Evaluated the test results and presented product disposition following specification requirements prior to its release for production. Titration 7. This may include education, previous job experience, certifications and technical skills. Experienced with the following instruments for water testing during clinical trials: TOC Analyzer, Conductivity and pH meter. Demonstrated test methods and occasionally discussed test results with clients for request clarification. Maintained chemical inventory, provided necessary materials for undergraduate microbiology, introduction to biology lab courses created bacterial stocks. Laboratory Technician Skills. Learned about GMP processes, reading and understanding SOP's, and gained experience in a Quality Assurance laboratory. Skills. Maintained cell culture lines and developed cryogenic preservation viability studies for red spruce, white spruce, and black spruce trees. Verified inventory of laboratory chemicals and assured storage of volatile compounds, meeting OSHA guidelines. Saved thousands of dollars in products, by developing new product flows and handling methods in accordance with OSHA Standards. Achieved overhauling of company SOP's and GMP protocols for Clinical trial studies to be used in investigations. Organized and create Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access spreadsheets. Tested and validated disposable strip indicators used in blood glucose monitoring, prepared blood samples, performed special studies as needed. Collected and analyzed freshwater and coastal atmosphere samples for methane flux using gas chromatography. Learned/Mastered the ASTM/ACRN/UOP methods and instrumentation required for a variety of chemicals/petrochemicals under 6 months of training. Performed High Complexity testing using HPLC-LC/MS/MS Technology. Implemented spare parts inventories and management, routine preventive maintenance and scheduling, interviewing and selecting technicians. Maintained laboratory condition, to include equipment, supplies, quality assurance programs, and accurate records throughout all procedures. Implemented technical protocols requiring assay comprehension, precise techniques, and data analysis to deliver clinical results. Practiced effective contamination control policies for all assays within CLIA certified laboratory. Populated laboratory with several pieces of test equipment and supported several engineers. Maintained complete and accurate monitoring of refrigerator and freezer units according to FDA regulations. Performed routine laboratory procedures such as buffer/reagent preparation, membrane solutions and test solutions. Performed component level troubleshooting using a variety of different manufacturers' test equipment. For example, 12.2% of Laboratory Technician resumes contained Lab Equipment as a skill. Followed FDA, EMA, and ISO mandates to ensure the proper handling and testing of samples and testing equipment. Performed animal care, lab duties (sterile techniques, culturing, etc) and research projects. Prepared, performed and documented device verification and process validations in accordance with applicable FDA, ISO and company requirements. MSL30118 Certificate III in Laboratory Skills. Performed and interpreted basic and advanced technical procedures on blood samples and complete required quality control. Helped design production and testing of an ongoing nutritional supplement company. Used proprietary software to analyze samples on a quantitative basis using HPLC and GC, detect phase transitions using D.S.C. Graded assignments for Lab Technician/Professor. Facilitated and implemented test methods, procedures and analysis as needed. Assisted in compliance of NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) laws, specifications, and guidelines, for hazardous materials/waste. Performed diverse clinical laboratory diagnostic testing using various methodologies and instrumentation in the areas of RIA, chemistry, and hematology. Served as an active shift leader aiding coworkers with sample preparation and analyses, data entry into LIMS, and troubleshooting. Before your interview, read through the job description to see if there are any specific skills the employer requires for this role. Hard skills are the set of skills that are required for a specific job. Prepared reports covering materials scrapped or salvaged. Updated laboratory information management systems (LIMS) and maintained laboratory notebook for quality assurance. Conducted experiments with various statistical test methods to determine optimum test procedures and approaches. Hand 2. Worked as Lab technician in pathological laboratory. Performed phlebotomy efficiently and accurately and also delivered blood specimens to the laboratory. Performed blood manufacturing, triage, data entry, QC, sterile connecting, irradiate blood products and blood product storage. Performed calibration on laboratory equipment Performed equipment maintenance, testing and troubleshooting Maintained laboratory supplies and regents inventory Maintained laboratory logs. Full-time position within the area of Chemistry or