I waited forever, I was transferred several times to know that I needed to come to their shop. Previous consumers reported paying $8 to $12 per step. I called the installation department at Lowe's only to find out that my contract had never been sent to the installer so they had no idea that they needed to call us to schedule an install. For instance, at the time of this publishing, the main Home Depot page mentions complimentary carpet setup will apply to any carpet priced $1 per square foot or more and clients will have to spend a minimum of $699. You get three days to cancel contract after signing it. I wonder how hard it would be to get my money back! They installed the wrong color and will not fix the problem. Now the independent that did my measurement was the son of a Family owned very successful carpet business in town and he has been doing this for a long time. Home Depot's Black Friday 2020 sale runs Nov. 8 to Dec. 2 and features savings on tools, home goods, holiday decor and more. We have infant to toddler grandkids on this carpet- what if they were to get stuck with a staple? How To Install Carpet … Specialty tools which are needed in order to finish the task are extra expenses to think about. It was the exact opposite at the ”local” stores. The disadvantages of LifeProof carpet are: Exclusivity and installation concerns: LifeProof carpet is only available at the Home Depot, meaning that you are unable to buy it through local carpet retailers; as mentioned it is also often sold with a free installation service. I use them for my rentals. Any advice greatly appreciated! Customer service still matters. Carpet material, brand, and price point are all great ways to narrow down your search. BUT, the carpeting was lumpy. But in the same time that issues could be solved faster if customer service agent could search by catalogue at least. Lowes Canada has a deal on right now, 50% off installation, and 50% off carpet when you purchase installation and underpad. GO with a PROFESSIONAL. My house has been in disarray since before the 1st install date because we moved the majority of the furnishings to our basement and garage. I have a hundred Home Depot and Lowes carpet quotes from customers who bring them in to see if we can beat there price. They removed all of my original baseboard shoe molding. They finished the installation in record time. The carpet is defective. I called the store manager in Naples, Alberto promised he would get right on it. At Lowes, they have a limited but varied selection of name brand Stainmaster carpet. ft. more than my independent. Both Lowe’s and Home Depot have been trying to lure-in unsuspecting homeowners for years by giving away low-cost or free “basic” carpet installation. I know this is an old post, but still. There were also charges for tack strip and removing shoe moulding. If you’re looking to have carpet installed soon, there could be a good chance you wander over to the Home Depot to check out their selection or maybe you saw an advertisement proclaiming free installation. As a consumer I already knew that :) but thanks. We had staples coming up that we personally had removed and told the inspector during his visit about them. You'll be glad you did. Install wall to carpet yourself carpet installation 2018 02 15 carpet floor installation indianola 2020 carpet installation How To Install Carpet TheCarpet Can I Install It Myself Diy Learning Center6 For Installing ... Home Depot Carpet Install Price. Bye-bye Lowes and hello Home Depot and every other local store I can find. All went well until, we were told that although they disassembled our beds and moved them they would not put them back together. We installed carpet from home depot for living room, dining room and bedrooms. Called Lowe's again and they again said they would contact the installer. Completely Floored, I see where you are coming from and tend to gravitate to the flooring specialty stores too but they can't get things in for me in time. Brandon told me he lives in Rosevurg so he needs to leave town by 3:00 pm. I called. Lowes, I was a solid customer and even drove across town for you when Home Depot was right in my neighborhood. Often carpet remnants can be picked up for bargain prices at retail stores. I am considering this co. Has anyone used solid bamboo floor sold at Lowe's? It was very easy to shop there and everything was upfront and easy to figure out. I will definitely buy there again, if I need carpet. The salesman was knowledgeable and helpful. ... We were told that this was a very good quality carpet that had a good warranty (15 year) and would serve us well. At that time, when the measurements are done, Home Depot will then have the ability to provide you an installation quote, although it will not be a guaranteed one. To answer this question, we must examine the different types of sellers, and how each one meets the various criteria outlined above. I used Home Depot's contractor. Home; Picture; ... Is Carpet Installation A Good Deal. The employee that helped me didn't know for sure if my carpet selection qualified but said she thought so not including holidays and weekends. Nothing. Estimated to be about 350 sq ft. I have also paid for half of the carpet by now. I love Home Depot and Lowe's for lots of things, but I have seen them drive honest, hardworking dealers out of business with their "offers" that always sound too good to be true. They will ask you to steam clean a brand new carpet at your own expense before they will even begin to discuss remediation steps. The install is everything. Other costs such as cushioning, dump costs, removal charges and recycling charges might also apply. They seemed to be able to get through to me for that. Discover where to buy and when the best time is to get good deals on carpet installation and replacement. I always talk to Mike. Some said they contract and also have some in house guys. HTH. I recently had carpet installed and they did not remove my old carpet. The guy was again supposed to come at 4...nothing. A standard set up essentially means the professional will set up the brand-new carpet on the existing subflooring utilizing the already-existing tack strips. But yet again, I had to call and call and call to get the actual