Parade of the Stars Alignment Being on his own and having had to fend for himself all of his life, Kit is very independent and streetwise. Allies He opens up to Baloo and begins to trust and admire him. Baloo, Rebecca Cunningham, Molly Cunningham, Wildcat, Louie, Don Karnage (formerly) Quote He greatly enjoys a hobby known as air surfing. If you are adding new information, please add a reliable source. He and Baloo are close friends. Air surfing involves Kit soaring through their air (usually towed behind a plane) on his boomerang-shaped board known as his airfoil. ... Rebecca Cunningham, and Kit Cloudkicker. The presence of the newcomers rekindles Scrooge's spirit of adventure, leading the group to go on numerous new treasure-hunting expeditions, while the nephews and their new friend Webby uncover the truth behind what caused their uncles to become estranged and retire from adventuring. So, what other Disney cartoons deserve a reboot? • "They Put a Moonlander on the Earth!" DuckTales began running on Hungarian state television channel MTV1 in the early 1990s. Personality Molly Cunningham is a female anthropomorphic bear. 40 Comments. • "Beware the B.U.D.D.Y. • "The Dangerous Chemistry of Gandra Dee!" Episode Discussion. To break the ice, the old man gave a big booming laugh. $19 99. But in this same episode, Baloo saves Kit from Karnage, and this appears to be a turning point for Kit. They also appeared in the DuckTales reboot episodes "Sky Pirates...In the Sky!" Paraphernalia Navigator for Higher For Hire Disney Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Bongo the BearMowgli 1 Biography 1.1 TaleSpin 1.2 DuckTales (2017) 2 Gallery 3 Navigation Before he met Baloo, he was a member of Captain Don Karnage the Jackal's air pirate gang. • "Raiders of the Doomsday Vault!" Park attractions • "Treasure of the Found Lamp!" Airfoil Well; we end Ducktales Volume 3 on a subdued finale; but still better than Time is Money. r/ducktales: Race-cars, lasers, aeroplanes... it's a duck-blur! 64 notes. Background information Slender anthropomorphic bear cub, brown fur, beige muzzle, black nose, green sweater with a yellow patch on the right elbow, white shirt/turtle neck, blue baseball cap with a red rim worn backwards (forwards in the DuckTales reboot) ducktales ducktales 2017 ducktales au dewey duck Huey Duck louie duck Webby Vanderquack kit cloudkicker molly cunningham the phooey duck series w.i.p. Season Three: "The Land of Trala La" • "Allowance Day" • "Bubbeo & Juliet" • "The Good Muddahs" • "My Mother the Psychic" • "Metal Attraction" • "Dough Ray Me" • "Bubba's Big Brainstorm" • "The Big Flub" • "A Case of Mistaken Secret Identity" • "Blue Collar Scrooge" • "Beaglemania" • "Yuppy Ducks" • "The Bride Wore Stripes" • "The Unbreakable Bin" • "Attack of the Fifty-Foot Webby" • "The Masked Mallard" • "A DuckTales Valentine" Posted by 6 days ago. Before he met Baloo, he was a member of Don Karnage's air pirates. Kit Cloudkicker serves as navigator aboard Baloo's plane, the Sea Duck, which is in the service of the air cargo service, Higher for Hire. Early on, he picks up a young stowaway, Kit Cloudkicker, who eventually earns the post of Baloo's navigator and sidekick. The machine … Appearance 8 notes. • "The Other Bin of Scrooge McDuck!" 307 Favourites. Disney – DuckTales – Huey. 182. • "Day of the Only Child!" The visual gloss of and excitement level engendered by the episode haven't dated one bit, with memorable sequence succeeding memorable sequence and the whole kit (not Cloudkicker) and kaboodle (not Kitten) ramping up to a third act that completely blew away anything on offer from any animated series of the first 40 years of television. Welcome to the SHACK OF THOUGHTS. • "The Living Mummies of Toth-Ra!" Season Four: "Ducky Mountain High" • "Attack of the Metal Mites" • "The Duck Who Knew Too Much" • "New Gizmo-Kids on the Block" • "Scrooge's Last Adventure" • "The Golden Goose", 2017 series I also notice that the vial of berry juice from the Gummi Bears episode is there on the left side, and Bubba and Trixie too. • "The Shadow War!" • "The Beagle Birthday Massacre!" • "Daytrip of Doom!" Home – Sea Duck, Kit Cloudkicker, and Molly Cunningham: Spin it! By: Impact Merchandising. • "The Infernal Internship of Mark Beaks!" • "The Town Where Everyone Was Nice!" Kit Cloudkicker is the deuteragonist from the Disney animated series TaleSpin. 