This enchanting box is made of pure Burma teak wood, famous for its durability it is made out of the timber planks cut out of the trunk of the Burma teak wood tree. And the minimum length of each log shall be 250cm. Provide irrigation in summer season during stress conditions and avoid irrigation during rainy or monsoon season. Teak heartwood quality is available in three grades depending on the outdoor performance and durability. Teak heartwood is differentiated according to the log dimensions. To ensure a defect-free range, these woods are stringently checked by our quality controllers through various quality assurance procedures. of state for business development , if interested plz call us on 09670000455,07800394997,07408541382,09151111110 for such query, Come and invest Rs.79 for one plants and earn more then. In the beginning we will provide Toordal. We give rough calculation here i.e per acre 1200 plants . Water should not stagnate in pit. Is inferior quality teak wood. Kannada –ತೇಕ್ (Tēk), At the time of planting, each pit must be filled with a mixture of soil with 10 kg of farmyard manure or compost along with insecticides. On an average 400 teak trees stump analysis in different parts indicated the following girth and height growth. Application of fertilizer is done by making 10 to 15 cm deep holes around the tree stem in a circular at a distance of 50 to 150 cm. Note: Trees that come under forest regions; prior written permissions for felling and transit permission must be obtained from the respective Divisional Forest Officers of the states. This is carried out in unevenly aged trees or mixed plantations. Because am interested to start the same. Thinning in Teak Wood farming helps maximize tree growth and prevents the disease. Excess irrigation to trees will soften heartwood fetch a less price. And under unfavorable conditions on an average may attain by 150 to 200 years the same girth size. Thanks for the informative blog, You did a great job. Average rainfall can be between 550mm to 2250mm. Telugu – టేకు (Ṭēku), Priya Nursery Garden. We also provide training to get maximum interest in farming and get to start your own business in your state . Wood is soft with uneven color and susceptible to damage. West African Teak: This teak wood is little inferior to that of Asian teak. Mob: 09843080275. I wish to plant teak trees in our land which has 3.5 acre. I would say that, looking at the growth, the girth of the plants are approximately 8″ to 9″. 1. Teak wood is most sought after timber which is used in many ways from domestic to commercial consumption. The early symptoms include light and brown patches. Make notches on the front and back side which will prevent breaking or damage the high-value main trunk. Price : Get Quote We are offering Burma Teak Wood Doors, Burma Teak Wood Frames. Here you will find listings of burma teak, burma teak manufacturers, burma teak wood suppliers, burma teak wood exporters and manufacturing companies from India. Sandalwood (Chandan) and its products are used widely from birth to incineration and also in temples and in prasadam. Let us locate a dealer near you! This variety grows fast having straight grain with golden yellowish brown color heartwood. Planting should be carried out during monsoon preferably after the first rain. Tamil Nadu: Teak tree comes under the royal tree category which cannot be felled even if standing on private land. We are also manufacturing the Carved wooden door for our Kovai Customers. The shoots should be straight up and avoid that grow sideways. No of sandalwood trees eligible for extraction 305, Quantity of heart wood expected per tree-15 kgs 4575 kgs, Average cost of sandalwood heart wood (Rs. Mob: +919035003471, +91 9908286565. But, all of the above plants are not quite competitive like the Indian Sandalwood and the Indian Sandalwood Chandan is in two different colors, White and Red. For planting seeds, follow the Cemplongon system by placing two to three seeds in each pit. Provide drip irrigation for the plants at their growing stage. we have manufacturing door & frame units & chemical plants & seasoning plants. Agroforestry practices. we manufacture customized burma teak … Teak trees planted in suitable sites with very low input management fetches high returns. Infestation in the teak tree can happen as young as three years old, but the visibility of infestation will be observed when the tree turns seven years old. About 2025 teak plants are planted at spacing 2 m x 2 m spacing. Andhra Pradesh, India. Trees that are grown under irrigation