Chemical Engineering. Maintained and calibrated automated equipment used to perform a number of test simultaneously. Developed test methods and material specification limits on new products. Managed inventory, equipment maintenance, proficiency testing and reporting, monthly QC reports for Laboratory Director. Handled blood samples and ensured that the amount of samples sent to the lab were consistent with the attached paperwork. Maintained laboratory equipment and procedures following FDA guidelines. Conducted extensive chromatography analyses for final product over-checks and standard qualification. Prepared and stained smears of Blood, and other Body fluids for Hematological, Microbiological and Microscopical studies. Ensured HIPAA compliance and maintained patient privacy and confidential information. Refractive Index – Concentration Determination 10. Assisted nurses on staff with patient care, performed EKG's EEG's, collected blood samples and various other specimens. Performed phlebotomy, special slide staining, microscopy, interpretation of report, instrument sterilization and all medical pathological tests. Some even develop testing … Collected, processed and shipped specimens according protocol. Performed all aspects of diagnostic Radiology and routine lab tests; drawing of blood, U/As. Facilitated high volume requests and provided quality service to diverse customers dealing with supervisors/managers/executives. Assisted lab technicians in Molecular Biology lab preparing fruit fly specimens. Requested new equipment and performed weekly preventative maintenance checks and services on equipment. Analyzed clinical chemistry, coagulation and microbiology controls and reagents using both automated and manual techniques. Provided routine maintenance of dissolution and HPLC machines to preserve optimal functionality of equipment. Preformed avian flu testing utilizing embryo infection for virus isolation and real-time PCR for virus identification. Gathered and shipped specific samples to regional and international customers. Researched microscopic organisms, and analyzed pharmaceutical raw materials and products. Developed cleaning test methods used to determine equipment cleanliness. Used Microsoft PowerPoint to prepare and give presentations during weekly meetings. Methods and procedures of preparing instructional materials used in appropriate laboratory. They perform regular calibration tests on instruments and … Performed lab techniques including: Transforming yeast, PCR confirmation of transformed strains, and curating research papers. Operated and maintained standard equipment within the QC Chemistry laboratory. What it takes Skills and knowledge. Laboratory technicians conduct necessary quality testing to ensure water meets high standards to protect public health. Conducted analyses in accordance with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) to meet EPA, PMRA, and OECD data requirements. Candidates will be expected to have had a minimum of 100 hours per month of actual testing/analysis experience, with 12, 24 and 36 months of experience being required for categories I, II and III, respectively. Performed calibration and QC for laboratory equipment. Ensured compliance with CAP and OSHA guidelines through cataloging and updating Material Safety Data Sheets for all laboratory departments. Basic laboratory skills. Performed daily Environmental Monitoring to ensure class 100,000 rooms meet FDA specifications. Executed microbiological testing on raw materials and finished good samples using aseptic technique. Performed sterile technique and sterilizing the work area. Included collecting and testing samples in laboratory environment, maintaining accurate records and preparing reports according to strict standards. Performed instrument tuning functions on the Gas Chromatography and performed basic Mass Spectrometer instrument maintenance. Ensured the safety of equipment and work area, properly following all procedures and safety guidelines, meeting OSHA standards. Ordered supplies and equipment, maintained records, coordinated HAZMAT surveys and cleanup projects with hazardous materials contractors. Assisted plant production management by providing statistical data analysis of plant control and finished production samples. Maintained QC/QA records for all solutions prepared on daily bases for each step of assay as scheduled by supervisor. Pursued knowledge on handling hazardous materials and potentially dangerous equipment. generated and executed test plans for reliability testing of telecommunications equipment. Practiced aseptic technique under biological safety cabinets and laminar flow hoods. Created standardized forms for analysis and sample preparation. Conducted testing for various adhesives and performed various test methods. Maintained equipment and laboratory facilities in order to comply with GMP/ISO/FDA regulations. Demonstrated excellent practical and theoretical knowledge of instrumental techniques and wet chemistry. A medical laboratory technologist and a medical laboratory technician work in related occupations and the terms