1 Description 2 Behind the scenes 2.1 Voice actors 3 See also Kit Cloudkicker is a young orphan who once ran with Don Karnage's Sky Pirates, but eventually parted ways with them after witnessing the full extent of Karnage's villainy. • "The Golden Armory of Cornelius Coot!" ... as a person who has watched both Ducktales and The Iron Giant way too many times, it’s my responsibility to point out these similarities. Here, his design resembles Baloo. work in progress demmwritingmessages one shot dump my writes short Vladimir Gryzlikoff j gander hooter talespin cape suzette • "The 87 Cent Solution!" • "The Secret(s) of Castle McDuck!" She has blue ribbons tied into bows around her ears (giving her the look of pigtails), a pink short-sleeved polo shirt, frilly white diaper-like panties& lavender shortalls. • "The Depths of Cousin Fethry!" R.J. Williams (originally)Alan Roberts • "The Spear of Selene!" • "How Santa Stole Christmas! • "The Great Dime Chase!" • "Maid of the Myth" • "Down and Out in Duckburg" • "Much Ado About Scrooge" • "Top Duck" • "Pearl of Wisdom" • "The Curse of Castle McDuck" • "Launchpad's Civil War" • "Sweet Duck of Youth" • "Earth Quack" • "Home Sweet Homer" • "Bermuda Triangle Tangle" • "Micro Ducks from Outer Space" • "Back to the Klondike" • "Horse Scents" • "Scrooge's Pet" • "Catch as Cash Can" • "Merit-Time Adventure" • "The Golden Fleecing" • "Ducks of the West" • "Time Teasers" • "Back Out in the Outback" • "Raiders of the Lost Harp" • "The Right Duck" • "Scroogerello" • "Double-O-Duck" • "Luck o' the Ducks" • "Duckworth's Revolt" • "Magica's Magic Mirror"/"Take Me Out of the Ballgame" • "Duck to the Future" • "Jungle Duck" • "Launchpad's First Crash" • "Dime Enough for Luck" • "Duck in the Iron Mask" • "The Uncrashable Hindentanic" • "The Status Seekers" • "Nothing to Fear" • "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. McDuck" • "Once Upon a Dime" • "Spies in Their Eyes" • "All Ducks on Deck" • "Ducky Horror Picture Show" • "Till Nephews Do Us Part" Video games hard-headed-woman. He decided to descend. • "Who is Gizmoduck?!" • "Quack Pack!" The Air Pirates are recurring antagonists of the 1990 Disney cartoon seriesTaleSpin. Season Two: "The Most Dangerous Game...Night!" Kit is a young 12-year old, orphaned bear cub full of spirit and spunk, and is Baloo's best friend, partner, and navigator. Affiliations • "The Ballad of Duke Baloney!" Little Britches Kit Cloudkicker is the deuteragonist from the Disney animated series TaleSpin. Grown-up versions of both Kit Cloudkicker, Baloo’s sidekick in TaleSpin, and Molly Cunningham will also find their way into DuckTales. She was voiced by Janna Michael. System!" 5 comments. Character information Kit yelled as he saw the gas-masked face of the jet pilot through the clear canopy of the jet. Despite Kit's having formerly been an Air Pirate only being mentioned in the pilot of the show, it is brought up frequently by both him and the pirates in the comics. However, he initially had a "tough guy attitude" likely because of the harsh life he lived. Molly is an adorable and pretty 5-year-old, yellow-furred, anthropomorphic female pink-nosed bear cub. Follow. Kit Cloudkicker was based on the Artful Dodger, the title character of Jonny Quest (1964), and … After spending a year with the air pirates, Kit claims that he "got sick of them", and after Don Karnage stole a valuable jewel from Shere Khan, Kit decided to make his move - to take the jewel, leave the pirates, and begin a new life. • "McMystery at McDuck