We provide storage of your vehicle at our locations at no charge. No matter the occasion, your budget, or your driving personality, we guarantee you’ll find something to love in our fleet. If you need car rental services for your upcoming wedding, look no further than Cloud 9 Exotics. Experience exotic car rental, luxury car rental or a chaffeuered vehicle with ECRB servicing Miami, NYC, PA, NJ and CT. ie Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce. 24K is New York's best luxury sports car rental service offering weekly, daily, & hourly exotic car rentals NY from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Mercedez, and more. Oh yeah, and it’s convertible! We understand that many of our clients only have a need for a vehicle for a time period of less than a day, however by renting it to you for even 10 minutes, we are eliminating the possibility that we can rent the car to another customer. Terms and conditions apply*. Exotic Car Rental in New York City on YP.com. All Rights Reserved. Unfortunately we do not allow 3rd parties to pick up vehicles and our employees must physically hand the keys over to the person who will be driving. 855 Conklin Street, Suite M, Farmingdale, NY 11735 Believe it or not, the answer is yes. Not getting married? If you are using a Visa, Mastercard or Discover card, this deposit is run as a charge which is then reversed following the completion of the rental. We don't mean to sound heartless, but you would be amazed at the number of last-minute deaths in the family, serious illnesses, sick pets, sick mother-in-laws, rabid dogs, and falling skies that people tell us about. All renters must carry some form of insurance to cover damages to the vehicle in the event of an accident. (note: Not only did Andy use our services again, but he joined our team! Vehicles rented from our South Florida office may not be driven outside the state of Florida without prior written approval. : info@c9e.com There’s a reason we call it the city that never sleeps. Blog Daily and weekend rentals include 100 miles free per day and weekly rentals include 700 miles free, unless stated otherwise. Behold: the biggest, baddest, most awesome fleet of exotic and luxury cars available for rent. Cloud 9 Exotics High End Vehicle Rental Services, Dedicated to serving you, 365 days a year. Due to the extremely high cost of the vehicles we offer, it is our policy to take a refundable security deposit for all our rentals and Dream Car Tour participants. We can't bear to fully say goodbye to them, so we'll keep these here as a gentle reminder of the good times we shared with each other. If you cancel or reschedule less than 7 days before your rental (or are a no-show at the time of rental), you will be charged a cancellation fee of 100% of the total rental cost. Hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly rental rates available for all of our vehicles! Each additional mile driven will be subject to a charge at the stated mileage rate. And yes, we'll know. 60 Ave A. “, was not my first choice as I had … It is with great pleasure that Hertz has introduced the head-turning, heart-pumping Dream Collection. And it's for the same reason that if you're driving down the highway in your Camry and you happen to knock a Ferrari off the road, your insurance will cover the damage. Another options is if you have an American Express card - they offer a program called 'Premium Car Rental Protection'. Gotham Dream Cars is pleased to offer its premier exotic car rental and luxury car rental fleet to the New York tri-state area and beyond. Please understand that there are no exceptions to this cancellation policy. snow, ice, hurricane, tornado, alien attack, etc.) What more could you want?Available in: No convertible on the road matches its luxury and dominance.Available in: San Francisco. I was initially a bit … You may choose to pick up / return your vehicle to our office or have it delivered directly to your home, office, hotel, airport, or other location. This deposit is fully refundable following the completion of the rental. Thanks to everybody at Gotham Dream Cars for making this unbelievable weekend a reality. This is a great option because it can be purchased in addition to your regular insurance policy and provides an extra layer of protection. We can arrange for insurance coverage for those international visitors renting for a minimum of two days. We cover the New York metropolitan area (NY, NJ, CT, PA) and also service requests from other neighborghing states.Also Serving NY, NYC, NEW YORK, MANHATTAN, and LONG ISLAND.We have enclosed trailers to bring a freshly detailed exotic car to your doorstep! This is available directly from American Express and provides coverage for your GDC rental vehicle. GDC staff agrees: The best Ferrari ever built.Available in: Boston, New York, Philadelphia, The best car Ferrari has ever made - now with an (awesome) convertible hard top.Available in: Boston, New York, Philadelphia, The pinnacle of Lamborghini insanity.Available in: Boston, New York, Philadelphia, The "baby" Lambo that's no baby and all awesome.Available in: Boston, Las Vegas, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, A loud, luxurious modern antique.Available in: Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Mercedes' flagship luxury sedan: Comfortable and sublime.Available in: Boston, New York, Philadelphia, The newest of a legendary line - and the best 911 ever built.Available in: Boston, New York, Philadelphia, The cream of the crop in luxury SUVs - powerful, comfortable, easy to drive, and a ton of space.Available in: Boston, New York, Philadelphia. Keep up the exceptional work and please thank everyone again for me.". Pick the bigger one and enjoy! 