may be confused, but there are a number of differences. Used UV for special tests like Mg and flame photometer for Li. Performed daily analyses, maintained accurate records of laboratory investigation, and maintaining laboratory equipment and instruments. Sterilization by autoclaving and hot air of glassware and discarded materials. UV/VIS 8. You may also include soft skills and personality traits that you envision for a successful hire. Demonstrated meticulous and organized work methods in preparing and performing thermal diffusion lab tests in a hands-on environment. Today's top 7,000+ Skills Laboratory Technician jobs in United States. Performed data entry in the laboratory management system (UVIS). Advised doctors about sample preparation and specific test execution. Acted as assistant to SleepCare Technicians at AASM accredited comprehensive sleep laboratory. Followed proper laboratory procedures including laboratory safety. Performed Laboratory Testing IAW ASTM test Methods and Federal Specifications. Performed PCR and Sequencing purification. Reworked Validation Platforms and Reference Boards to enable CMV automation functionality. Identified root cause of data inconsistencies and initiated resolutions including troubleshooting and equipment repair. Developed and implemented affinity column chromatography/FPLC protein purification protocol. Lab techs need a variety of technical skills to perform their jobs accurately and safely. Laboratory/Research Skills for Science Resume Process film Print film Operation of Electron Microscopy Prepare grids Form film on grids Histology Routine frozen sections of whole animal brains Cell and fiber stains Perfusions of animals Staining processes Embedding processes: paraffin, celloidin Autoradiography of tissue sections Beth Greenwood is an RN and has been a writer since 2010. Conducted full-scope lab tests and analysis of building and soil samples to determine lead or asbestos content. Assisted in general repairs of geological lab equipment and polarizing microscopes. Performed between 50 and 100 lab tests weekly for engineering purposes on environmental samples including concrete and soil. Performed maintenance and repair work on auto-injection and gas chromatography equipment. Being conscientious with details includes the ability to record all relevant data, identify those from whom samples are taken, and thoroughly describe the subjects and findings. At 27.75%, Experiment, Specimen, Hospital, and Clinic appear far less frequently, but are still a significant portion of the 10 top Lab Technician skills and qualifications found on resumes. New Skills Laboratory Technician jobs added daily. TAFE at School Full fee: $1,855: Subsidised: $1,015: Concession: $550: Full fee: $4,735: Download Brochure. Performed data collection and organization from clinical trials. Completed diagnostic procedures and laboratory testing as well as recorded x-rays, lab tests and filed x-ray films. Performed statistical and graphical data analysis by compiling and recording all data into Excel spreadsheets and computer logs. Performed DNA paternity testing in a Laboratory. Individuals working in this field must be proficient in the use of computers and electronics. Maintained test equipment and implemented new technology for suitable working order. Assisted with troubleshooting and maintaining proper functionality of both laser cutting machines and computer systems. The must be skilled at communicating verbally and through writing, as well. Trained In Process Laboratory and Stability procedures, either using LIMS program or online testing with the AxSYM & ARCHITECT analyzers. Because technologists must earn a bachelor's degree, they have a much more extensive theoretical knowledge base than technicians, who need only an associate degree. Documented and tracked product usage, orders, and coordinated product returns while investigating and troubleshooting inventory issues. Participated in unit-based Quality Assurance Program (CLIA). Analyzed and perform test (Assay & Degradation, Content Uniformity, Dissolution by UV/VIS and HPLC). A laboratory technician should have moderate scientific knowledge and know how to apply scientific principles when analyzing specimens and data. Performed Light Transmission (UV), IR, and others, to Packaging Components. Maintained lab equipment including routine cleaning and calibration. Prepared media, ordered lab supplies, calibrated incubators, pH meters, Thermometers, Stopwatches. Recorded all labeling/QA information in Excel spreadsheets for customer according to company policy. Ways to Study. Maintained accurate records of test results and instrument calibrations. Performed testing and certification of customer product and raw materials. Performed monthly proficiency testing with AAFCO. Drafted Standard Operating Procedures for laboratory notebooks, instrument maintenance, and other laboratory procedures. Performed routine lab tests for a group of eight internists including a hematologist providing extensive contact with chemotherapy patients. Promoted to Metallurgical Lab Technician where I completed an apprenticeship in metallurgy sponsored by the Virginia Apprenticeship Board. Defined and outlined QA procedures for routine urinalysis for reference laboratory testing. Performed general biological procedures to evaluate food quality (QAQC) and environmental controls in a meat processing plant. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. She specializes in medical and health topics, as well as career articles about health care professions. Provided training to other laboratory technicians on new test methods and equipment. Analyzed and recorded data for 75 urine samples per week on average. Trained employees in both cement and production enhancement testing including laboratory test methods, machine preventative maintenance and calibrations. Preformed various Quality Control and production duties throughout the plant including all QA testing on raw materials to be received. Supervised assistant lab technician, delegating, prioritizing, and organizing assignments. Created Standard Operating Procedures for laboratory protocols to ensure laboratory procedures complied with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). Operated high temperature programmable Lab Equipment -metal surface preparation -Data collection, interpretation, reports. Provided functional oversight for the laboratory procedures involved in human plasma particle separation. Participated in vaccine production from beginning (inoculation of chicken embryos or primary cell cultures) to final vaccine product packaging. Collaborated with NOAA scientists at NOAA's Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory in Ann Arbor, MI. Managed and evaluated data, including recording of data and data entry Volunteer. Performed independent operation of all medical and lab equipment. Instructed staff in the use of the new MS Office software, including Excel and PowerPoint. Get the hands-on skills you need to become a medical laboratory technician. Trained and orientated in phlebotomy and other specimen collection procedures and maintained data in automated systems. Conducted environmental monitoring within the laboratory and GMP areas. Performed analysis on patient samples in Hematology, Urinalysis, Coagulation, Chemistry and Special Chemistry. Analyzed mill samples by centrifuge procedure, UV, TOC and IC. Used sterile technique, autoclave and glassware washer. Performed sample preparation according to standard EPA methodologies. Ensured proper sterilization of glassware and disposal of hazardous materials. Processed specimens in Chemistry, Immunology, Urinalysis, Hematology, Coagulation, and Serology departments. Devised and implemented a well-organized system that improved customer service, efficiency, and product quality. Performed inventory/reconciliation and data entry of blood components using various computer programs designated for component production. Maintained and calibrated laboratory equipment such as water purifiers, scales and pH meters. Performed organic and inorganic sample preparation. Checked and maintained (daily/weekly/monthly) Quality Assurance and Control (QA and QC) in the lab. Performed extraction of DNA from human blood samples and quantified the amount of DNA contained in each sample. Completed ASTM/ACRN/UOP calibrations/documentation, abiding Good Laboratory Practice, for upcoming audits under extreme time constraints. Examined cell cultures and culture media prior to use checking for microbial contamination, improper pH, cracked containers, etc. Performed data analysis of HPLC programs, troubleshot issues, and provided recommendations to achieve laboratory efficiency. Notified the supervisor of any problems and document any deviations from intended performance. Managed the stability evaluation sessions, including validation and distribution of data entry. Performed laboratory testing and maintenance/diagnostics of analyzers in Chemistry, Hematology, Microbiology and Urinalysis. This manual does not contain further details about these skills. Handled projects, created test plans, occasionally assigned work. Performed SEC column and Affinity HPLC for monoclonal antibody analysis from human serum, including AFM1 identification. Performed limited level 1 support troubleshooting of personal computers and submits request for in-depth maintenance when required. Performed laboratory procedures following accepted OSHA precautions and policy guidelines; responsible for clerical duties directly related to laboratory and radiology. Performed soil and aggregate laboratory tests as per ASTM standards for quality assurance/control and to verify compliance with specifications. Maintained and increased stock cultures of corn callus tissue, using sterile technique under a laminar flow hood. Performed preventative maintenance and diagnostic test on machinery, including electrical and mechanical troubleshooting. Provided quality assurance of laboratory specimens and reagents, and routine maintenance of instrumentation. Skilled in biology laboratory procedures including dissection, microscope usage, and identification of specimens. Performed DNA isolation, amplification, and