service appointment set up. The installation was very good, although I didn’t think that their edge cutting was as good as the Home Depot installer (there was about 1/8″ gap which I didn’t think should be there on one wall). With Lowe's you might get someone who's skilled and experienced in design and then in installation, but then again you might not and the only way you'll find out is after the installation starts. Home Depot Carpet Installation Good Deal June 18, 2014 aidanrackley. An expert at-home measurement is usually needed before buying carpet from a regional Home Depot. Again...no record of this. The installers were very professional and super clean. They are going to try and nickel and dime you with hidden fees though. How Much Does Home Depot Carpet Installation Cost. The “totally free” setup, nevertheless, will be for a standard set up as later in this guide we will discuss the extra expenses you have to know about. To prove my words I leave 2 links to Home Depot reviews on third-party websites where people write almost the same: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.homedepot.com, https://home-depot.pissedconsumer.com/review.html. ASK about their subcontractors. My recommendation is there are other and better products to be had for less money! It was considerably more expensive at non-big box stores so I came back to Lowe's. Unfortunately I have to get this done fast and don't want to wait the extra time without carpet. We wanted a higher grade padding in our high traffic rooms. I talked with quite a few people that have recently had carpet installed in their home. As long as you satisfy the qualifications as defined by the Home Depot partner, you shouldn’t see any surcharges. I bought them a couple of years ago - just to cover the windows until I could decide what I really wanted. Christine told me no but she would call the company to see what was going on and would call me back. For the most part, individuals reported paying an extra $199 to $550 or about $99 a room for the average-sized house if either no promos were being held or, again, they didn’t fulfill the requirements. That's because they are. Was to get a call on what the company was to do- we had to call the company ourselves after two weeks to get an answer. I was told their install people would contact me to arrange the inspector to come out before anything was replaced. This measurement service will cost about $35 to $55; nevertheless, if you commit to the purchase, they will credit your last total with this measurement charge.When the partner will come to your house, this will be the … I've been through the executive support line to no avail. I called the next day and blasted the guy. Done. I don't know if their carpet is inferior, but I do know their hardwood is. I would imagine a retailer the size of Lowe's is keenly aware they cannot ask me to drop a dispute, nor am I able to drop a dispute once a ChargeBack has been processed. Mind you it was a brand new house and there was nothing in the room, how in the world can you get an incorrect measurement with a lazer measuring tool with nothing in the room! Instead, it provides a very large credit limit (up to $55,000) for home building and renovation projects, and gives you a very long … We struggled to get the padding that we wanted because (according to the salesperson), their systems are too antiquated to recognize the need to vary padding from room to room. The old saying, you get what you pay for. Report only noted the basement stairs to be replaced. Home Depot offers free carpet installation, so your overall cost will be based on the style and construction of the carpet type plus the thickness and density of the carpet pad you choose. According to the small print, the discount rate will apply to the overall setup project – product + set up + pad. Misled again, it took 3 weeks. It will take the city several weeks to collect all the pieces. I got all of their reviews and opinions. Both Lowes and Home Depot have very inexpensive pull down shades. After that experience, i am buying my carpet from Lowes. I don't know where you are located, but there are lots of flooring stores out there that do stock carpet. Because when I called Home Depot with this, they always promptly responded and were courteous right up to the point where I learned how poor the warranty was. I had limited time and the salesman did too. I told them I wouldn't be available until after 4 and they made the note in my record and said the guy would be at my house around 4. Seam line done wrong with staples coming up through and to top it off there is a spot in the carpet that looks like a glob of hard glue but turns out it is a “defective carpet.“. Yet, I don't want to skimp on style/quality. The people behind the counter tell a great deal of miss-information. It appeared unfinished around the edges. We installed the tile ourselves but when it came time for the carpet install that's where they list me to Home Depot. Shame on them. I checked out some carpet stores but they seemed very over priced and couldn't get the carpet for 3 weeks! This card isn’t for earning rewards or getting benefits. After repeated calls, and personal visits to the store manager (painting invoice in hand to prove date)....."We only guarantee the carpet, those marks aren't part of our warranty". Carpet install day arrives and the installers arrive with the correct carpet for the upstairs but the wrong carpet for the downstairs. Be aware they can put a LIEN on your home if you don't pay the contract. Provenza wood floors??? I offered to screen shot my recent call log and send it to him. They left it in pieces in the kitchen! I use them for my rentals. They do a good job installing carpet, but not much else. (Have to add that my husband lost a vacation due to this). Good luck! Both areas pulling up a seams huge trip hazards throughout the house Carpet people blame installers, installers want money to fix it. My husband is in the wholesale carpet business and sells rolls all the time for exactly this reason. I would suggest you pay to have an independent to measure for you and let you know where the seams would be because Lowes has a diagram on their computer of how it is to be laid out, but find out how