The public buildings include, the Clark hospital, the Victoria infirmary convalescent home and the Stevenson institute and mechanics' library. Fifteen days more have passed and the convalescent is able to getabout. ‘This includes a mental hospital, sanatorium, convalescent home, nursing home, maternity home, clinic and health centre.’ ‘Forty-eight cases were admitted from nursing homes or convalescent care facilities.’ ‘During the convalescent or recovery phase there is a gradual … Example Sentences for "convalescent " " A very light diet, bran mashes, chopped hay or green feed, should be fed during the convalescent period and for several days after complete recovery has occurred. He became convalescent, but desires another bottle. Convalescent children are difficult to keep in bed. Short Example Sentence for Convalescent. I can give you several sentences.The convalescent was waited on hand and foot.She is in the convalescent phase of her illness.I am happy to be convalescent after battling the flu for a week. Bob laughingly called it the convalescent home. The patient should continue to take about 100 grains a day for at least a fortnight after he is apparently convalescent, otherwise a recrudescence is very probable. Her cheeks began to fill out after she'd been in the convalescent hospital for a couple of months: 17. 1. 2. He was convalescent, both in body and spirit, but convalescence brought no joy. Most of the charitable institutions - for instance, the convalescent home, fever hospital, home for girls and Red House home - are situated at Inveresk, about 12 m. A convalescent home, the Trompenberg, was established here in 1874, and there are a town hall, middle-class and technical schools, and various places of worship, including a synagogue. Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: In addition to these well-characterized surface proteins, the schizont-enriched set of transcripts contained a number of ORFs identical or homologous to proteins recognized by antibodies present in plasmodium immune sera obtained either from model organisms [ 46] or from acute and/or convalescent patients [ 47]. There are, besides, industrial schools for boys and girls and for Roman Catholic children, a Female School of Industry, the Seabank Rescue Home, Nazareth House and Orphanage, St Martha's Home for Girls, St Margaret's Convalescent Home and Sisterhood, House of Bethany, the Convent of the Sacred Heart and the Educational Trust School. The principal buildings are the town hall, the county buildings, the assembly rooms, occupying the site of an old Franciscan monastery, three hospitals, a convalescent home, the Smyllum orphanage and the Queen Victoria Jubilee fountain. Convalescent definition, convalescing. However, the results are promising for the use of convalescent plasma as a treatment to limit the viral load and reverse the progression of the disease in patients with severe or life-threatening symptoms. 23. Thus his … (2) I treated him as a convalescent, not as a sick man. 37. They do not represent the opinions of The convalescent patients thoroughly enjoyed the evening. A convalescent home (1872) commemorates the recovery from illness of King Edward VII. See more. You can donate your time to your local convalescent hospital, or you can donate money to a group such as the Twilight Wish Foundation, which helps seniors live life to the fullest while there is still life left to live. Examples of convalescent in a sentence, how to use it. In her honor, Harry continued the work at the convalescent camp. In fact, you delay doing so till some strong-minded friend or other goes boldly forward and shakes the convalescent by the hand. Some seniors will need formal care in nursing homes and convalescent homes, but a growing number of seniors and their families are going to be looking for care that will let seniors stay in their homes as long as possible. During my convalescence, I will be on a restricted diet until my digestive system heals. A few people even worse physical condition to the needs of convalescent leave. The amiability of convalescence is against it. : to recover health and strength gradually after sickness or weakness He is convalescing from influenza. How to use convalescent in a sentence is shown in this page. Provide care for physically ill individuals in their homes, such as the elderly, convalescent, or disabled. Prevention of typhus by serum from convalescent patients presupposes the existence of such patients; moreover, the quantity of serum provided by a convalescent is very small.. The principal buildings are the parish church, well-placed on a hill overlooking the pier, convalescent homes, Cottage and Victoria fever hospitals, and the town house. In a convalescent home in Chicago