of ports and connections options gives you more flexibility. Setting up the speakers is less convenient than it is with Sonos. This durable speaker features voice control, and for situations where WiFi is not available, you can utilize Bluetooth. Trying to decide which one to choose. All of your favorite streaming services are together, from audio-books to music. Sonos Move is the only Bluetooth enabled device in its entire timeline. Sound Technology: HEOS Sound, combined with Denon’s 100-year legacy and Japanese precision technology: This speaks of the company’s attention volumes. But, 24-bit audio and Bluetooth enabled Denon Heos is more versatile. Sonos HEOS by Denon A separate speaker for small, medium and large rooms Yes Yes A subwoofer and soundbar for a powerful home theater sound Yes Yes Listen to streaming services or internet radio Yes Yes A speaker with a battery, so that I can also listen Sonos has a better sound quality than heos counterpart, but the margin is narrow. Are you still confused about which audio brand can fulfill all your needs? Wifi and Bluetooth:You can connect the speakers through wifi and play your favorite music. I ran mine without a sub and it still surprised me. I am building a cabin and want to put Sonos in there with Control 4 integrated lighting control and a fluid whole home experience, but Sonos has killed the Control 4 connectivity. This can be done to deliver an immersive stereo sound with custom EQ sound tailoring. Sonos Play 1 Vs Play 5: Which Speaker Is Better? Heos’ App is a bit more complex to navigate and not tall user friendly. 3. Take care of yourself in this time of distress by buying the best hand sanitizers available. HEOS supports dual-band wifi. What stands out in the Sonos app is the exclusive access to Sonos Radio. With 24GHz audio support, it adds some extra advantage over Sonos. Denon heos or Sonos are the top ones that will provide you value for your money. At the time of launch there was nothing like them on the market. They both allow you to access your streaming services and controls from one, easy to use app. So, had the sonos 5.1 (2 x play1 + playbar + sub). Hall Sound Quality At Your Home: This can be done to deliver an immersive stereo sound with custom EQ sound tailoring. Five is Sonos’ latest addition to their next generation of wireless speakers. 4. 3. De Home 150 plaatsen we naast de Sonos One én de oude HEOS 1. Sonos vs HEOS In de speurtocht naar een draadloos muzieksysteem komt u hoe dan ook twee namen tegen: Sonos en HEOS by Denon . Larger Rooms Denon’s 250 and 350 Home Series delivers unparalleled synchronization. zur Sonos Produktübersicht Jetzt neu – Denon bringt neue Heos Geräte unter dem Namen Denon Home auf den Markt – die Sonos Alternative für anspruchsvolle Nutzer? If you don’t want to explore further in the article, for an in-depth comparison between these two. Most surround sound uses slight off sync to create a feeling of stereo as well as surround sound. Denon has announced Denon Home - a trio of wireless multi-room speakers. Inleiding 2. We presently have Sonos. These packs of cells deliver up to 6 HOURS of uninterrupted music. Add at least two items to compare. Sonos sound, especially when it comes to stereo outperforms HEOS. There is not much difference between the styles as well, being that each brand of speakers almost look identical to each other. Move is weather resistant and drop-resistant. Answer: Yes, you can. Hi All, Currently i have a Denon Receiver with Jamo 4.1 set-up. Hence protects them from splashing water while you take a dip in the pool or relax at the beach. The Denon Home 150, which is the cheapest of the three, comes with a one-inch tweets, a 3.5-inch woofer, and two Class D amplifiers. Which is better?. Denon’s HEOS system works with older and newer wireless models as well with multiple receivers for wired speakers. Both Sonos and Denon also offer soundbars for televisions as well. Connection: to Bluetooth or wifi. Fortunately, both systems are intuitive, easy to use and are nearly identical to each other. Sonos takes the showdown and the crown, but only by seven points. Fortunately, the Sonos product line up is pretty impressive. Turning on Bluetooth to get tunes blasting with just a few seconds of work. 4. Denon Home er et godt og velspillede system og en værdig konkurrent til Sonos, som desværre virker lidt umodent. Thought id share my experience. The previously unheard of company became a steadfast giant overnight as Sonos’ products gained popularity. Sonos One Vs One SL: Which Is The Better Speaker? Beter goed gejat dan slecht bedacht? 1. Working fine, connected to a Apple TV, PS4, settop-box and Sonos Connect. Voice control : It is powered by in-built Amazon Alexa. It justifies its price, providing added features along with premium quality sound quality. These platforms contain a plethora of services for streaming and control. Sonos 4. com - www. This, along with class D dual-channel digital audio amplification, provides clear audio. Sonos One is very similar to the Denon Home 150, it is great for smaller spaces. 