precipitation for Sanger sequencing. Packaged and shipped orders both domestically and internationally. Prepared daily project status reports for management on patients, EKG, and supplies ordered. Utilized lab equipment and procedures to conduct both sensory and chemical analysis. This may include education, previous job experience, certifications and technical skills. Performed PCR in a professional CLIA/CAP certified laboratory setting for clinical patients in use for diagnostic testing. Received exemplary customer service award within 8 months signed by Supervisor and Manager. Supervised other lab technicians on laboratory processes and verifying archaeological provenience. Performed routine specimen processing, analysis and resulting of hematology, microbiology, chemistry, urinalysis, serology and blood samples. Acted in an educational liaison capacity, effectively interfaced with special interest groups by conducting plant tours. LABORATORY AND FIELDWORK SKILLS Warning: some links take you to "external" sites. Adhered to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and safety protocols that produced precise and compliant results within established time parameters. Collaborated with microbiology, hematology, chemistry, serology, and urinalysis departments. Maintained lab equipment to ensure accuracy and precision for quality assurance. Validated and maintained the HPLC as well as the Inductively-Coupled Plasma (ICP-MS) and Flame photometer instruments. Disposed of potentially hazardous bacteria and fungi and sanitized lab equipment. By location; TAFE at School ; Traineeship; Cost. Coordinated with site lab technicians and engineers to ensure annual continuous conformance flammability testing. Accomplished and interpreted advance technical procedures on blood samples using complete quality control procedures. Designed and developed new procedure and created excel spreadsheets for calculations on a AASHTO standard testing procedure. Developed HPLC methods for LC/MS and LC/MS/MS quantitative analysis of therapeutic agents in biological samples and prepared assay-specific SOP's. Communicated findings to 40 leading experts in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. Performed testing and analysis of urine and blood samples by GC/MS or LC/MS/MS for drugs of abuse. Learned and illustrated sterile techniques, autoclave operation, and plant dissection. Prepared samples for analysis using High Performance Gas Electro-Chromatography. Medical Laboratory Technician Skills. Analyzed experimental data using various data analysis software; compiled data and delivered accurate, reliable and timely results. Repaired film processors and scanners including maintaining and mixing photographic chemistry. You can join a professional body relevent to your area of work for career development and training opportunities. Investigated and developed new methods of sample preparation and post-production treatment. Prepared and processed animal and plant tissues in a precision production manufacturing laboratory and provided educational and technical customer service support. Organized data, both paper and electronic documentation of daily process assurance and laboratory data analysis. Bachelor degree in relevant scientific field; One to three years experience in laboratory setting; Part-time position to begin immediately; Must have organizational, record-keeping, and communication skills; Company Profile. Collaborated with laboratory colleagues to troubleshoot and resolve research issues to meet investigation goals. Exchanged technical information with team members for troubleshooting and process improvement and provided ongoing support. Prepared blood samples using capillary tubes and centrifuging them so the erythrocytes and plasma could be measured and analyzed. Performed various daily laboratory tests, such as hematology, urinalysis, chemistry, special chemistry, coagulation and molecular. Assisted customer service department by taking and processing orders while maintaining excellent customer service skills. You'll need to have: 1. the ability to learn specific, practical techniques and apply this knowledge to solve technical problems 2. good hand-eye coordination, to use technical equipment with accuracy 3. the ability to maintain and calibrate technical equipment 4. time management skills to work on several different projects at once 5. flexibility in order to work with and provide support for a number of people 6. excellent oral communication skills in order to work effectively with colleagues from all parts of the organisation … Carried out experimental sleep studies using EEG and EKG data. General Introduction 2. Determined vitamin and sugar concentrations using HPLC. Performed test equipment maintenance and calibration within the Soil and Aggregate Laboratory, Designed/renovated existing bench-top test equipment using data acquisition & control systems. Provided broad administrative support for and managed daily office operations for Rutgers Cell and DNA Repository. Maintained accurate records and performed data entry for component production.