a brain - dead Don Self stares out the window and drools: 16. Dictionarist. The institutions include a museum of local antiquities, a grammar school, the Siemens Convalescent Home and the Ilkley Bath Charitable Institution. By and by her daughter became convalescent, and was crying continually for some grapes, tho it was winter. Synonyms: recovering, getting better, recuperating, on the … 2. He was not dead, but evidently the crisis was over and he was convalescent. These women are sometimes called convalescent nurses and, in cases where a … The right convalescent home helps ailing seniors obtain needed medical care, emotional support and assistance with daily living. Convalescence is usually prolonged. convalescent in a sentence and translation of convalescent in Portuguese dictionary with audio pronunciation by Later Brighton had the main convalescent and holiday home for all war-blinded in the south at West House. A stroke victim from the convalescent center gave this to me. Among the benevolent and charitable institutions are the royal national hospitals for consumptives (founded in 1869), the seaside home of the London city mission, the St Catherine's home for consumptives and the convalescent home of the Royal Hants Hospital. The Roman Catholic Convalescent Home for … Recovery is mostly uneventful but convalescence is prolonged with generalized weakness, fatigue and depression. Among the charitable institutions are the general hospitals (Harper, Grace and St Mary's); the Detroit Emergency, the Children's Free and the United States Marine hospitals; St Luke's hospital, church home, and orphanage; the House of Providence (a maternity hospital and infant asylum); the Woman's hospital and foundling's home; the Home for convalescent children, &c. In 1894 the mayor, Hazen Senter Pingree (1842-1901), instituted the practice of preparing, through municipal aid and supervision, large tracts of vacant land in and about the city for the growing of potatoes and other vegetables and then, in conjunction with the board of poor commissioners, assigning it in small lots to families of the unemployed, and furnishing them with seed for planting. The infirmary convalescents are sent to the convalescent house in Corstorphine. Before selecting a convalescent home, research your options as much as possible. (19) Grants are made for warm clothing, heating bills, beds and bedding, nourishing foods, (20) Therefore, you must arrange with the hospital for a place in a, (21) He presented Widnes with public baths in 1889 and supported, (22) As the war moved northwards, there was greater pressure on the hospital and our, (23) Because there are so many desirable objectives to achieve for the, (24) In March, however, they relented and - perhaps persuaded by the, (25) Why are hospital patients discharged so quickly and what happens to people who can not afford the expense of, (26) Encased in plaster, legs down, arms outstretched as if crucified, patients lay in, (27) They may therefore benefit from a period in a, (28) Objective To investigate the effect of leg cycle ergometer on walking ability of stroke patients with hemiplegia at, (29) During her 1887 visit to St Ives, Cornwall, Schjerfbeck painted " The, (30) Methods Collenting and analyzing the researches about Dujiangyan s. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. Most people chose this as the best definition of convalescence: The definition of convale See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. “Yes, indeed,” responded the convalescent, with beaming face. Objective : To study the effects of treadmill training on ADL of convalescent stroke patients. (for or relating to…. 380 founded a hospital in Rome with a convalescent home attached, and devoted herself and her fortune to the care of the sick poor. The Roman Catholic Convalescent Home for women and children was erected in 1865. A convalescent home may be a temporary or permanent solution in [Elder Care|elder care]]. Medicare's Nursing Home Compare utility provides information on Medicare and Medicaid-certified convalescent homes. After a long time in the convalescent home[sentencedictcom] Johnson is once again a healthy man: 15. Check the meaning of convalescent. I feel in it the languid mind of the convalescent, almost the heart of a young girl whose tears are ready to flow, though she is smiling a little at her own sad dreams. Convalescent people are comparatively sensiti . Forty-eight cases were admitted from nursing homes or convalescent care facilities. Situated on a slightly elevated headland facing Swansea Bay and the Bristol Channel, it has fine sands, rocks and breezy commons, on one of which, near golf links resorted to from all parts of Glamorgan, is "The Rest," a convalescent home for the working classes, completed in 1891, with accommodation for eighty persons. A convalescent home provides assistance for adults, typically seniors, who require 24-hour care. (3) Many policies specifically exclude rehabilitative or convalescent care. There are twelve fever hospitals, including northern and southern convalescent hospitals. Ideally, the choice of convalescent home is made in advance, but often the need for a facility comes as a surprise. Diagnosis is generally confirmed by serological testing but this requires testing of both acute and convalescent sera. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. This is the happy convalescence of the wholesome man. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. . Sentence Examples. sentence examples. Cheerful staff members, who enjoy their work, go a long way towards a pleasant atmosphere for the senior residing in a convalescent home. adjective [usually ADJECTIVE noun] Convalescent means relating to convalescence . That night the sleep of the convalescent was troubled. convalescent camp in a sentence - Use "convalescent camp" in a sentence 1. 2. Pilots had to pass fifteen days on board a convalescent ship. 100 examples: The hutted accommodation in which the prisoners of war are housed lacks special… (4) He felt drained, giddy, weak as a convalescent. The patient should continue to take about 100 grains a day for at least a fortnight after he is apparently convalescent, otherwise a recrudescence is very probable. Cromwell House, now a convalescent home, was presented by Oliver Cromwell to his eldest daughter Bridget on her marriage with Henry Ireton (January 15, 1646/7). 2. Sentence Examples for convalescent. He was due to stay in hospital for another two weeks, followed by a week in a convalescent camp. convalescent. A nursing home may also be known as a convalescent home. 4. After the police officer’s convalescence, he will be given deskwork until he is formally approved for active duty. Most people chose this as the best definition of convalescence: The definition of convale... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. 1. convalescence centers of this region offer treatment for a wide range of illnesses. 3. Another word for convalesce. Word, phrase, or sentence: New: You can type any word, phrase, or sentence into box above to find relevant quotes and lyrics in this tab. 56 sentence examples: 1. _________________ This is a public service announcement with keyboards. Find more ways to say convalesce, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. 1. intransitive verb. The town possesses a pier and promenade, a theatre, assembly rooms, and numerous convalescent homes, including an establishment belonging to the Merchant Taylors' Company. Herne Bay convalescent Home In July, 1876, the School District opened a children's seaside convalescent home at Herne Bay in Kent. Jane is fortunate her insurance company is willing to pay for her convalescence in a nice rehabilitation center. Try out Spruce , our experimental quotations search engine. Definition of convalesce. If individuals survive the paroxysmal stage, recovery occurs gradually during the convalescent stage, usually taking about three to four weeks. The definition of convalescent is someone recovering from an illness or something related to rest and recovery. convalescence: 1 n gradual healing (through rest) after sickness or injury Synonyms: recovery , recuperation Types: lysis recuperation in which the symptoms of an acute disease gradually subside rally a marked recovery of strength or spirits during an illness Type of: healing the natural process by which the body repairs itself 170. On a site of three acres stands the convalescent home of the Norfolk and Norwich hospital. . During convalescence he reviewed his catalogue of poppy hits and decided to adopt a more serious introspective style. When you evaluate a convalescent home, consider strongly if you would feel reassured leaving your loved one there. Examples of convalescence in a sentence: 1. Convalescent in a sentence (1) The convalescent child was penned up in the house by his parent. The boy whirled to his convalescent brother. Only first 17 results shown. On the "farm" the city maintains an "infirmary village," a tuberculosis sanatorium, a detention hospital, a convalescent hospital and houses of correction. Lucretia, when convalescent, would also come to the farm to rest and get strong. Convalescent sentence examples:1.i was transferred to a Convalescent home.2.several economists in havana argue that fidel, even while Convalescent, has continued to slow the pace of change.3.conclusion the Convalescent and rehabilitation medicine, as a frontier branches of science, open up a new world.4. Sentence