grew faster with an increased sapwood content leading to weak heartwood. I requested you to guide me to start the teak wood framing. Still , if client needs any extra guidence R.E.A team finds the best solution ,after all we believe in clients satisfaction. we manufacture customized burma teak … Mother Agri Biotech Laboratories India Pvt. # 125, A.P. The heartwood has close grain with darker color fetching the highest price in the world market. Approx. Find here details of companies selling Teak Plants, for your purchase requirements. Design the land by alignment and staking for marking pit digging. Own patta land teakwood trees 630 nos different size 4feet round 60nos 2feet&3feet around 400nos 23 years oldest good growth red soil near kaythurReady salesPhone. Any stumps in the land should be properly destroyed along with stone removal. Teak tree or Teak Wood is called by many other names such as Burma teak, Rangoon teak, Saka, Sanwan wood, Moulmein teak, tekka, African teak (Afromosia), Brazilian Teak (Cumaru), kyun, rosawa, and maisak. The tree produces small dimensional logs yielding less heartwood. Price: Rs 4,000 / Piece(s) Get Latest Price We are pioneer in manufacturing of Membrane Doors in coimbatore , tamilnadu. 18,15,000, NET PROFIT WOULD BE MORE THAN Rs. Timminaidupalem, Akkarampalli (P) The land for Teak Wood farming should be cleared of bushes, weed roots. ltd. call on 8176888883, 8176888884, 8176888885, 8176888887 Business listings of Burma Teak, Burma Teak Wood manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Chennai, Tamil Nadu along with their contact details & address. Thinning must be undertaken as the trees maturing; the first thinning is done in 7 to 8th year and second thinning in the 13 to 14th year. The wood is stronger than Nilambur teak. The heartwood has black streaks with a twisted or wavy grain. The thick mesocarp is responsible for slow germination rate as the thick seed coat makes water and air to penetrate. Size ( LxWxH ) : Sir I have 50 to 60 teak trees. This place is famous for its teak museum. 30,000 from one tree in 10 yrs. There are mainly 2 qualities i.e High quality teak wood and medium quality teak wood. I want to sell these trees ? Paratwada Teak: It gets its name from the region Paratwada in Amravati district of Maharashtra. Apart from various household furnitures such as doors, window frames, shutter etc, the cut Teak sizes can also used in decks and furniture of yachts and ships. Teak is a high-quality hardwood timber species mostly found in tropical regions. Best growth has been observed under natural conditions such as alluvial soil (soils are deep and moist) and with tropical climatic conditions. Apply 50 grams in the first year, 100 grams in the second year and 150 grams in the third year. The oil of the wood is used for varied applications because of its unique chemical and physical properties. Find here Burma Teak, Burma Teak Wood suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, traders with Burma Teak prices for buying. Virtually have no traces of natural teak oils. Myanmar Teak: Also commonly known as Burma teak. Teak wood from wet regions is pale in color while teak wood from dry regions is darker golden brown in color. It is priced high for its oil and heart wood across the world. usually High quality may fetch you 3000 to 5000 per cubic feet where as medium can fetch you from 2000 to 3000. Though the attack is not harmful to teak farms, but in severe attack use insecticides such as Decis 2.5 EC, Matador 25 EC, or Ambush 2 EC. In one acre land total plants be around 450. the distance from plant to plant is 10ft (10’*10’). The quality of the teak wood greatly depends on the regions they are grown, trees that are grown in tropical environmental regions produces good quality wood. Young and small branches or twigs are pruned during the early monsoon season. The tree sapwood or outer wood is whitish grey and can easily separate from heartwood. Price : Get Quote We are offering Burma Teak Wood Doors, Burma Teak Wood Frames. Planting teak seedling densely will help plant stems to grow straighter and faster height growth. ... Bhiwandi Gurgaon Gandhidham Hyderabad Nagpur Coimbatore Chennai. Soil content should have enough calcium; calcium helps in developing good quality Teak Wood. we are one of the large scale importer of round logs & exporter & sawmiller in india. Spacing and Planting in Teak Wood Farming, Teak Wood Farming Project Report – Grading of Teak Wood. The other teak species include Tectonagrandia, Tectonaphilippinensis, and