350 5th Ave. Koreatown. In certain cases, cashier's checks or cash may be accepted if pre-arranged. Any deliveries outside of those hours will incur a surcharge of $100 and up. Brooklyn New York … ", "I just wanted to say thanks and tell you that my husband had a great time with the Lamborghini! Cadillac Escalade ESV New York. Daily Mileage 100. However, when you do gas up, all vehicles must be refueled with Premium grade (93+ octane) gasoline. If you more than double your included mileage on a rental, there is an additional $3/mile surcharge on top of the standard mileage rate. Possibly. If you want to get familiar with the Big Apple, renting our luxury cars or sports car will make it quicker and more convenient. Signature Car Collection 9 Car Rental. The sexiest Aston Martin of them allAvailable in: Las Vegas. GET A FREE QUOTE CALL/TEXT NOW : 914-584-1974 DreamShare is Gotham Dream Cars' timeshare / fractional-style Membership Club Program - designed to provide a convenient way for frequent drivers to access our entire fleet at discounted rates with a minimum of hassles. We always aim to get there at the beginning of your delivery window, so we'll do our best. Once your invoice has been settled, you can of course make a claim to your insurance company to be reimbursed for any charges. Car Rental COVID-19 FAQs. We reserve the right to run an MVR (Motor Vehicle Record) report on all renters prior to the start of the rental in order to verify a valid Driver's License. ᐈ Need to rent a car in New York?【RealCar】\ rental service | offers luxury SUVs for rent in the New York City area starting at $149 per day {{promo_code_desc}} +1 212 991 8002 | Book Now. There is one exception though: We do offer “non-guaranteed” (i.e. Comfort, power, and the wind in your hair. These repairs are quick and relatively inexpensive to make and are billed from the security deposit in order to minimize the amount of time the car is off the road. The renter is responsible for all parking, traffic, speeding or other tickets or violations issued while the vehicle is being rented and must pay for any fees, penalties, towing charges, or impound costs. (One guy's father has died three times in the past year. Each additional driver must be present at the time of delivery, must submit a driver's license in advance, and will be subject to the same age, licensing and driving-record restrictions as the primary renter. In the event of an unforeseen mechanical failure during or prior to a rental, we will make every effort to repair or replace your vehicle with a similar or better model at no additional cost to you. About Us (33) Website. They are able to answer all your questions and show you all the tips and tricks to driving the biggest names in the automotive industry. Anything over 200 miles costs you $4.95/mile. Economy Car Rentals – our affordable and environment-friendly car rentals are available on short-notice and at the best rates in Manhattan. Rest assured, this is refunded in full once the vehicle has been returned to us and thoroughly inspected. Our BMW i8 rental service is available for daily or weekly rentals in NYC, Philadelphia, and New Jersey. The security deposit varies based on the cost of the car and the insurance you provide.   |   Luxury car rental prices can vary depending on the car, rental location, and also can vary based on seasons. ", "Hey Guys! Look no further, here at Cloud 9 Exotics we are experienced with bespoke private corporate services to our clients. This provides numerous benefits to those who want frequent access to our fleet but like to drive a little bit more than the norm. Ok, we're really, really trying not to be heartless here, but know this: When someone calls to cancel a rental, there's an 80% chance that they use the death-in-the-family excuse with us. So, if you are a tourist coming from other country and go to Albany for a vacation trip, we can fetch you from Albany International Airport ALB and take you to any destinations I the city.   |   (Insider tip: For NY/NJ renters, pick up at our NJ location to save big. Exotic and Luxury Cars Delivered To Your Door. We will verify with your insurer that your policy is active. 