with the word convalescent (Think of those affectionate 80-somethings in convalescent homes, still holding hands.). [formal] officers' convalescent home. The benevolent institutions include the general hospital, founded in 1817, removed to the present site in 1867, extended by the addition of two wings in 1878 and of an eye department in 1890; a convalescent home for twenty patients from the hospital only (1903); the Royal Cambrian Institution for the Deaf and Dumb, established in 1847 at Aberystwyth, removed to Swansea in 1850, and several times enlarged, so as to have at present accommodation for ninety-eight pupils; the Swansea and South Wales Institution for the Blind, established in 1865 and now under the Board of Education; the Swansea and South Wales Nursing Institute (1873), providing a home for nurses in the intervals of their employment; a nursing institution (1902) for nursing the sick poor in their own homes, affiliated with the Queen's Jubilee Institute of London; the Sailors' Home (1864); a Sailors' Rest (1885); and a Mission to Seamen's Institute (1904). Sentence Examples It will feature a 40-bed hospital as well as a 104-bed nursing home, diagnostic centre, sports injury clinic and convalescent homes. A convalescent home is more commonly referred to as a nursing home, or a skilled nursing facility. Unfortunately, staying in a convalescent home is expensive. A skilled nursing facility is an in-patient treatment and rehabilitation center featuring licensed nurses and other medical professionals. A nursing home where people go to rehabilitate after a stroke or after an injury is an example of a home that would be described as a convalescent home. That happened only when, as was the case that day, her husband returned home, or a sick child was convalescent, or when she and Countess Mary spoke of Prince Andrew (she never mentioned him to her husband, who she imagined was jealous of Prince Andrew's memory), or on the rare occasions when something happened to induce her to sing, a practice she had quite abandoned since her marriage. Then she helped the convalescent to put on a few loose drapings. These services can be … How can you use “convalescent--still” in a sentence? 2. Everyday therapy dogs go to work with their owners and trainers to help bring a little sunshine to residents of nursing homes and convalescent centers. Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: It is based on a story of Jesus healing a sick man from afar; Spencer placed himself in the role of the convalescent--still recumbent but already striding from the sheets--and his brothers and sister as praying supplicants. 2. Learn more. ... the disaster was drawn up in 1997 with a view to improving the quality of the sanatorium and health-spa treatment and convalescent care. Over 100,000 Italian translations of English words and phrases. A converted mansion, Woodford Hall, forms a convalescent home. All Rights Reserved. This is due to a variety of factors, including a reduced amount of physical capabilities, a loss of a spouse or close friendships due to old age, or feelings of abandonment and fear that may result from a move to a convalescent home. convectional in a sentence.. conveyancers in a sentence The word convalescent A nursing home is considered for seniors with chronic or long-term illness or injury, as well as for convalescent care. 3. convalescent in a sentence - Use "convalescent" in a sentence 1. 1. convalescence period to me. convalescent pool, Fatima is back to flirting with him. Updated September 25, 2018 Definition: to regain strength and health after a shock or illness After the chain of infection is complete, there is an incubation, prodromal, and illness period, followed by convalescence. 2. Convalescent. These would have no accident and emergency services and would largely provide day surgery and convalescent care. Among the institutions of the town may be mentioned the Queen Alexandra Hospital (1902), and several hydropathic establishments and convalescent homes. He had moved into a convalescent center about a month ago. Examples of Convalescence in a sentence. It has lace, dyeing and tanning industries, and manufactures of toys and musical instruments; and there is a convalescent home for the poor of the city of Leipzig. (3) Many policies specifically exclude rehabilitative or, (16) Neither is Zarathustra indignant at a, (18) Her cheeks began to fill out after she'd been in the. convalescent definition: 1. someone who is getting better after a serious illness or injury: 2. Whooping cough has four somewhat overlapping stages: incubation, catarrhal stage, paroxysmal stage, and convalescent stage. Italian Translation of “convalescent” | The official Collins English-Italian Dictionary online. 3.