3. We suggest taking a look at some better options if you're considering buying a Portable Bluetooth Speaker in the $190 range. Perfect for a hall or many rooms. At Advanced Integrated Controls we’ve noticed that wireless multi-room music systems have become a popular choice for audio streaming. 2. 4. I was looking Innovative craftsmanship in its high-quality audio solutions adds more flavor to it. Thanks to its unmatched simple software and usability, it is still standing strong. And High resolution 2.4GHz audio sets it over Sonos. This allows us to stream music wirelessly through popular services. 6. 7. Denon’s 250 and 350 Home Series delivers unparalleled synchronization. Kijk naar de HEOS en de nieuwe Denon, en je spreekt echt van dag en nacht. It’s a way easy to set up Sonos. You can be sure that you are getting nothing but the best; Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz: ±1.5 dB. 7. On the other hand,  Sonos does neither support Dual-band wifi, nor it has any   Bluetooth option. When buying a new wireless multi-room system it is important to find something that is user friendly. A wireless multi-room music system will give you the ability to place speakers throughout your living space and to control the speakers easily with a propitiatory app. HEOS and Sonos both have their applications that can run on Android or iOS devices gives us full control. Denon HEOS supports the same speakers and music systems since day one, even with new speakers freshly arriving on the market. Any feature using the microphones will turn on the mic light to show that the microphones are in use. The presence of Bluetooth adds a significant advantage to it. The choice is simply based on personal preference. Check out our Sonos page and our Denon page for more information and about about the products we offer. The Sonos App is straightforward to use. Allowing you to always be connected to your music on the go. There are plenty of options between both Sonos and Denon when it comes to setting up your wireless music system. All Rights Reserved. The Denon Envaya DSB-250BT (2017), however, is merely passable for its price. The Sonos Move (2019) is an exemplary product and sets the bar for all other Portable Bluetooth Speakers at the $270 budget. Sound is amazing, way better than my previous set of 2x Sonos Play:5 (gen 2). Required fields are marked *, Copyright © 2020 BEONHOME.COM , ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. But unlike Sonos, they don’t have the same stable base to pull from as far as software goes. Weather-resistant: Sonos Move withstands rain, snow, dust, humidity, UV rays, and extreme heat, salt spray,  and cold. For years, Sonos had dominated the home wireless audio market to itself. You can tap on the microphone to turn it off. Wir haben 38 Lautsprecher aus 9 Multiroom-Systemen getestet. This provides a smooth, natural balance of tones. In diesem Video werden die beiden Einstiegslautsprecher Play1 und Heos1 für die Multiroom Audio System von Sonos und Denon miteinander verglichen. You can connect Sonos speakers in different rooms over wifi to create a multi-room sound system. Hence read this entire article to get the best shopping experience. UPDATE: Denon's home range is now available to buy in the UK and the rest of Europe. This is done with maximum audio fidelity, without any noticeable delays. It was important for Sonos to create speakers with not just great sound, but with better processing power. Sonos has much simpler user-friendly software. A broad range of mid-woofer and precision dome tweeters provide crystal clear sound. Answer:  Create a Sonos account. For it’s more advanced features and versatility. Answer: Most of the Denon and Sonos speakers are not weatherproof. Home > Comparación de altavoz portátil > Denon Heos 7 vs Sonos Play:5 75 puntos 41 puntos Denon Heos 7 59 puntos 35 puntos Sonos Play:5 $ 599. But that margin is narrowing day by day. Comparing both, Denon HEOS counterparts have the edge over Sonos. Ultra-durable: Move’s components are built and protected by a hard, shock-resistant case. Therefore, using WiFi is an advantage for these wireless multi-room systems. Sonos vs. Heos Er is geen eenduidig antwoord op de vraag of je voor Sonos of Heos by Denon moet kiezen. Sort: Clear All Print Email No items to compare. The Heos line supports Bluetooth, whereas the Sonos line does not. Plugin your speaker and then open the Application. We have a second home, here’s where the decision making comes into play. A large number of Connection options: Connect your speakers wirelessly via wifi or Bluetooth. Sonos lets you customize your wireless