Tectonahamiltoniana. The teak growing in the canal areas in Thanjavur and Tiruvarur (Tamil Nadu) showed fast growth with good girth (> 150 cm) within 20 years and canal teak is harvested at the age of 30 years. Teak natural oils are high. Anil Garg, a Delhi timber merchant representing the All India Timber Importers Association in Delhi, explaining the profits inherent in timber exports, said, "We are buying Burma teak at the rate of $600 per cubic metre (cum). Trees that are required or attained particular log dimensions are harvested. Balakrishna, M. Sc, (Ph.D.),Managing Director,Seven Hills Invitro Labs Pvt. Pruning is carried out in the removal of unnecessary branches from the lower half of the tree by helping the tree increase bole height and reducing knots on the main stem. Per acre you need minimum 1200 to 1500 clones approximately. Teak is grown as an exotic species and ranked in many countries as a high priority species, but is limited to less than medium scale planting. The teak attains marketable heartwood from 20th year onwards. Before preparing the pits for planting seedlings, land needs to be ploughed property for better soil aeration. Location: Tamil Nadu, India. Teak wood is resistant to natural elements such as rain, temperature, UV light, and wood eating insects. So the total yield per acre is 1200 X 1800 RS = 2160000 RS i.e 360 metric tons per acre . Introduction to the Teak Wood Farming Project Report. Stem borer called Ulan-Ulan (Monohammus rusticator) pest also causes swelling and holes in the stems resulting to broken stems. If we cultivate properly by 12 years the girth may around 60 cm at breast level. 5,37,450, Land & other infrastructures per acre Rs. Sub Registrars Colony, Known for offering high grade Imported Wood, Kailas Wood Industries has touched the apex of success as one of the prestigious importers of Pine wood, Burma Teak Wood etc.We have also strengthened our place in the global market as a leading manufacturer of Hardwood, Block Boards, Teak Wood based in India. 2. Buyers prefer to buy these plants from us as we make them available at the most reasonable prices. Delivering products that perform admirably in various special applications is our forte. Teak can grow well in moisturized regions and with tropical environment produces good quality teak wood. Konni Teak: These teak trees are grown in the hilly regions of Konni in Kerala. The tree yields larger log dimensions often with darker streaks. I want to sell 200 teak wood plant, 15 years old.. Can u guide about to sell.. Hi I am form Mysore, a member of our association. If the market doesn’t suit your taste, you can hold on to the plantation as long as you like. This variety of tree has slow growth. Pre-treatment of seeds will increase the germination rate. Wilt is another disease caused by bacterium Pseudomonas tectonae. This is one of the most valuable and high-priced timber crops in India. However, with permission of the Chief Conservator of Forests tree can be felled. Teak grows well in regions with high rainfall (over 3500 mm) to low rainfall regions (800 to 2500 mm). Teak trees can sustain high temperatures between 38° to 45°C and low temperatures between 12° to 16° C. Regions that are moist and warm tropical climate are highly preferred for its proper growth. With written permission of the Tehsildar by producing the landowner and a number of trees that will be felt along with purpose, the tree can be cut down. There are two ways of planting in Teak Wood; monoculture and intercropping methods. They make tall promises till the plants are sold and then they care a shit for you. The pits size 45cm*45cm*45cm. The tree will be mature enough to produce good quality heartwood that fetches a high price in the market. Sandalwood is a semi root Parasite Plant. ! Well done. The other is selective harvesting method. Thinning is carried on the trees that are stressed, slow growth rate trees, and unhealthy ones. Good information for non agri bg people. Teak growth slows down from 15 years, the heartwood is immature and not that strong. They include the consultation for fence maintenance, the clearing of undergrowth, trimming of plants and more. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Age – 20 years above To control the adult beetles are caught at night by luring to bright lights and then destroyed. Hai good evening. Plant the shoots in nursery trays till they develop roots. Eucalyptus Nilgiri or Eucalyptus is a huge tree which is quite long and have 600 species found all over country. I have an absolutely bad experience with them. Wooden Antique doors and windows at best ever price For more details contact: Whatsapp Only: 8807700177 The irony of the Indian retail market is timber is sold in the name of teak while it’s not teak wood. Planting done through root or stump teak planting will have to wait 25 to 30 years for harvest. This is a good project for our own farmers in Zimbabwe. It does not cost anything but your time to grow any tree. Pupae pests such as Holotrichiahelleri and Lepidiota stigma attack the young seedling roots. Min. I am very much interested in Tree plantation and that too i read so many articles about Teak Project. The teak wood has close grain with a slow growth rate and dark in color. By using insecticides that contain carbofuran, diazinon, indofuranpetrofur, and etoprofosin the planting pits during planting will control the pest. You have entered an incorrect email address! This also helps to concentrate on the growth of the tree on its main stem and canopy. Pruning of the trees should be carried out for the third year. Tamil – தேக்கு (Tēkku), For fees and other information, please check the respective state, local forest officer before felling the tree. Madhya Pradesh: No tree can be felled in urban areas, while there are restrictions on felling of tree species throughout the state. Germination in most regions it is 30 to 50%, while in dry regions it is very low about 5 to 10% success rate. Timber Price List: Items: Frequency: Prices (Rs) Burma Teak Wood: 1x0.5: 110.50 : Burma Teak Wood: 1.5x0.5: 173.40 : Burma Teak Wood: 1x1: 380.80 We have 105 teak plants per plots and we are of about 25 such plots. we have 2 factories specialised in manufactring doors. In small Teak Wood farming, especially in evenly aged teak, all the trees are harvested by felling. Central and South American Teak: This variety of tree wood is lighter in color. Each year during the months of August and September prepares a mixture of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium in equal ratios. 6374803006, This Blog is Best yo giving the great info and knowledge to us thanks. And we are giving 100% pure quality of teak woods, Burma Woods and Flush woods. Teak species demand sunlight for proper tree development. Harvesting can be done in two methods. How is the market ..pls inform me, sir, I have 250 acre land in Manipur ukhrul dist in hilly area,iam very interesting to start teak farming,but sir,the most I worried is marketing,can you please tell me for the maketing places. For the safe delivery of Burma Tissue Culture Teak Plants, we use vehicles that have well-maintained ventilation, temperature and moisture conditions. To grow well it will depend on a host plant. Sir, Harvested trees that are 10 cm diameter at the time of thinning can be sold as timber for construction sites while the smaller ones for firewood. In this method, select shoots that are about two to three weeks old. Plant each pit with sprouted stumps or young sapling. I have bought 1200 plants by paying a huge premium to the market price last year. 2/- (please check the fee amount for the current year as it might change) for domestic purpose and the owner has to pay half of the sale value of the government if the felling is for sale. Permits or permissions must be taken from the Divisional Forest Officer and check for more information from the regional forest department/office. This tree variety, mostly from natural growth has slow wood growth. For maximum returns on Teak Wood, harvesting of trees can be carried out on trees that are 15 plus years old. The answer, sandalwood and its products have the finest of fragrance, one that lasts for years. i am looking for a buyer of gmelina arborea (khamar) tree planted in my farmland.could you help in dealing.location mahasamund chhattisgarh. These actions are then performed when necessary. This tree variety, mostly from natural growth has slow wood growth. !) Caterpillars such as Pyraustamachaeralis, Eutectonamachaerallis and Hyblaeapuera feed on teak leaves causes tree defoliation. 