650HP and 650ft/lb of torque. With luxury car rental brands at affordable rates, you have the opportunity to rent the car of your dreams and show it off to those ever-present business executives in New York. The scissor doors of the BMW i8 provide a huge WOW factor when showing up anywhere. Mon-Fri 9:00am – 7:00pm. Lamborghini's most popular because it has it all - fun, style, power, and no roof!Available in: Lamborghini power, looks with all the fun and agility of a rear wheel drive car!Available in: Boston, New York, Philadelphia, One of the most popular cars in the GDC fleet. Renting an exotic car to see everything in Brooklyn is the perfect way to see it all. : 1 (800) 673-9900 A private jet on 4 wheels.Available in: Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, The newest player in the game - an awesome technical accomplishment from the renowned F1 champ.Available in: Boston, New York, Philadelphia, The McLaren 570S Spider - it only knows how to go fastAvailable in: Boston, Las Vegas, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, The ultimate in power and luxury - An S550 on steroids!Available in: Las Vegas, San Francisco. Manhattan Luxury Car Rental with Sixt . At the time of rental you … If you are using an American Express card for the deposit, it is run as an "authorization only" (no actual charge). From exotic sports cars to premium luxury vehicles, we’ve been having this multi-dollar fleets to serve you wherever you want to go in Albany, NY. The service, the staff, and certainly the Italia all worked together perfectly to make a lifetime memory out of a last minute decision on an ordinary weekend. Vehicles are available for pick-up from our office in Englewood NJ (just 5 minutes over the George Washington Bridge in New Jersey) or available for door-to-door delivery throughout the region. (781) 626-1186. An EZ-Pass (in the Northeast) or SunPass (in Florida) is included in each vehicle, so you can zip through tolls and focus on driving (and having fun!) We offer affordable premium wedding car rental vehicles to help you celebrate the big day in style and elegance. Deliveries to Long Island, New York, NYC, New Jersey, and Connectcut! If you really, really need that car for your wedding/anniversary/surprise gift, and it's gotta be on the weekend, the only way to guarantee it 100% is to book for a full weekend (Friday-Sunday, 48 hours). RealCar 25 Car Rental. The deposits range from $2,500 - $15,000 depending on the vehicle and level of insurance you carry. Privacy Policy We've run the numbers and the prep / delivery / pick-up overhead is too high to be worthwhile for either of us. Car Rental Truck Rental Trailer Renting & Leasing. © Copyright 2004 - 2020, Gotham Dream Cars, LLC - Englewood NJ, Miami FL and Los Angeles CA. WELCOME TO PRESTIGE LUXURY CAR RENTALS IN Queens, NY Queens New York is one of the most exciting cities in the Boroughs of New York. View Fleet; Book now; Delivered to your doorstep. If you are planning a trip to Brooklyn NY there are many wonderful things to do and it is a culture all of its own. So if you give us a call on Saturday morning and the car you want is still available, we'll gladly rent it to you same-day for just that day. Customers from NY are required to maintain only liability insurance. Carefree Exotic Car Rentals. The tax rate depends on which state you receive delivery of the vehicle. Our goal is twofold: To offer exotic car rentals that can't be found anywhere else; and to offer a level of service that far surpasses what clients in the northeast have come to expect from a traditional "car rental" company. As a DreamShare member, you focus simply on enjoying the driving experience and leave everything else to us. Unfortunately we cannot control the weather (as much as we have tried - but that darn Vulcan Weather Satellite just doesn't work like it used to). All renters must be physically present at the start of the rental. 4 Hour, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Rates Available! Exotic Car Rental By Enterprise- Rent a … The tax rate for rental cars in NJ is 7% compared to almost 20% in New York City. Give us a shout - we'll do our best to work around your schedule. The good news is that it does not matter what you drive personally - as long as you have insurance in good standing, your carrier will cover damages to our cars (think of it as if you were driving down the road and caused an accident with a guy in a Ferrari -- your insurance will cover the damages even if you're driving a VW). Vehicles driven more than double the allotted rental mileage will be subject to an additional surcharge to cover excess wear-and-tear. Vehicles rented from our NY/Northeast office may not be driven outside the states of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Washington D.C, Virginia, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, or New Hampshire without prior written approval. The cost to rent a Luxury car or an exotic car in New York City can range anywhere between $295 and $2,495. Need a real car? In all, a luxury car rental New York from us should be part of the plan if you aim to make long lasting memories of your visit to “The Big Apple.” Apex Luxury Car Hire New York 217 N 4th St, Brooklyn, 11211 New York (917) 318-7239 Any changes to pick-up or delivery times/locations with less