much you are going to have left over. The number one complaint with Lowes and Home Depot is the installation, not the carpet. They said they have been trying to get through and this is a lie. Home Depot also uses subcontractors. It's completely empty and I wouldn't need to rip up carpet or move furniture. Extremely disappointed with the wear of the floors. The guy lied and said he had been trying to call me. They are all subcontractors. b) It's a crapshoot. The installation was incompetently done, bent wood nails where there was cement, far more seams than there should have been, and the carpet was delaminating like a zipper. These were installed in 2013 and I was told they have a 10 year warranty. My husband and I took it upon ourselves and went inside to the store . There was also a $16 charge to test for lead because my house was built before 1970 something. We had carpet installed ( BTW- Home Depot uses Superior installation Co.) - basement stairs were cut short and the installers tried to hide the fact it was being done wrong at time of install but admitted it was done wrong before they left our home. They were running their usual "no interest" special deal. I let him know we don't get home until 3:30 pm but that the store assured us that would not be a problem as they do measurement until 5 pm. We give you the lowdown and which pro to call for help, Take your kitchen up a notch even if it will never reach top-of-the-line, with these cheap and easy decorating ideas, These easy and inexpensive moves for more space and better organization are right in fashion, Make a smashing first impression with just one or two affordable design moves, Take your bath from blah to ‘ahhhh’ with just a few easy and inexpensive moves. But the lack of communication and the run around was unacceptable. I worked with three installers and I only trusted one of them. Flooring stores use more qualified installers and it can make all the difference. Whatever the case may be, Home Depot, by outsourcing its work to licensed, local contractors, is able to install your carpet … I can not tell you the nightmare we had with carpet and tile with Home Depot! We have about 460 sq feet of carpet to lay down in our basement and we found a nice stainmaster carpet in … They had to have the guys work redone after fighting with lowes about it but my FIL just stepped into lowes for the first time in 7 years because they left such a bad taste in his mouth. They sent another person to measure I heard nothing so I called the install dep and they said they see that carpet 14X12 was ordered but had not arrived to them yet. It is a "branded" name for Lowe's but its real name is Home News III by Shaw carpet. I spent a lot of time on a phone line with some person who knew nothing about flooring and it seemed that he even didn't open their own catalogue. In the process of preparing to sell, I had a stretching company come in. They did a great job and it was a great experience. I have been very please with them. Also, a better under pad always helps make a cheap carpet feel better. Home Depot released its 2020 ad scan on Oct. 26 via its mobile app. An expert at-home measurement is usually needed before buying carpet from a regional Home Depot. Could have been sooner but I had other commitments and was not under any time constraints for the holidays. Well, 4:35 or so he rolls up. Has anyone used them? I spent $3300 and they do not stand behind anything! I always talk to Mike. Then they say we will have an inspector come out to look at all the carpet. If you’re seeking to have carpet set up quickly, there could be a great chance you wander over to the Home Depot to have a look at their list, or maybe you saw an ad announcing free installation.eval(ez_write_tag([[320,50],'thepricer_org-medrectangle-3','ezslot_3',124,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[320,50],'thepricer_org-medrectangle-3','ezslot_4',124,'0','1'])); Whatever the case might be, Home Depot, by outsourcing its work to certified, regional professionals, has the ability to install your carpet as long as it’s bought from them. I am extremely happy with the carpet. They are revolting and I would give them negative stars if I had the option. This means that you have no way of knowing in advance who is going to install your carpet until they show up at your door with your new carpet or flooring. Supposed to … Nobody could tell me the status of my carpet. We waited three days with no call. If you have any incident with a purchase you've made from us one of us will give you the proper instructions necessary to resolve the problem. When I asked all of them if they could provide me data on the carpet I selected such as twist count, density and face weight, not a singe one could provide that without having to call the corporate office or the manufacturer. I've never heard back from him either and the phone number he gave me always goes to his voicemail or refers you to another person that I have also left a voicemail for Kerry! I live in a 2 bedroom apartment, Lowes quoted 1236 sq. Often they can get the install sooner if you find decent material in stock. It is simply a play on numbers especially if they are offering a free or 37.00 install etc... Because I am a business owner and am also in the business of educating my customers I will tell you simple facts: The box stores do not pay there installers nothing or 37.00 to install the carpet nor would we. Never did get made right. A week later I called again and was told that someone would pick it up. Sadly, I did not read the carpetprofessor website, which warns against big box stores like Home Depot for carpeting. So I called them. So, what is this place? They administer the manufactures warranty. Replacing expensive furnaces, air-conditioners and carpets can be extremely costly. They then said they needed to do some investigating and would call back, they never did. Funny, Ryan was the end decision I went with Home Depot on Sunday and ordered carpet but good thing I did because Ryan never called me back today. I call them. He writes a report and submits it to this outsourced install company who has, at this point totally disrespected myself, my time and my work. It took 30 minutes in the store to find someone to help