home theater to fit your needs. With the addition of Bluetooth, Heos speakers have mostly made it possible to get crisp, audio without a wifi connection. Hence, with just a few commands, you can change the tunes in your speaker. Visually both systems offer speakers in either white or black. I am dubbing between the Sonos Amp or the Denon PMA-150H as an amplifier. Denon products are also available on discounted prices more often than Sonos. This can be done using a host of devices in your home theater or sound system. I would say for someone looking for a system that is easy to use in every way, and sounds great, Sonos is the way to go. After all the new software and processing power is worth the upgrade. From small speakers to large, there are different speakers for different areas of your home. Seine größeren Treiber und das geräumigere Gehäusevolumen sorgen für spürbar mehr Authentizität im Klang. Recharging is a breeze. Reviewed By Andrea Amiot Latest Updated August 14, 2020. Portability: Convert your non-portable speakers into a portable system with optional GoPack Battery. Our sound guy only does one of these 2. WiFi enhances the speakers the ability to produce higher quality sound as well as the customization to group speakers. If you’re on a budget, but still want great sound and the convenience of a voice assistant, this is an easy one. 2Ch 8K Ultra HD AV Surround Pre Enjoy sound anywhere with Sonos’ Move. It will soon lose its decade long market dominance to HEOS for sure. It has six speakers and enough ...[+] power to fill even a large room with sound. Within this app you will also be able to adjust the volume as well as the audio content. Each device has unique features that set it apart. You cannot buy both Denon and Sonos speakers and group them within same system. As time goes on, so does the hardware in these speakers. It also depends on how many users are connected to that wifi network. – mehr dazu im weiteren Blogbeitrag Vorteile Heos Multiroom Denon ist ein namhafter And if Sonos fails to bring all the latest features that Denon provides. 1. You might want to dedicate a wifi router for internal use to sync all the speakers. How to Get The Most Out of Next Gen Gaming. The app is not user friendly. 2. There are also some smaller drawbacks with the HEOS app. 2. Sonos is still a good option for some with its blend of simplicity, usability, and sound quality. But still, you can get Denon on discounted prices more frequently than that of Sonos. Sonos Beam Vs Sonos Playbar: Which Is The Better Speaker? S1 is for Sonos legacy products; products that have essentially been discontinued. Um herauszufinden, welches das beste ist, haben wir alle wichtigen Kandidaten ausgiebig unter die Lupe genommen. Within this app you will have ability to group your speakers. Connect your iOS/Android phone or tablet, or Kindle Fire device. You can use Apple AirPlay, however, you will have to purchase a monthly subscription for that service. Sonos vs. Heos - Is Sonos better than Heos? 365 Red Cedar Street, Suite 301 Bluffton, SC 29910. Previous versions of both Sonos and Denon Heos are missing some useful features. But Sonos works that ‘backlog’ way through to get in touch with As a bonus, Heos supports more than just Denon’s line of speakers, it also supports Marantz receivers. Design: HEOS One’s angular front profile makes it look Glamorous and adds a modern look to the place where it is kept. You can pair two together to get amazing stereo sound. The Denon Home 350 is the largest of Denon's three Home speakers. It justifies its price, providing added features along with premium quality sound 2. Grouping speakers will give you the option to have all, or some, of your speakers stream one audio source. Your email address will not be published. Your email address will not be published. such as the inability to save specific tracks within the App. Finally, we can conclude that both Sonos and Denon HEOS  have their pros and cons. Sonos One Vs Sonos Play 1: Which One To Buy? Now SONOS is FORCING me and so many people that LOVE your products to buy competitors products like Denon's Heos or something else because they are not playing nice with companies like Control 4 and even Apple. But some new models like Sonos Move are weatherproof and can be used for outdoor music. For setting up the Sonos, you’ll need to use the 3.5mm audio cable, check status lights, and input wifi passwords to get everything online. Never heard of heno dios. Even when you consider that it’s more expensive, it justifies its price. Boost creates a separate wireless network for your speakers, making sure your wireless networks don’t get bogged down from the speakers. Selvom Sonos holder skansen og leverer det samlet set bedste multiroomsystem, så er jeg dog sikker på, at køberne af Denon, vil blive rigtigt glade – men vær opmærksom på prisen. Skybell