McManor!" • "The First Adventure!" Disney – Moana – Moana (Ceremony) 14.90 € Pridať do košíka. PRE-ORDER. • "JAW$!" The series included figures from DuckTales, Darkwing Duck, Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers, and TaleSpin. • "Sky the Sky!" Shere Khan, Don Karnage, Colonel Spigot, Solego, Daring Dan Dawson #launchpad mcquack #Kit Cloudkicker #ducktales #Ducktales Crackships #ducktales spoilers #same coat. Kit Cloudkicker, and there also looks to be a more adult Molly. • "Storkules in Duckburg!" Molly originally appeared, as a child, on the 1990-1991 Disney Afternoon series TaleSpin (see here for details). In the comics, he admitted that he never knew either of his biological parents, and learned how to navigate from stowing away on aircraft. Jesus. gen swap au ducktales talespin kit cloudkicker molly cunningham. • "Happy Birthday, Doofus Drake!" • "Let's Get Dangerous!" Good Gender We have seen the Sea Duck on a Cape Suzette brochure in the Shadow War episode in season 1, but we will finally get to see this famous plane in action in season 3. Inspiration ... After a full minute, Kit Cloudkicker's stare, weighed down by years of grumpy old man mojo, won out. • "Terror of the Terra-firmians!" 8 notes Oct 15th, 2020. Kit is set to appear in the rebooted show as an adult. TaleSpin Crew DuckTales Style. • "GlomTales!" Kit could be seen as TaleSpin's equivalent to. Funko recently released a TaleSpin series of POPs that includes Baloo, Louie, Kit Cloudkicker, Rebecca Cunningham, and Shere Khan. • "The Split Sword of Swanstantine!" • "What Ever Happened to Della Duck?!" • "The Richest Duck in the World!" Pop! • "The Duck Knight Returns!" DuckTales, Darkwing Duck And More Disney Cartoons Get Funko Figures ... Gizmoduck from DuckTales, and Kit Cloudkicker from Tailspin all come to mind. The Rescue Rangers in the 'DuckTales' poster from the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con. • "The Missing Links of Moorshire!" Television programs edtropolis. Kit Cloudkicker is a male anthropomorphic bear. TaleSpin (NES)TaleSpin (Genesis) Rant is completed and posted! Books: Dinosaur Ducks • The Secret City Under the Sea • Dinosaur Valley • Launchpad's Daring Raid • Welcome to Duckburg • Sphinx for the Memories and Sir Gyro Gearloose • The Great Lost Treasure Hunt • Scrooge McDuck and the Big Surprise • Dinosaur Ducks and Jungle Duck • The Hunt for the Giant Pearl • Scrooge's Treasure Hunt • Christmas at the North Pole • Armstrong the Robot and Earthquack • Silver Dollars for Uncle Scrooge • Webby Saves the Day, 2017 series: Della Duck • Lena • Board of Directors • Captain Peghook • Manny the Headless Man-Horse • Pixiu • Gabby McStabberson • Hack and Slash Smashnikov • Roxanne Featherly • Toad Liu Hai • Mark Beaks • Falcon Graves • Amunet • Sabaf • Toth-Ra • Zeus • Selene • Storkules • Briar and Bramble • Darkwing Duck • Gosalyn Mallard • Megavolt • Don Karnage • Quackerjack • Liquidator • Black Heron • Zan Owlson • Fisher • Mann • Drosera occidendum • José Carioca • Panchito Pistoles • Fethry Duck • John D. 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Video Games: Video game (HD remake/Soundtrack) • DuckTales 2 • The Quest for Gold • Scrooge's Loot Season One: "Woo-oo!" That was always something I thought was implied in the original Talespin series that Don Karnage and his gang killed Kit's parents. share. Air Pirates (formerly)Higher For Hire • "Louie's Eleven!" • "A Nightmare on Killmotor Hill!" Fanart. • "The Trickening!" Season Three "Challenge of the Senior Junior Woodchucks!" Update #110 (08/06/2018)- Ducktales Returns: The Beagle Birthday Massacre! 