me only to be told I could have ordered a measure on line. My company takes a stance on this crap. On average, carpet will cost about $1 - $4 per square foot, while padding will cost about $0.60 - $1 per square foot. We did upgrade the pad. I cannot tell you how much I regret this purchase. Posted by paulx17hugpm. Our new category, let’s see the weirdest things you can buy online and at what prices. This ad release date is much earlier than 2019's release date (Nov. 25). There were no reports on our living room? To me the most important thing is the install. I've been waiting for 1.5 months for Lowe's to fix my defective carpet. We lined up the "inspector" to come out and basically see what needed to be done. Good luck! I had Home Depot install windows for me. Lowe's was having their free Deluxe install sale. I need something of some sort of quality but don't want to break the bank. We found that Home Depot guarantees the warranty. Some individuals report that if you live on a higher flooring of an apartment or home, a service charge might be applied. One was the store owner and another was a 20 year salesman at that store. I chose Intuition III carpet at $1.98 sqft. so I went to Lowes and asked why they would require so much more carpet and I was told that when they install carpet, it is installed so they use the least amount of seaming. c) It always took forever to get an installer back to fix a problem Having said that, the special-order cabinets that they sell are quality products that you can get for a good price. Carpet is an affordable flooring solution and The Home Depot offers professional installation services for ultimate convenience. Of course they will!!!! I ordered carpet from Home Depot in Naples FL. They mark up there pad astronomically, the have a lot of "extra" charges that a lot of "professional" flooring stores do not. Don't ever attempt to do it. Two bedrooms and a hallway. Today is 5/17 so we'll see what happens. Because of my rooms dimensions I chose the 15' width. 5/12 comes and goes with no call. At Home Depot, you can get your carpets installed for FREE if you follow just two (very simple) stipulations: Firstly, your carpet has to be at least $1/square foot. We have used Home Depot though the years and were pleased with each install in the past with the exception of our last Install. This measurement service will cost about $35 to $55; nevertheless, if you commit to the purchase, they will credit your last total with this measurement charge. It should be said upfront and the installers should tell people the truth. The window I had been given was between 3-5, I think. At lowes the carpet was organized with the designated qualities such as nylon, polyester, pet friendly, extra soft, and allergic. Good luck! So the order for our new carpet was placed on 4/21 and we were told it should be in by 5/5. The measurement they came up with was 211 sq. She “ the person in the complaint dept” took her own photos. Within the aisles, Home Depot has an extensive carpet and flooring department, with specialists who can answer questions and schedule deliveries and installations. This means that if the window ever breaks you simply call the Home Depot and they get the parts and pieces needed and they get it fixed. When it comes to the expenses to have your carpet set up by the Home Depot, it will significantly differ depending upon the promotion being held at that particular time and the kind of carpet you’re acquiring. I waited nearly a week to hear from them. I literally laughed out loud at the woman. I have used both and Lowe's is by far the better. So, for instance, if I wanted only to look at polyester, I had to flip over every carpet individually to see if it was polyester. I use Home Depot on Happy Valley and Lake Pleasant Peoria Az. Are Home Depot & Lowe's Carpet Installation Specials really a Good Deal? Polyester, 68oz, 4.90 Twist, 4092 Density. Shame on you Home Depot. Nothing. Installed Nov 2016. HD installed carpeting in 2 bedrooms and ruined my just-painted baseboards and walls. First of all to shop for carpet you have to understand the qualities that make a good carpet. You are welcome to send me your quote from any store, I will review and tell you if you are getting a good deal. Note that the Home Depot warranty for delamination: ONE YEAR. So I never heard back from him either and when I called the desk person said the person he assigned it to went on vacation and would not be back for a week. Anybody have any experiences buying carpet and having it installed by lowes or home depot? One week later and she never called me back. The estimated installation waiting time is 6 - 8 weeks because of measurement, carpet shipment, etc. Cornstarch and milk. There were no calls from him. With the reviews and opinions, I found that Empire Today did a good job with most of the people that I spoke with. Also, Lowe's has joined with a different company to do their installation and you need to check the reviews on their installation. The only upside so far has been that the installers did a great job upstairs. I also demanded a partial refund which took three months. Purchasers, for the most part, are accountable for moving all of the furnishings off of the carpet before the set up can begin. And by the way, if you're looking for financing, you can often find that at a reputable flooring dealer as well. I repeated called and complained. 4pm rolled around...nothing. ft.and I still had plenty of carpet left over to use as runners. Retail stores have "good" installers as they don't want after install problems. Finally I took it upon myself to call. Visit warehousecarpets.net or call 800-526-2229 to speak with a sales representative before purchasing carpet from either home improvement store. https://www.thepricer.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/home-depot-carpet-replacement-cost.jpg, https://www.thepricer.