than 24 hours notice may incur an additional transportation fee. stand-by) one-day rentals on weekends on a walk-in basis only. Enterprise is an essential services provider that remains open to meet critical transportation and personal mobility needs. Our rental fleet is always evolving to match our clientele’s desires and our dedicated staff is composed of passionate car enthusiasts. Begin typing your search above and press return to search. Senator Edward Kennedy. A stunning, classy, sexy roadster fit for a secret agent.Available in: Sophisticated, wind-in-your-hair fun.Available in: Audi's now-legendary modern supercar - fast, stylish, and awesome.Available in: Las Vegas. Additional Milage $2.25 per mile. Request your quote. Delivery and pickup is available to a location of your choice. Sublime excitement.Available in: Boston, New York, Philadelphia, American muscle at its best. ), Home However, if you're a parent and want to arrange to rent one of our luxury sedans to be 'chauffeur' for the night, we're happy to accommodate - just make sure that YOU make the call! One of the classics - fun, agile, and 100% Porsche.Available in: Coming soon!Available in: Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, The pinnacle of luxury sedans - and it cuts an imposing figure inside and out.Available in: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco. Phone. and you do not actually use your vehicle on that day, we may (at our discretion) offer you an extension on your rental or credit on a future rental. Something unique to secure a client relationship or motivate your team? Everything from the service of the Gotham team to the performance of the car was absolutely spectacular. Welcome To Xotic Dream Cars Exotic Car Rentals Miami | Rent Exotic Cars In Miami | Exotic Car Rentals NYC | Rent Exotic Cars In NYC. Click on a vehicle for photos & details. Luxury & Exotic Car Rentals in New York. Gotham Dream Cars is pleased to offer its premier exotic car rental and luxury car rental fleet to the New York tri-state area and beyond. Go Rentals White Plains (HPN) 67 Tower Road White Plains, NY 10604 Phone : (914) 867-0156 That means, as per the cancellation policy above, we cannot offer refunds or rescheduling if the skies decide not to play nice. All rights reserved. Door-to-door delivery is available for a small additional fee depending on the distance traveled. We offer our entire pristine fleet for photo and video productions at the most affordable rates. Unfortunately, we cannot rent any vehicles to drivers under the age of 21. © 2019 Cloud 9 Exotics. Weekly Rate $8,975.00 $ 1,495.00 Per Day. Our rental fleet is always evolving to match our clientele’s desires and our dedicated staff is composed of passionate car enthusiasts. Similar to the above, if we guarantee it to you for just a day, we're giving up the chance to rent it for 2 days, which is what most folks want on the weekends and what we need to do to make business sense. Skip the rental counter and book unforgettable cars from friendly locals. 855 Conklin Street, Suite M, Farmingdale, NY 11735. Cloud 9 Exotics provides unparalleled exotic car rentals and experiences. This is solely at our discretion. Our fast-pace of life make for an exciting, unique experience. We do not offer refunds for vehicle rentals or gift certificates. All our rentals include 100 miles per rental day. For example: You rent the Lamborghini Gallardo for one day. The Exotic Car Collection by Enterprise puts you behind the wheel of the most sought-after vehicles in the world with trusted, attentive service. Frighteningly fast, powerful and, of course, doors that go up.Available in: Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Designed by an F1 guru, built by Ferrari, and 100% Maserati. Customers from any other state are required to maintain full-coverage insurance (liability, comprehensive, and collision). by anyone not licensed to drive or whose Driver's License has been suspended or restricted, for any illegal purpose or in connection with any illegal activity, to push or tow anything (you wouldn't, would you?   |   We've heard it so much, that A) we can't believe that so many people would stoop so low, and B) We don't believe it anymore. Additional drivers may be listed on your Rental Agreement at no additional charge. Exotic Car Rental. Some cars also require an additional security deposit on the day of the rental. Standard Elite. Closed private track events may be booked as well; perfect for any bachelor or bachelorette party. Tour the Northeast in style and experience multiple vehicles with a group. Until you hit 8000rpm...Available in: Sexy curves, a hard-top convertible, and all the goods Ferrari has to offerAvailable in: Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Pure, unadulterated Ferrari V8 topless fun.Available in: Las Vegas, There's nothing "baby" about this amazing beast - pure Lamborghini.Available in: Boston, New York, Philadelphia. There is a $350 fee for filling up with a lesser grade. We're very sorry if you actually have a death in the family, because there are