HD Vs Ring Pro : Which One Is Better. -enjoy crisp, clear, and amplified music. Denon Heos is much more expensive than it’s Sonos counterpart. AirPlay 2 is also added as an upgrade from Sonos play-1. Likewise, you may choose to have different speakers stream different sources. Sonos addresses that they had only given the legacy title to certain speakers that could not withstand the technological demands of new software updates. Discuss: Denon vs. Sonos reaches settlement, HEOS line will go on unchanged Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Sonos and Denon HEOS, both come with the best sound quality and music experience and is the smartest choice available on the market now. Some Sonos users felt that they were forced to “split” their systems. Great and well written review (Test Denon Home 350, die Red.). Comparison of Denon HEOS Bar vs Sonos PLAYBAR Soundbars. com - 972-322-4607 Amp is sleek, compact, and wirelessly connects to your home network. Speakers of the same brand are compatible with each other. American Audio-based company Sonos was founded in 2002 by John MacFarlane and co. From that time, it dominated the audio market as they were only of its kind. HEOS Wireless Amplifier can turn on any speaker in the wireless zone: With in-built wifi and Bluetooth, you can play music from anywhere in your home. Recharge Move with a compatible USB-C charger or on the included base. And want to figure out which one is better for you, Denon Heos counterparts will be a superior choice. Sonos has won the popularity contest for now, however, many of their loyal customers have jumped ship with the latest forced split of their music systems. Denon was a Japanese company that, in 2015, launched its HEOS. A large no. This has taken many Sonos users by storm, as the older and newer Sonos products no longer will work together. 7. And can be connected to play the same or different songs. For example, two of the Denon Home speakers can be used as rear surround channels for the Denon DHT-S716H soundbar and DSW-1H subwoofer to create a fully fledged, Dolby-decoding 5.1 sound system. 6. Bluesound 5. But other than “Move,” none of the other Sonos speakers. Q: Can the Alexa turn off? 8. In the end, picking sides between Sonos and Denon is a lot like picking between Apple and Android or Windows and Mac. Sonos Move Vs Bose Revolve Plus: Which Is The Better…. But both these devices are far better than other wireless sound systems available. Denon Heos 7 is the best wireless smart speaker available on the market at present. Denon heeft met het design van de home 150 toch weer goed naar sonos gekeken. Based on this (and a few others) I bought a set of 350’s, using them in stereo setup. The mic light is hardwired to the speaker’s microphones. Q: Can I play tv audio to the rest of the heos speakers? However, competition came fast with a company that had been in the audio industry for over 110 years, Denon. Echos Sub Vs Sonos Sub: Which Is The Better Speaker? Sonos vs. Heos - Is Sonos better than Heos? When you buy either Sonos or Denon, you are essentially stuck with the one brand. Denon is one of the longest running, most respected names in the audio industry. 00 $ 269. Denon Heos Vs Sonos: Differences 1. The benefit of their HEOS foundations: owners of Denon or Marantz AV receivers, soundbars and systems that have HEOS functionality can add the Denon Home speakers to their current set-ups. Now, with players like Denon aggressively courting the same customer base, it has to prove that it’s still the system to beat. Now i have the heos 5.1 (2 x heos 3 + heos bar(the big one) + heos sub). This allows us to stream music wirelessly through popular music services. Then you can give voice commands through ALEXA, SIRI OR GOOGLE ASSISTANT. Trueplay is used to detect the atmosphere of the room and play the music according to it. The Sonos Five is Sonos’ top wireless speaker featuring superior sound. We always have to fiddle around to get the music going in all the rooms. Contact us today to learn more about setting up your own personal wireless multi-room music system. There is a huge difference in the prices of Sonos and Denon HEOS. Innovative craftsmanship in its high-quality audio solutions adds more flavor to it. It blows away Sonos speakers in every possible way. The HEOS Amp is specially designed for HEOS multi-room audio functionality. Sonos Radio gives you the ability to choose between thousands of radio stations as well as access to live radio from around the world, genre stations, and original programing. Much better sound stage and mid range. Can the wifi portable speaker work without Alexa “listening in? 2.4GHz HD Audio And Smooth Sound: With custom Dual drivers. Although the latest Sonos Move has Bluetooth option in it. Advanced Integrated Controls (AIC) is a well known audio video company in the Low Country specializing in the design, sales and installation of all home theater systems and home automation technologies. Q: Can I keep the speaker outside at my house or in my garden while gardening? Brilliant sound anywhere: Experience surprisingly deep bass, Crisp & crystal clear audio output. For the traditional home theater experience, we recommend using the Playbar (shown here) as your starting point. All the speakers have to be within the range of the same wifi network. Minor delays can not be noticed as it will be less than one second. Each music lover understands the need for high quality speakers, and whether you pick Sonos or Denon, you will have a great speaker system. 