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/coststudylg.png. It’s always safe to pick white or off-white sanitary ware, no matter what the color your tiles are. Light-coloured carpets can make a room feel larger and brighter while darker tones hide dirt more … Within a week it had wrinkles all over, but I didn't do anything because of the hassle of moving furniture and lack of time. Carpet Installation, including measurement, remove old carpet, and install new one. We had to remove baseboard throughout the entire install area, pry the edge boards out as they had expanded under the drywall, re-cut the edge boards 1/2″ back from the wall, put baseboard back and 2 months later have encountered the same problems. We got a sale price on the carpet and installation. The carpet was organized in no particular order. Picked out tile and carpet at Lowes. Your email address will not be published. We finally purchased the carpet on March 5th. So finally, we have an appointment to have our carpet installed (4/17). Even if they have the ability to match the cost, the interaction between the businesses, from what we could gather, will be far better. Ryan let me known the installer was not going to answer the phone on Sunday just for me. In our case, they installed 2 days later. In most cases we are exactly the same but our installers are being shown as paid what they really get and deserve. Well, I went to a bunch of local carpet stores to see what kind of deal they would offer. They put hundreds of staples into my original hardwood floors when they attached the under padding. I hang up. NO show, NO phone call. This is the kind of thing that makes me wonder how they make money. He is very knowledgeable about the many manufactures and quality of the carpet Home Depot carries .they have some carpet in stock. Has anyone had success with either of them? Learn more. It comes in 12 and 15 ft widths. The measuring guy was supposed to test baseboard paint for lead but did not. You need to do some research on twist count, density, and face weight among other things such as nylon/polyester etc. So, I called and spoke with the main manager, Scott. Scott assured me I could call and speak with Ryan and he would take care of me and that he was aware of the situation. Now I get to see how it stands up to a two middle-aged, childfree, no pets, non-smoking, household. I'm talking huge black marks from their shoe bottoms. Not a singe one of them had any data at all on site or in a file. Purchasing the carpet alone was a nightmare and should have been my first clue. And in the case of busier stores there are more than one... so it may become luck of the draw. It's a big investment but worth it. He did exactly what I expected...measured and said, "yeah, carpet is fine, pad needs replaced." I have Provenza Antico in Stonehenge. He is very knowledgeable about the many manufactures and quality of the carpet Home Depot carries .they have some carpet in stock. So..kudos for customer service, but a big STEER CLEAR based on product and services. We are in the mountains of North Carolina and our humidity runs 40 – 65%. Called the morning after install to speak with the company and they asked for photos to be emailed. I was planning on having hard wood put into 2 other spaces but will call someone else. Do not buy carpet from home depot. Make no mistake, Home Depot has called and gotten it's money for the new pad. You can get just as lousy an install at the local store as you do with the big box stores. It was up to me to find someone to install. Our opinion of this product is — I would never ever use bamboo flooring again unless it was glued or nailed down. I will give you my experience with Lowes. We were enamored with the descriptions of Cali Bamboo Flooring, the different selections, the widths and the hardness of the product. I picked out some carpet and told the guy I had an independent who already measured my carpet and knew how much I needed. The measuring guy came out in two days. I was flabbergasted. They tried to hit me with a furniture removing fee and carpet removing fee even though I did both of those items myself to reduce costs. If they shove you through their Central Production Office (CPO) or Installed Sales Office / Department, RUN! The local salesman who sold it to us (and the Cali customer service rep we spoke with) said it’s a great product and would work well in our climate. At Lowes, I was able to see, on an attached label, each carpets twist count, face weight, and density of every carpet. If you do not receive the totally free carpet setup deal, then, from what we could gather, the expenses of the set up would, once again, differ on a couple of elements, like the size of your house, the kind of carpet bought and the complexity of the installation. I am going to lowes and a different carpet store today to see more about it. And another thing to consider is that the big box stores don't use the best installers. Honestly, just run. in fact getting ready to have them replace everything I had HD do before. Not there fault but lack of training and time in the industry plays a major role. I setup the install for the pad. And we've posted the whole thing here. They could not even order the correct carpet until the manufacturer received the wrong carpet back. ... installation you saw on TV may not end up being totally free once their sub-contracted installers get a good look at your home. While many noted what we already said – you needed to spend $699 or more or get a particular carpet – one member did say that they will upcharge a fair bit on the specialized products such as tack strips and transitions.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'thepricer_org-medrectangle-4','ezslot_1',126,'0','0'])); The “free” setup consists of no covert charges, rip up of the old carpet, and removal, however, the deal is not valid in all markets. My wife and I decided to put new carpet down on our first floor. My sister-in-law had a substandard installation with Home Depot. Not getting anywhere real fast. They advertise they can install in 5 days. My basement flooded almost 4 weeks ago. We installed it paying close attention to their recommendations for acclimation to the environment and literally let the product sit in our house in a latticed stacked position for 3 – 4 months. You really let me down on this one. 5pm...nothing. The majority of the time, from what we could see from the past promos, as long as you met a particular costs requirement, you might have the carpet set up by a local designated professional by Home Depot free of charge. They showed up at