a lot of people out there who cry wolf and have ruined it for you and made us cold, heartless automatons. So we don't do any prom rentals, full stop. When you make a reservation, we will charge your credit card immediately for the full cost of the rental. These are vehicles that, sadly, have lived beyond their glory days and have been retired from the GDC fleet. Our Luxury Car Brands . Vehicles rented from our Los Angeles office may not be driven outside the state of California without prior written approval. Reservations made for the Dream Car Tour and Dream Car Sprint are non-refundable regardless of booking time, however they are fully transferable, so we gladly allow you to designate a replacement driver if you cannot make it. Use the filter to the right to limit your search to a geographic area. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Car Rental in New York City, NY. The Hertz Dream Collection focuses on the car of your dreams, high performance cars, selected for their sporty design and powerful performance. Please note that international renters who do not have their own insurance coverage will be subject to a higher security deposit ($5k - $15k, depending on vehicle). There is a $85 fee per rental (regardless of duration) to cover the costs of fuel, tolls, and the procurement of an MVR report (to verify your spotless, perfect driving record.). "The Lamborghini Murcielago was kind of fierce and ridiculous, but civilised and brilliant all at the same time for two weeks straight. Please note: All pick-up & delivery arrangements must be confirmed at least 24 hours in advance in order to guarantee on-time service. However, if there is a weather condition on a particular day that might make driving dangerous (i.e. Sexy curves, a hard-top convertible, and over 500hp. Personal & business checks are not accepted because of the absolutely massive and absurd amount of fraud that seems to come with them. We offer a 24-hour grace period after you make your reservation to make changes or cancel (unless the rental is within 7 days), after which there will be a cancellation fee of 50% of the total rental cost or $500 (whichever is greater). The first 100 miles you drive are included in the price of the rental. Not all vehicles are available in all regions, but if you've got a special request, give us a call. Please inquire for details on these options. However, our goal is total satisfaction for our renters, so in certain situations we may offer credit for additional rental days (i.e. without worrying about fumbling for change. Cloud 9 Exotics provides unparalleled exotic car rentals and experiences. Your trip can be made even more memorable when you book a luxury car rental with Avis. Daily Mileage 75. Contact us for further information! weather, see above). Our vehicles are perfect for any event! We are happy to announce that we are now providing adrenaline-filled racetrack and autocross experiences to the general public. Fulfilling a lifelong dream of her husband's, thoughtful Mrs. Victoria Kennedy rented our Aston Martin Vanquish as a birthday-weekend gift for a surprised (and excited!) The Exotic Car Rental Collection by Enterprise has many late model luxury coupes, sedans, and SUVs to choose from. Our normal delivery hours are between 10am and 6pm. If you've got a question about this policy, just give us a call and we'll work with you. All mileage charges are billed out of your security deposit. Be as stylish and chic as the fashionistas walking down 5th Avenue in a stunning exotic car rental in New York. (yes, we've measured.) Bad karma.). Vehicles are available to international visitors with a valid passport and driver's license from their home country. Luxury Car Rental in New York City. But once we have made a return appointment, we need to stick to it. Vehicles are delivered to you with a full tank of gas and can be returned full, empty, or anywhere in between. For example, if you rent a car Fri - Sun, it snows on Sun, and the car remains parked in your garage, you may be able to extend your rental through Monday for no additional charge. Yes. Unfortunately, we've had bad experiences in the past with underage drivers getting their hands on our exotics after their relative rented the vehicle to 'drive them' to prom. Queens is full of culture and atmosphere and you won’t want to miss a minute of it. These innovative and exclusive machines are individually unique and perfect for all different types of events. Thanks to Noah and the crew for their outstanding care! Looking for a new tool in your leadership toolbox? Gotham Dream Cars aims to offer the same level of service for clients renting a supercar that they would expect when buying a supercar. Vehicles are available to drivers over the age of 21 with clean driving records (no major moving violations, DUI convictions, or similar infractions). So in essence, we are giving up the car for the full day regardless of how long you use it for. Additional Milage $4.95 per mile. Nicole and I could not have asked for a better wedding. There will be a 1-hour grace period with your scheduled return time, after which you may be subject to additional daily rental fees. If you’re a classy type looking for something swanky and sleek, or if you prefer to drive loud and proud, book a luxury car or exotic car rental alternative on Turo for extraordinary eye candy you won’t find anywhere else.   |   ), in any speed test, speed contest, race, rally, speed endurance contest, demonstration, or on or near any racetrack or road course (we're serious about this -- no insurance company on earth will cover the car while on the track, and that means we're both on the hook for a LOT of money). we're not sticklers about a 2 day rental being exactly 48 hours. VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover are the preferred method of payment for rental fees and damage deposits. RENT A PREMIUM CAR IN NYC. SCC Exotic Car Rental We pick vehicles that give an overall sensation of luxury and exhilaration; the kind of vehicle that enjoys being on the open road. Brooklyn New York is one of New York’s most thriving cities. What more needs to be said?Available in: Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Magnificant F1-inspired exotic sports car. Request a quote today! Because of the huge demand we get for weekend rentals, we aren't able to offer a guaranteed one-day rental on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday in advance. Our wonderful rental vehicles may not be used: In the event of a violation of these Prohibited Uses, we reserve the right to end your rental and retrieve the vehicle. Begin typing your search above and press return to search. (In other words: we will do our absolute best to get you the vehicle when and where you want it, however if you change your mind after we've scheduled our guys, we may charge you for it). I hear that it is incurable, not terminal, but thankfully treatable. Sat-Sun 10:00am – 6:00pm Copyright © 2018 WordPress Theme. All renters must leave a damage deposit in the form of a credit card authorization, cashier's check, or cash. These vehicles are currently based in a different region than the one you're viewing, but are available by special request and can be shipped anywhere in the country. There are many things to do and see and you can do it properly in an exotic luxurious rental from Prestige Luxury Rentals. In all 50 states, if you carry full-coverage insurance (that means Liability, Comp, and Collision) your insurance will automatically carry over and cover you when you rent a car from us – regardless of what you drive or what you rent. (877) 511-1876. Renting a luxury car in Manhattan with SIXT is easy with our online booking service. Bentley Bentayga New York. American engineering in its prime.Available in: The definition of Grand Touring - power, beauty, and silky smooth. CALL: (973) 779-8405 Contact us to make some unforgettable and adrenaline-filled memories. We recognize that exotic cars are only half the rental equation -- without high-end service, particularly in a place like New York City, clients are not getting their money's worth. Delivery is available to all locations in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and beyond. The staff at Gotham were very professional and courteous every step of the way and they helped me pull off my surprise perfectly. The class includes these vehicles: Audi Q3 … We have 2 hour window for deliveries because unfortunately we cannot control traffic, flat tires, etc. If neither of the above apply, there are some 3rd-party companies that provide damage waiver products. We are only 5 minutes over the George Washington Bridge. We can ship cars anywhere, so we'll do our best to make it happen for you. I anticipate you'll be seeing more of me, and sooner than expected, as my wife has caught the Ferrari virus. Save up to 35% compared to car rental agencies. DreamShare members can purchase rental time at significant discounts for use of in vehicle - in any city - at any time. We typically require a 1+ week rental in order to transport a car, but drop us a line if you have a question and we'd be happy to discuss your needs. Vehicles are available for pick-up from our office in Englewood NJ (just 5 minutes over the George Washington Bridge in New Jersey) or available for door-to-door delivery throughout the region. Book today! This usually takes 3-5 business days after the end of your rental. Instant Luxury Rentals is serving the New York City. You've got several options: The easiest option is if you carry an insurance policy on a personal vehicle that you own or lease. Welcome to Gotham Dream Cars™ -- New York, Miami, and Los Angeles' premier exotic car rental and exotic car experience company, featuring "ultra-exotic" and luxury cars from the most exclusive manufacturers in the world, including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Porsche, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce and … With us, you will have the chance to ride a luxurious car while you are discovering the wonders of New York City. Sorry to have to say 'no' again. 