5. There is no extra subscription required to enjoy your iTunes library and to utilize Apple Airplay. Sonos One is very similar to the Denon Home 150, it is great for smaller spaces. Yes, it can stream to the rest of the speakers. Denon also promises not to discontinue the support for their products, a true clap-back to Sonos. We’ll get into why there’s a hundred dollar price difference later in this comparison, and once you’ve had a chance to digest the finer points of each product you may well decide the HomePod is worth the extra cash. Milliseconds matter and that’s why the Home 250 and 350 the audiophile’s choice. Sonos one features humidity resistance, making it the perfect choice for the bathroom. Als u HEOS vs Sonos afzet, ziet u dat de merken redelijk veel overeenkomsten hebben, maar dat er ook verschillen zijn. These GoPack have a silicon splash guard that seals the leaks. 5. Both of the Sonos and HEOS apps are essentially smart platforms. The Sonos One is $199, while the Apple HomePod is $299. Pricing There is a huge difference in the prices of Sonos and Denon HEOS. It remains the top choice who wants a premium sound system at a lower budget. Two remarks on your article: it (Home Entertainment Operating System) and came into its wireless multiroom sound system.Denon is quickly climbing over Sonos. The Bluetooth functionality is super convenient for its users. Spelregels 3. Both companies produce great speakers and this is what makes it hard for many customers to chose which system may be right for them. In short, who in his home in some rooms had sufficient wireless speakers but in other rooms still wanted to go for real hi-fi or home cinema found Bluesound, Denon and Yamaha still more options. Denon Heos is much more expensive than it’s Sonos counterpart. Heos is still looking good but some bugs pull it down. Accurate audio Synchronization with HEOS advanced Multiroom Technology: HEOS Digital technology allows you to play the same song or different ones in multiple rooms. It works smoothly, and the setup process is straightforward and quick. All Sonos devices still have single-band wifi, 2.4Ghz capable. Bose SoundTouch 30 Vs Sonos Play 5: Which One Is…. Denon’s Home 150 is a great addition to smaller spaces. BeOnHome.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, Receives commission on purchases made through links. Be the first to hear about product giveaways & promotions! The lithium-ion cells are rechargeable. Call Today 619-459-5064 | 8963 Complex Dr Ste D, San Diego, CA 92123. Denon Heos 5 HS2 vs. Sonos Play:3 The Heos 5 HS2 is best thought of as a scaled-down version of the Heos 7, and includes many of its best qualities, from its good looks to its easy setup. But it’s 6 years old perhaps it’s improved (the app) . HEOS Sound, combined with Denon’s 100-year legacy and Japanese precision technology: This speaks of the company’s attention volumes. However, there’s no denying that the Sonos One is the less expe… Both Sonos and HEOS are known for their superior unmatched sound quality. Unser Favorit ist Platzhirsch Sonos, aber auch Bose und die deutschen Lautsprecherspezialisten von … You can too playback hi-res music files via the USB port (up to 24GHz) or use the 3.5mm aux cable. Denon currently has more options to chose from. If you have an unstable internet, you can change to Bluetooth. This efficiently streamlines your system and prevents you from having to open and close multiple audio sources. Start with any Sonos “Play” speakers and build up from there. Extension: Add another HEOS to the existing one. Google has its own smart speakers, such as the Google Home and Google Home Mini, which support multi-room music just like Sonos. Now, with players like Denon is giving them a tough time. But the real beauty of Chromecast is that it is also built-in to a vast range of other products, including Android devices, TVs, soundbars, AV receivers and wireless speakers, from a variety of manufacturers. But the Denon receiver is a huge unit and using a lot of power and it is causing some problems with the WAF. Denon hasn’t done much to improve its App recently, either. The Home 150 is the entry-level model with a … Unlimited