1 Background 1.1 Personality 2 Appearances 2.1 DuckTales (2017) 3 Gallery 4 Trivia Kit is a young 12-year old, orphaned bear cub full of spirit and spunk, and isBaloo's best friend, partner, and navigator. dragongrl09 liked this . Gosalyn Mallard, who was Darkwing Duck’s adopted daughter in the original series, will be re-introduced in DuckTales. Click here to view this page's gallery. The four characters from TaleSpin were Baloo, Louie, Kit Cloudkicker, and Shere Khan. • "The Forbidden Fountain of the Foreverglades!" Bear’n grin it because we are getting more TaleSpin in DuckTales. Getting his feet tickled, spinach, anchovies Male Considering Kit is a former pirate, he has surprisingly good manners and is highly respectful of adults - when he initially introduced himself to Rebecca, for example, he took off his hat, and he refers to her as 'Miss Cunningham'. • "Escape from the Impossibin!" Other names 9643053. • "The Impossible Summit of Mt. It's time for all shows to get what they rightfully deserve. DuckTales is an American animated television series, developed by Matt Youngberg and Francisco Angones, and produced by Disney Television Animation.The series is a reboot of the original 1987 series of the same name, which focused on the lives of Scrooge McDuck and his family as they engaged in a variety of adventures around the world, as well as in the fictional city of Duckburg. Baloo the Bear from The Jungle Book (1967) is cast as a 1930s Pacific Islands bush pilot. Press J to jump to the feed. Kit Cloudkicker (8) + Show More Company: Funko (15) Beast Kingdom (2) Mondo (2) USAopoly (1) Impact Merchandising (1) Selection will refresh the page with new results. Cloud-surfing, planes Most of the characters have already appeared in this season, however. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Before he met Baloo, he was a member of Don Karnage's air pirates. Kit Cloudkicker is the deuteragonist of TaleSpin. Bear Kit Cloudkicker is a young anthropomorphic bear and Captain Baloo's sidekick. 319 Favourites. "For me? • "Moonvasion!" Both Molly and Kit look all grown up, so it will be interesting to see how DuckTales fills in their history. Dislikes Enemies Kit Cloudkicker. and "GlomTales!" They are the minons of Don Karnage, serving as the arch-nemesis of Baloo. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; amirulamani liked this . • "The Rumble for Ragnarok!" Dedicated to Kit Cloudkicker, one of Disney's coolest orphans. save hide report. air buster. If you are unsure whether information is true or not, please contact an administrator. ---Toon Disney didn't cut that out. • "New Gods on the Block!" Funko POP! • "The Phantom and the Sorceress!" Voice • "Last Christmas!" • "Double-O-Duck in You Only Crash Twice!" • "The House of the Lucky Gander!" • "From the Confidential Casefiles of Agent 22!" 14.90 € Pridať do košíka. Her attire resembles the trademark stunt outfit of Evel Knievel. • "The Outlaw Scrooge McDuck!" Likes THE REVIEW LINE. 37 Comments. By: Anonymous No. Season Two: "Time is Money" • "Super DuckTales" Acting much older than his younger years, he hates being treated like a kid and loathes the fact that he is too young to get his pilot's license. Pop! Follow/Fav Ducktales: Twenty Years Later. All of a sudden, out of a cloudbank to Kit's left, the Jet jumped out. TaleSpinAladdin (cameo)DuckTales (2017) (upcoming) Kit Cloudkicker was Baloo's protege, and Molly Cunningham was the daughter of Rebecca Cunningham, one of the show's protagonists. On Sunday, ... --- Those shots came almost as close to the heads of the boys as some of the shots aimed at Kit Cloudkicker, which were cut by TD. Kit Cloudkicker Aw, you shouldn't 'a!" Kit originally appeared, as a child, on the 1990-1991 Disney Afternoon series TaleSpin – see here for … • "Friendship Hates Magic!" He is Baloo's best friend and partner, and a 12-year old orphan boy. theinvisiblekunst. We knew the show had included some TaleSpin references before —and hey, if you’ve never taken a minute to read about how much weirdness took place in the creation of TaleSpin, the show where Baloo from The Jungle Book is a 1940s pilot for hire who argued constantly with a character from Cheers, do yourself a favor —but still: Kit Cloudkicker might be a bridge too far for us.