555 W 53rd St. New York, NY 10019 (212) 774-5999. ", "Thank you!!! Each of our hand selected vehicles have their own personality and characteristics. They are able to answer all your questions and show you all the tips and tricks to driving the biggest names in the automotive industry. A beast of epic proportion.Available in: Miami, An absolute monster. and we've learned to leave more time rather than less. Exotic Car Rental New York From the 5 boroughs of New York City to Upstate and Long Island, New York has so much to offer for everyone. Experience a thrill that stays with you long after the rental return. After that, mileage rates differ depending on the vehicle - check out the car information pages for specifics. Discounts and special incentives cannot be combined or 'stacked' unless explicitly indicated. Receive immediate access to our rewards program on your first rental. We are Florida's Premier Exotic & luxury car rental agency.We are a provider of exotic car rentals in South Florida, including Miami, South Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Naples, Tampa, Sarasota, Kissimmee, Orlando and West Palm Beach. Style, comfort and performance all in a 5-seater.Available in: Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Refined luxury with a convertible top - drivable, powerful, comfortable, and FUN.Available in: Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, A perfect blend of drivability, comfort, performance, and luxury.Available in: Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Immaculate opulence in the ultimate luxury sedan. Way better than an exotic or luxury car rental. (212) 929-4936. … Renting the Gallardo Spyder was nothing short of amazing, and I definitely plan on using your services again." We come across a lot of minor scuffs and scrapes on our cars when they go out on rentals - sometimes customers scrape a wheel, scratch a front bumper or bubble a tire (to name but three). A sleek, stylish hardtop convertibleAvailable in: What Mercedes does best: A perfect blend of power, comfort and looks.Available in: Boston, New York, Philadelphia. 4-seater convertible with a 500hp V10 - an awesome rarity.Available in: An incredible luxury sedan born of the belief that unadulterated luxury can also include outstanding road performance.Available in: Las Vegas, San Francisco, Powerful luxury - like a wolf in sheep's clothing.Available in: Boston, New York, Philadelphia, The Bentley GTC's angrier sibling.Available in: Boston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Luxury, technology and space. Rent an exotic car from Enterprise's collection of exciting, high-end, luxury sports cars, sedans & SUVs from the world's top luxury manufacturers. We also move the fleet around seasonally, so even if a car isn't in your selected region at the moment, it may be in the future. Car Rental Locations / US / New York / New York City Metro Exotics; New York City Metro Exotics and Luxury Car Rental. Any damage found on the vehicle upon return will be billed against this deposit. Van Rentals – Prestige offers car rental solutions for groups including minivans, vans and 15-passenger vans rentals for your family vacations, road trips or construction projects in New York and the area. Because we have a limited supply of vehicles to offer, we pack the schedule very tightly. Welcome to Imagine Lifestyles, your source of all that is luxury across the United States. Not all of the exotic cars are available in every area, but if you have a special inquiry about a certain model, give us a call and we’ll try to work with you. 100-200 miles costs you $1.95/mile. E-mail. Alas, we do not. There is no better way to experience the benefits of owning a multimillion-dollar collection of exotic cars (short of going out and buying a multimillion-dollar collection!). If there are any additional mileage charges or minor damages, they are billed from your deposit and the balance is refunded back onto your credit card. (Our dedicated delivery team works very hard and very long hours 7 days a week, and if one of them is waiting around for 2, 3, or 4+ hours because of a missed return appointment, it throws off the entire schedule.). The amount of this deposit will vary depending on the vehicle being rented and your type of insurance, but typically varies between $2500 - $15k. We are very flexible about vehicle return times - i.e. The stream flow design of the exterior makes the i8 a very fun exotic car rental. Check out our fleet of Luxury and Exotic vehicles for rent in the Tri-State Area. Exotic looks, power, and smooth driving.Available in: Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Doors up, wind in your hair, heart-stopping looks. New York City, is like no other city in the world. An SUV that has it all.Available in: Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco. Terms of Use. Is Enterprise open? Gone are the absurd capital requirements of ownership and the hassles of maintenance, downtime, insurance, storage and transport. As such, we must charge for a full day. And the more credit you purchase at a time, the bigger discount we offer.