about day 10 with the wrong size carpet so it had to go back, the installer measured the room and reported to the store but the store insisted they had to send yet another person out to measure. While it might be prejudiced, seeing it’s originating from the main Home Depot site, over 9,000+ clients provided their experience that took the ranking to a whooping a 4.4-star. That would not have been the case if I had used a carpet store. It's been a long time, but had carpet installed by Home Depot 15 years ago at a previous house and was very pleased. So far, it looks great and feels wonderful. The carpet install was not done correctly. Save yourself the headache and purchase your carpet from a reputable local store. Home Depot is not bad, the only problem I had was their customer service. The new delivery date is now 5/19. THIS is a huge part of how you can get the best deal on carpet. Since my last post I have been contacted by Home Depot and they are going to replace the carpeting. ft while the independent quoted 1025 sq. When finally ordered, we were told it would be in within two weeks. The installer called to schedule measurements. That's where the low install prices are made up. Also, the floor scratches easily, plus we have footprints (and not from dirty shoes) that are difficult to get out, even with the recommended product Cali promotes. I read the comments here and at a bunch of other sites saying how local carpet stores are much better than Lowes. I have to set aside my Entire day to wait to hear when THEY decide to show up and do their job. I might also add that I have had 4 large rolls of carpet padding in my dining room since the day of the original install (4/17). You can also check out your nearest supermarket and appearance for carpet cleansing items that are labeled “green” or “normal.” Apart from that, there are also a good deal of eco-pleasant products that can be ordered on-line. If you have a sales tax id# we offer wholesale pricing for our carpet which is higher quality than home depot/lowes, better brand, cheaper, & better personal service. I have beautiful hardwood floors in my 1937 home but we have limited mobility challenges so we decided to have carpeting installed. Carpet Installation & Replacement Services from The Home Depot Home Services. Yup, and because I used Home Depot's installers, they of COURSE would not mention if they were installing old, delaminating carpet to begin with. I figured the extra carpet that Lowe's had quoted would have cost approximately $900.00 more (about enough to pay for the installation in my opinion). I had a higher end carpet installed in 2007. It would have been nice to know before we made the purchase So unless you are prepared to rebuild anything that is taken apart don’t fall for this deal. In order to get a price, I needed to talk to a ”salesman.”. Never again. Soapstone Countertops - A Dream or a Mistake? They all use subs. 83% of customers recommend Carpet Installation through The Home Depot. if it were me id go with name brands like mohawk dont be scared of the name they all make carpet in all price rages just ask to see only mohawk Don't do it! Architectural Practice: There for you from creation to completion! Read the reviews on Home Depot and Lowes, and then google them [Home Depot, carpet] with the terms 'reviews' and 'complaints' and see what you come up with. I took my time selecting a color and install was set for a week after ordering. Done. I already had had our adjuster out and could tell him what was going to happen, but NO, the inspector had to come out. You cannot talk to the company. 4:15pm...nothing. With flooring, installation is a service, and all services need to be paid for one way or another.In some cases, free carpet installation might genuinely be beneficial to you; in other cases, not so much. I would advise to closely monitor the install to avoid problems. Members on this BiggerPockets thread wrote about the “totally free” setup and were questioning if there was any catch with the offer. But, they have been great and I still have them. Plus, you’re supporting a local company. The only thing that really caught their attention was submitting a CC dispute. Kitchen cabinets, remodeling through Lowes or Home Depot. We reschedule "inspector". We called the store and sure enough they don’t do that. It's the upstairs padding that the installers could not take back to the store because they only had room for the bad carpeting. Be aware, we purchased carpet from Lowe’s during a special that included installation and moving the furniture. I need to carpet a family room. Go local. No response. The other two would sooner mess up a job as look at it. Streaks of finish wearing off on the high points of the hand scraped ridges in the wood. You are paying for the installation one way or the other; increased price of carpet and pad or stating you need more carpet than you do. ft was way to high and went home and measured myself using 12 ft. widths and did not feel they could save anymore seaming. REVIEW your order to make sure you are not charged for more than 5-10% carpet overage unless you have a patterned carpet. Having a whole carpet install by Lowe's (in Carlisle, PA) was a huge mistake. Make a utilitarian mudroom snazzier and better organized with these cheap and easy ideas, Make fluffing and folding more enjoyable by borrowing these ideas from beautifully designed laundry rooms, Make overnight guests feel comfy and cozy with small, inexpensive niceties, Make your bedroom a serene dream with easy moves that won’t give your bank account nightmares, Borrow these modest design moves to make your workspace more inviting, organized and personal, Bumps and thumps might be driving you crazy, but they also might mean big trouble. Laying carpet is an excellent, affordable choice that adds comfort and style to your home, while carpet … So why two stars and not one? Called Lowe's and they said they would contact the installer. What are you kidding! And he had to come out on a day I was working so I rearranged my schedule to meet him at 4pm. Its hard to find a "private" installer anymore no matter where you go. Waited three more days with no call. I used home depot about 5 years ago, they carpet the use is of good quality