the lock has been bent enough when it rests a bit further out than the thickness of the blade. Determine point S just in front of the liner on the blade. Use dividers with the pivot as centre point. You usually have to push to around 5 inches, but start small. The location of the ball bearing is determined by the dimensions of the lower radius or edge of the blade's tang. If you were to go too low for a given lockbar length the lock bar would travel all the way across the face and not get tighter (to allow for wear). To unlock the blade, push the … The resulting knife is modest, ergonomic, and extraordinary functional. As such it you can safely use it without compromising your fingers. The lock with the least wear currently is a tri-ad lock. [1], Walker refined and popularized the design,[2][3] eventually securing a trademark[4] for the name "Linerlock" in March 1990. Liner Lock Knives. This excess will help you to align and fit the blade. When you start with your design use a blank sheet of paper and make a free hand sketch of ideas for the outline of your knife. There is a lot of hype around early lockup and often the mention … This liner lock folding knife kit is called the "DDR3-RC". We do quite a number of knife reviews on this blog, many of which are EDC knives/pocket knives and folders.. When titanium is used for the liners, remember that titanium and steel do not work well together — particularly when moving against each other under pressure. The shorter the spring, the greater the force will be that is applied to the lock. Add to cart / Details. The pre-hardened tactical and recurve blades are precision fit to the lock and are expertly sharpened right out of the box. Civivi Asticus Folding Pocket Knife, Utility Knife with Liner Lock,Ball Bearing Pivot, G10 Handle with Deep Carry Pocket Clip Everyday Carry Knife C2002D Visit the Civivi Store. The Linerlock is a locking mechanism for folding pocket knives. This method worked great for me. Take a look through, and if there is a knife you'd like a review of isn't up on this site yet, either comment on a post or contact us to let us know. We have hundreds of pocket and lock knives to fit any budget. This is a short archive of most of the steps involved with the knifemaking process. [9] As the lock on the original electrician's knife was mostly to hold a screwdriver blade open (the knife blade, itself was secured by a slip joint method), Walker's refinements prevented the knife blade from closing on the user's hand and converted it into a true lock. Locating the ball bearing within the area described on the spring will prevent it from running off the blade when opening and closing the knife. This is where the run-out (grind line) will start and the stop-pin (the pin that stops the blade in the open position) will be in the closed position. Position the holes for all the fastening screws that you will need for the handle slabs, bolsters, and bushes/spacers. The liner lock, originally known as a Walker Lock after its inventor Michael Walker, is one of the most popular types of locking systems. But when the safety switch is pushed forward, it acts as an extra lock ensuring the linerlock can not be used to close the knife, making the folding knife a virtual fixed-blade tool. Whether it is one of our own, impeccably made liner lock knives or any other listed we have "cherry picked" some of the best on the market. The washers stand the blade away from the handle plates and allow for easy cleaning of the joint. An early engagement (closer to the locking liner side) is much safer than “late” engagement (towards the non-locking liner) as force on the blade will naturally move the lock away from the locking side. The modern Linerlock traces its lineage to the late 19th century, but in the 1980s the design was improved by American custom knifemaker Michael Walker. The centre of the pivot is approximately 55% of the width of the handle from the top of the liner, and approximately 40 to 45% of the width of the handle from the front of the liner: The next step is to determine the position and length of the locking bar: The length of the spring is important but not critical to the functioning of the system. This lets you use your index finger to push the blade just enough so that it keeps the bar pushed down so you can remove your thumb from the blade path, then continue to safely close … Ambi Lock. Use the transparent film to open and close the blade. We help you by giving you the tried-and-tested methods that will safely guide you in this design. Another variation, known as the inset Linerlock has the leaf spring embedded into the plastic scales of the handle, technically forgoing a metal liner. Fifty times the thickness of the liner 50 x 1.2 mm = 60 mm. I have only met Michael Walker less than a handful of times, so there is no agenda there. The reason is that it made from the thinner piece of metal, it is more prone to wear out compared to the frame lock. Transfer the notch for the stop pin drawn on the transparency to the liner. Push it out 1 inch, then 2, and so on. As a result, this Laguiole pocket knife has excellent cutting performance and easy manual sharpening. Written on Sunday, 06 September 2015 14:00, From the pivot to the locking bar's front corner ("c" in the sketch) is 28% of the width of the handle = 6.16 mm. Page 4 - Discover all our liner lock folding knives for sale on DepDep online shop. Do not place the holes to close to the edge of the handle - you will need to chamfer the finished handle and you don't want that chamfer to touch the screw holes. Features: Liner lock. View Cart. Transfer point A as a radius to approximately where the tip of the blade will be in the open position. That the bottom part of blade is not protruding, That the tip of the blade is aligned with point A, That the cutting edge clears the spacing bushes. There is no inherent portion of the LINER-LOCK system which secures the blade in the closed position. However, the problem is that liner lock is not as robust as another locking system, so it is hard for use with the heavy duty task. Determine the position of the pivot point. Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Folding Liner Lock Knife with Sheep Horn Handle 939 $ 65.00; Blank Blade Damascus Survival Tracker Knife Blank Blade Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Hunting Knife Best Tracker Knife With Stainless Steel Handle 1409 $ 40.00 [5][6] Walker's improvement to the design was to facilitate true one handed opening of the knife. The MSRP on the Smith & Wesson Liner Lock Folding Knife is $19.99. Determine where the point of the blade will rest in the closed position, taking into account the size of the back spacer or bush.