3. Teak wood from wet regions is susceptible to brown rot fungi. Maintenance Schedule: Before and during planting, (REVOLVING EARTH AGRO)  R.E.A will create a uniform schedule for your plantation.We always provide training material which written information in the brouchers . It makes up one fourth to one third of the log. Further, it has gained a special place in aroma therapy, perfumery, agarbatti soaps and detergents, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and allied industries. Teak Wood Farming Project Report, Cost and Profit. Teak is propagated in the following ways: In this method, healthy seeds that are not contaminated are treated and used for sowing in the nursery. However, in case of Burma Teak, 1 cubic feet can fetch you around 8000 to 9000 INR. Consultation: Over the phone, via e-mail or in person, we get to know the clients and discover their need for investment in forestry. We have brought forward our offerings so that our customers must have qualitative options for their furniture industry needs. After 3 to 4 years of cultivation it will starts flowering, by that time the formation of heart wood take place. The following is a brief run-down of the investment process. 6. Business listings of Teak Wood, Teak Timber manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu along with their contact details & address. So the farmers will get per acre Net income after 4-5 yrs from one acre. In this method, a large number of clones with the same traits as the parent tree can be produced up to thousand clones for commercial propagation. Labels: cultivation, eucalyptus, fruit plantation, sagwan farming, strawvery, teak plant, teak wood plantation. "Jayasai Enterprises", has commenced in the business in the year 1998, we are known in the market as a reputed manufacturer, wholesaler and trader of broad spectrum of Wood and FRP Doors.We have gained excellent reputation in the market by following high standard of quality in our entire production process. Trim leaves to retain about one third and cut obliquely at the shoot base. Decided to come back to farming, agriculture sector as a Farmer and Writer. The heartwood has an attractive surface with a rose color fetching a higher price. Soil Identification: At any given time, the team of (REVOLVING EARTH AGRO)  R.E.A visits to the clients’ place to take the sample of soil for testing, which is done in the laboratory. In this method, teak trees are selected according to the need and market demand. The heartwood has close grain with darker color fetching the highest price in the world market. The report of soil test is delivered to the client within 4 to 6 working days by e- mail, post or by hand accordingly. 4. Environmental temperatures should be max (35° to 40°C) and min (12° to 16° C). Teak is one of the favoured silvicultural species by the farmers. can I seek any consultant’s assistance to conduct health checks and come up with a repot and any improvement plan needed. Despite many private institutions are coming up in large numbers with teak wood farming, the demand remains evergreen. The botanical or scientific name of the Teak Wood tree is ‘Tectonagrandis’ and the plant comes from the family Lamiaceae. From the first call to the harvesting of mature trees, the team at R.E.A (REVOLVING EARTH AGRO) works with our customers to ensure that all questions are answered, and all needs are met. Karnataka: The state government has restrictions on felling of trees on certain species and area-specific whether growing on private land or government land. Get contact details and address| ID: 20258030430 Brief : Carved entrance door with majestic look and rigidity.The doors which gives your house great face value. Malayalam – തേക്ക് (tēkk), The figures in this project report are not accurate, but to give an understanding to young entrepreneurs on investment and the returns of the Teak Wood farming business project. Teak is native to forest regions of India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Thailand. Investment and Maintenance pattern on Teak Wood farming in a hectare land. Weeds, when left uncontrolled compete with light and nutrients, hinder the teak plant growth and even may kill the teak plants. Bihar: Prior permission must be obtained from the local Zonal Officer and the patta holder will have full rights over the cut tree. Santalum Album Line (Sandalwood) is commonly known as Chandan or Srigandha. The legacy has begun. The wood appearance and characteristics are different depending on the development and origin of the trees. By planting Eucalyptus Clones you will get wood nearly 300 to 400 kgs per tree. Find here Teak Wood, Teak Timber, Teak Hardwood, suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, traders with Teak Wood prices for buying. Checkout Our Website for more information about farms and all seeds. Teak requires annual rainfall between 1250 to 3500 mm per year; however, to attain good quality teak wood the trees require at least three to four months of dry or less than 60 mm precipitation. 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