and the install was good. My Inlaws had pergo installed from lowes and their installer literally showed up drunk and it took forever. Ok great! I had carpeting installed by Lowes. But our waiting time is … Now you can see white streaks through the floors. They are now blaming the manufacturer for a different color run. Just how much does carpet setup cost at the Home Depot? We used Lowe's for our master bedroom. I asked them to stop and they refused. Also had carpet installed in our living room and hallway. NEVER, EVER, EVER Again. Huge issue there as the padding was improperly installed- staples everywhere. I WAS NEVER NOTIFIED. The best place to buy carpet is somewhere you can get great service and selection, can purchase a quality product for a fair price, and have professional installers complete the installation for you. I cannot tell you how fed up and disgusted I am with this Big Box nightmare. By the way, I was not talking to new hires or inexperienced sales people. I've been waiting since January 18th 2018 for Lowe's to finally finish the install of my carpet, and I would imagine I will be waiting a bit longer. Stairs, the majority of the time, will be an extra expense and will not be part of the complimentary setup bundle. We just purchased carpet two months ago from home depot. It took three weeks for a supervisor to come to the house and fix my problems. Unfortunately, these four retail carpet-selling conglomerates are heavy hitters with deep pockets who have only one thing in mind: Making Big Money by tricking you into buying from them. A week and a half later I was told that it smelled like pet urine and I would have to dispose of it myself. Joel happens upon a good Carpet install deal from Home Depot. Just imagine that you are going to be hiring the cheapest guys in town to do it, because that's essentially all home depot is … Before we proceed further about the comparisons between Lowes and Home Depot, let’s make sure first that you already have a good idea about what type of flooring that you need. I was told that someone would pick it up. Both Lowe's and Home Depot use an independent installation company to handle all their flooring installations and they in turn hire subcontractors to do the work. We reviewed the rooms to have old carpet removed and new carpet and pad installed. I make all my major purchased on American Express because it gives me extra rights and leverage if I am unhappy with a transaction. Just finished the basement last year so the carpet isn't a year old. i would watch out for them. I ask what their time windows are and I'm told I'll be called the day prior and TOLD when they would be there. They are sometimes local to the store and sometimes just local to the region. I need it ASAP! According to a partner, if they need to get a drill in order to take apart any furnishings, such as a bunk bed, then they will be charged about $20 ~ per piece. I had them install carpet and they pulled the van in the backyard and backed it on to the patio and broke a bunch of pavers and rutted up the yard. Some issues can't be solved by phone, I know that. Lastly, and most importantly, I asked them who did their installation. This is my rundown of my … To my knowledge, they're still made in American and Lowe's offers a lifetime warranty on them. We installed following directions precisely, leaving minimal 1/2″ space all around at walls, doors, etc. We are extremely concerned. Read reviews 1 - 30 for Carpet Installation offered by Home Services at The Home Depot. The carpet was seamed directly in front of my fireplace hearth! By continuing to browse this site or use this app, I agree the Houzz group may use cookies and similar technologies to improve its products and services, serve me relevant content and to personalise my experience. We have done all the leg work on our end. I am a month out now since they charged me and measured for the carpet. Buying Carpet From Lowe's, Home Depot, Empire Today or ... Depot have been spending millions on advertising to lure-in unsuspecting homeowners by giving away free "basic" carpet installation. No wait, and the installer was outstanding. The backing came through the fibers leaving a knot the size of a quarter . In one store, there was not only no data, but also no prices. We have had nothing but ongoing bulging; areas raised as much as 1 – 1 1/2 inches. Required fields are marked *, If you do want Home Depot to install your carpet, remember that. that was the first incorrect measurement that had already been sent back. When they know you are a Lowe's customer, they transfer you to Lowe's people. When the partner will come to your house, this will be the time when they will check the place, check out all measurements, and figure out if any special setup is needed. Experience and Good Comments. See if you have a "stocking dealer" in your area. Horrible. The Home Depot offers The Home Depot Project Loan for regular customers to pay for a single large job at home (it’s not meant for contractors).. I have one seam between a bedroom and the hall. He said the installation is free but they had to have their people come out and measure. As in every trade, some are good, some not so good. Come visit our showroom next to ADAC Atlanta Decorative Arts Center or call us at 404-233-8958! Sent them an email and here it is they want our samples before deciding what to do?? With so much at stake, it is worth considering all angles of this offer to determine whether it makes sense for you and for your particular … In terms of quality, Empire’s carpet is not as good as the Home Depot carpet we … The installers were subcontractors. I do believe that Lowes has good carpet, but I would be afraid to use their installers.for measuring, but then again was it the installer who came up with that number or Lowe's. It's just ridiculous. 