wireless music streaming with full control: HEOS application that can run on Android or iOS device gives full control in your hand – This allows us to stream music wirelessly through popular services. Or plug them in using the optical/analog inputs on the back panel. Like Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, SiriusXM, SoundCloud, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio TIDAL, or Rhapsody. And their speakers are superior in many ways. 1. Features like Bluetooth compatibility, Dual-band wifi support. Round 1: app interface Sonos clear winner (there was a update some time back, that put the two apps on par for a periode, but now that sonos ended their absurd app-experiment, and are back to a user friendly app, sonos steamrolls heos). Sonos Playbar Vs Sonos Play 5: Which Is The Better Buy? The ability to easily customize audio over WiFi throughout a home has made wireless music systems a staple in audio streaming. A lot of which have been added in the later launches. AIC services Hilton Head, Bluffton, Palmetto Bluff, Savannah and Beaufort. Compare the main Features, Specifications, Prices and Select the Best Model. 00 $ 59. Sonos one features humidity resistance, making it the perfect choice for the bathroom. Bij Sonos is het niet mogelijk om een USB stick af te spelen, wel kan je een netwerk harde schijf koppelen en erg eenvoudig afspelen via de Sonos app. Features & Technical Specifications Of Denon Heos, Features & Technical Specification Of Sonos, Best Printers For Envelopes 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide, Best Book Scanner 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide. There are three models in the new range: Home 150, Home 250 and Home 350. Unlike Sonos, HEOS supports both Bluetooth and Airplay without a secondary subscription. Denon Home 350 vs Sonos Play 5 Schon der kleine Denon Home 150 und der mittelgroße Home 250 haben uns gefallen – der Denon Home 350 legt im Test noch mal eine Schippe drauf. This provides a smooth, natural balance of tones. The new Denon wireless speaker range is called Home. Easy to use: The setup of the speakers is simple and can be controlled through the App. HEOS truly allows for personal customization with no strings attached. Like Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, SiriusXM, SoundCloud, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio TIDAL, or Rhapsody. Als Denon nu hetzelfde prijskaartje zou hanteren voor de Home 350 als Sonos voor de Play:5, dan zou de keuze wel heel eenvoudig zijn. We will be providing you with genuine reviews of both the sound systems based on our testing so that you can figure out which one is the better option for you. This makes every room and everyone connected. The setup process in Denon isn’t as smooth as on Sonos’. 5. Sonos was the first wireless multi-room music system to become available; they simply revolutionized the wireless speaker. 6. The two most popular wireless multi-room music systems currently are Sonos and Denon HEOS. What can make it harder to decide is that these speaker brands are not inter-operational. Traditionally wireless speakers used Bluetooth to transmit audio; however, the compression of the audio data being transmitted caused a loss in the audio quality. True-play gives a perfect tuning to the music played. Something went wrong. In the App Store you might notice two Sonos apps,  Sonos and S1. Sonos also has multiple accessories and products like Boost. For years, Sonos had the home wireless Hi-Fi market to itself. Suppose Denon solves its software deficiencies. # Denon Heos 7 has all the features of Denon Heos 5 and includes one main Woofer. With in-built Bluetooth, you have the option of choosing between wifi or Bluetooth. You do not have to plug Move in, simply just place Move on the charging base. Home » Reviews » Streaming Audio » Multiroom Audio » Review: Sonos VS Bluesound Multiroom Audio 23/12/2018 1 Review: Sonos VS Bluesound door Quintijn Bulterman Prijs: € 499 Inleiding Inhoud 1. © 2020 Advanced Integrated Controls. Home > Portable speaker comparison > Denon HEOS 1 HS2 vs Sonos One 76 points Denon HEOS 1 HS2 51 points Sonos One $ 199. Both wireless speakers provide audio outputs that are better than any other speakers available in the market. Ultra Durable Battery : Enjoy up to 10 hours of uninterrupted continuous deep, powerful music. In this article, you will get a complete comparison of both the products. This, along with class D dual-channel digital audio amplification, provides clear audio. You can save playlists, but keeping a single song as a Heos favorite is pretty much impossible. With the small differences aside, the Heos app and Sonos app function the same way. Please check your entries and try again. With Denon taking notice of the demand in wireless multi-room systems they created their own, HEOS.