5/5 came and went with no call. So they did. They can do better than that. Previous commentator wrote about Lowes and I am writing about Home Depot. but would never buy for the living quarters of my home. So, I called Ryan and he knew nothing about it but when I suggested he speak with Scott and call me back he rudely informed me he was standing next to Scott when I called original. All we ask now is for the money credited so that we can get the carpet replaced with the carpet we paid for or an upgrade if needed. https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.homedepot.com, The Cure for Houzz Envy: Mudroom Touches Anyone Can Do, The Cure for Houzz Envy: Laundry Room Touches Anyone Can Do, The Cure for Houzz Envy: Guest Room Touches Anyone Can Do, The Cure for Houzz Envy: Master Bedroom Touches Anyone Can Do, The Cure for Houzz Envy: Home Office Touches Anyone Can Do, What's That Sound? At the local stores, not one could tell me anything about the carpet except what the warranty was. This could have been avoided if they had put the carpet out front in the first place. I do not believe their installation is free and I know it can be as little as 59 cents up to a dollar or more a square foot. Best of luck to you. Used a laser tape measure. Answer by eone282 (67) the carpet is the same no matter where u go. You have to pay these installers something and these stores are not taking it out of their profit. I called corporate and Michael promised they would get this done and woud take care of me, and he gave me a case number. Having a difficult time working with the regional rep for Provenza. Regional floor covering businesses, for good reason, advise consulting them also since the majority of the time, they can come close, if not beat the cost. The box stores are complete trickery. And one did not install at all and would only sell me the carpet. Waited three more days with still no call. Wished we gave Home Depot all our money. I buy plenty of home improvement products from big box stores like Home Depot and Lowe's because they have a good selection, have … Yes that might be true but I needed to be there to see and pick out my caret anyway so I preferred to get it all done in one step. Every one of them said they contract it out. We were notified when the carpet arrived and told that the installers would be contacting us. 9 Home Noises and How to Fix Them, The Cure for Houzz Envy: Kitchen Touches Anyone Can Do, The Cure for Houzz Envy: Closet Touches Anyone Can Do, The Cure for Houzz Envy: Entryway Touches Anyone Can Do, The Cure for Houzz Envy: Bathroom Touches Anyone Can Do. I have recommended Home Depot before for runners, etc. Here is the deal. By carpet… Right away we got the water removed and the carpet pulled up. The first two inquiries I made were brief. By this time I know that they are not going to call me. 4:15 I called and "Sean", the remote customer service with Install guy says he (the inspector) is about 3 minutes out. I have been very please with them. Showed the photos, talked about the install and showed the samples vs what was installed. however they do have some carpet makers that deal with only home depot. Find out what the most affordable and most expensive carpets are. Everyone else seems to get through just fine on this phone, but for some reason this Install outfit can't figure out how to make an outgoing call. The three man contracted install team, Delgado from Keller Interiors, came 30 min early. Always try to buy local.....and in the case of flooring that could be 1/2 hour away! They are trying to force me to drop the CC dispute before they will offer a refund or do a reinstall. I have now dealt with my local home depot who loves taking my credit card number, the inspector who submitted the "report" and these incompetents at their outsourced install company. I purchased carpet from Home Depot and had them install. As stated above, a lot depends on who the installers are. I called the store tinker them know their installers quit at 3 pm and wondered if they had other installers. But we can’t do that as we have a radiant floor heat system. 4:30...nothing. I have been in the flooring business for a long time. Your email address will not be published. Total frustration, I cannot even believe I'm still waiting I should have canceled my order long ago. I still felt that 211 sq. He lied and said he had called. Such a relief. Finally on 5/9 we're told that our carpet is in the process of being cut and it should be in by 5/12. First of all, you need to consider whether the installation is going to be in a high-moisture area such as the basement or bathroom. Home Depot is well known for their mega-warehouses filled with home improvements tools, supplies, fixtures, and more. You might also like our articles about the cost of Home Depot Truck rental, carpet replacement in a car, and hardwood stair installation. Buy your cabinets there only after vetting the design through someone you trust or by giving them a parts list and not having them design at all. I used Lowes on Moreland Ave Atlanta. Recommendations on kitchen backsplash w/ Tajal mahal quartzite counter. We are a trade only carpet showroom. Ryan assured me he'd call me on Monday and make arrangements. They were able to install the upstairs carpet but the downstairs carpet had to be re-ordered. I sold kitchens at Lowe's during the recession (desperation job choice) and I can tell you that a) Their installation services are a profit center and they charge 30% above what the independent contractor/installer charges. Asked me out to the van to check carpet and pad color, style, quantity. Home depot sold me the carpet and install over 4000 sq ft 2nd floor and basement. The installation is everything!! The challenge with a Lowes or Home Depot install is you can't speak for the entire company of installers. We did hallway, master bed and walk in closet and used their best padding. They began work at 9am took up old carpet, cleaned up old pad residue, laid new midgrade Odorban padding, installed carpet and was finished, vacuumed, old carpet in van at 11:30. HomeAdvisor's Budget Carpeting Guide lists the best places to buy carpeting and get cheap installation. For new carpet installation, trust the professionals at The Home Depot Home Services to get the job done right. I use Home Depot on Happy Valley and Lake Pleasant Peoria Az. This fight will continue until a resolve. Now I have to find someone strong enough to drag the carpet out to the street for the city to pick up since the installers did not put it in an easy place for the city. The carpet was salvageable but some pad was not. We were assured this was an acceptable product to use.